Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's May Already!!

Well here we are another Sunday. The band thing is behind us now. It was fun. Now Next Saturday is FJ's big 18!! So we have planed to take him to chee burger And see if he can eat the 20 ounce burger and all it's fixings. Then maybe to see Ironman 2. Hang out with a couple of his friends.

Then right behind that is Ironman FL. Going to go up pick up my stuff and watch the race. All the volunteer slots are full. While up there go see some of my family, and friends I haven't seen in forever!!

And then the next duathlon is right after that. I have three weeks to get my ass in gear. I got to stop fooling around.

Can not believe it is May already. That means here comes the start of the really hot weather. :( I hope everyone had a great week like I did!

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Amanda said...

I know - May, it's crazy how the months are going by.

Sounds like you have some busy weeks ahead of you.

Too bad all the volunteer spots are filled, but watching should be fun. I hope seeing all the competitors will spark that drive in you again!

Have a great week.