Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Of This A Little Of That..

I am off today. I am soooo glad to be off. Why?? They are converting to a new system and that requires down time. Have you ever sat at a desk in a hospital and had to do orders w/o a computer? Holy Cats it is tough.

I got all my test results back. All are normal. YAY!!!!! SO what does this mean? Well in May I go for my 3 month lab draw for a check up to see if I have leveled out my numbers. Find out if the Doctor's office have the VO2 max machine in and get an apt. for that thing. Line up with the nutritionist.

I have been making my calorie burn, steps and activity per my body bugg. I have been tracking my food better. And my scale holds true to 194. And it is a new SCALE!!!! SO I will have to figure out what numbers the Doctors are going to follow.

Sunday my daughter has joined me in running. She wants to run the 5k in October.{really she wants to go to NSSHP}She wants to try to do the half too. She runs faster than I do. So she set the pace and I had to keep up. My lungs were in not happy and it made it real hard. We did just 2.0 miles. She wouldn't go to 3, but she did 2.! And she joined me in my 30 minute workout.

Today I need to get in 6 miles. On the swimming front, well not much. Unforeseen things have been happening here. And when I get the details today on what is going on I will tell all. It's not pretty.

Train hard, Have fun ,Stay injury free. Team Voice !


Richard said...

Sometimes an extra day off is just what we all need.
It's good to hear that your tests came back normal.
That's great that your daughter has started running with you, I think that would be something nice to be able to share that way.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear all the tests came back good - that's one thing you don't have to worry about.

That's very cool that your daughter is running with you and having someone a little faster to train with is a good thing - it'll push you and make you stronger.

I don't like the sounds of your things are not pretty. I hope everything's okay....