Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy Easter. I hope you had a nice one. We did, grilled and just the 5 of us.

Today I worked on my upper body.
Wood chop 50 per side
bent over row 3 sets of 25
bicep curl 3 sets 25
three others I do not know the names for. Then 100 ball crunches
chest ext. resistance 50

I feel like I am trying to catch a cold. I have had this stuff for nearly 10 days now. At least I sound better.I still can't smell.

I go this week for another test. May I go for a redraw of all my blood levels. I am slowly feeling better. :)

Going to hit the pool this week. Start working on my 1 mile sprint. May 2 race got the ole causeway to tackle. Going to have to make time and go down there and ride my bike, and walk it.
Do hills on the bike in the gym. My rear tire is having issues with keeping air in it. This is not the first time this has happen. I will put a new tube in it, re tape the rims and go from there. I am thinking the rim could be bent.

I guess I am going to have to start going to the beach and swim out to the buoy and back. Out of all the swimming I do, the only thing really different is I normally wear a full face mask. Really?! Could this have been apart of the panic? Who knows. All I know I am not going to allow this to kick my butt. I am going to learn from Saturdays race and fix it. Grrr.. I had no bad vibes Saturday, I could see myself finishing, and I planned out how I was going to swim it. And I practiced in the pool. I am not beating myself up over it, I just can't believe it happen to me.
Later in the season, I plan on swimming and finishing the swim even if I am the last one out of the water, I am a beast on the bike!!!! I will probably forget about the rest of the race jump for joy when I finish the swim!!! haha

And for October my goal for the Wine and Dine is to run the entire race. I am sick of walking the damn thing. I want to run it. Even if the run is slow I want to run. Lighter the faster I will get.

And Since I will not be in the Half Ironman in Disney, E said we should go for the weekend packet pick up, and watch the race or volunteer so I know what to do. Otherwise I will not get anything back out of it. And I can see what I Plan on doing in the future. Maybe I will do the duathlon Miami Man down south in Nov. That way I can get most of the distance, unless I can get past the swimming. I see a goal coming on....hint..hint..

Have a good Monday...

Oh yeah before I forget. I am going to put in writing here and now for Jan.2011 marathon weekend. Hold me to it, and bug me to register I have not done that as of yet.. Add me to the Goofy list. I am going to try it. :) Maybe even be dopey.

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Amanda said...

Goofy 2011 - really? Oh, please sign up!!!

Wine & Dine - run the while thing. Love it - I would like to "run" the while thing too.

You'll get the swimming down. I think practicing in the open water will make a huge difference for you. It'll give you time to analyze what is making you panic and figure out how to calm yourself and keep going! I know you can do it!

Keep going Rae - you're still kicking butt and inspiring me!!!