Sunday, March 14, 2010

Triathlon Season Starts Today

I have 2 weeks to the day for my first triathlon sprint. I am so freaking nervous. I still have nothing to wear. I do not know if I need a wet suit. I will find out today. Right after I put in a 6 miler in the sun.
I am looking for a bright yellow towel to lay out in front of my bike in transition, I need a larger bike pump, some CO2 to carry on me a spare tube, tire, gels,water bottle to rise feet,goggles that are tinted x 2 and a few other things. Holy Cats!! I can do the duathlons hands down, but the swim. I hate water. I have to remember that I am in control in the water that way I do not freak out and get pulled. Holy cats!!! And no matter how much I swim I can't seem to gain any speed. I am venting here. Holy cats. I mean HOLY CATS!! IT'S HERE!!! E will be twittering. It will be a dry run so he will be ready for Ironman. E keeps telling for the Ironman just swim, and if you make the cut off, woohooo and on to race part 2, and then if you make it through the bike woohoo. He is telling look at it as individual races not a over all whole. E also keeps telling be prepared to get kicked in the face, even pushed under water,but be in control so I do not freak out.
I have been using my breathing tool to get my lungs open and get in more air. I have been freaking out!!! I am excited, nervous ,scared,and happy. All the normal race pre jitters. I want to prepay for my races, but I am worried I will not like the triathlon then I am stuck doing them, if I prepay them. Once I get past the swim I am good. Oh yeah got to get the feet use to no socks.

Got to go.. Must put in a 6 miler today.Then a 30 mile bike, or at least spin some hills.
I just want to scream!!!! LMAO


Richard said...

I had many of those same feeling before my first tri, and then again before my first Olympic tri, and even before my first Ironman 70.3 race, so I think you are just experiencing the normal pre-race jitters for a beginner.

Any problems I ended up having with open water swimming were much less than the pre-race fears. I have been pushed, bumped and swum over, but never kicked in the face (at least not yet). You can and will be in control of your swim.

If you ever want to ask me a direct question on my tri experience, just email me (if you don't have my email with the Team Voice emails, let me know and I'll get it to you).

Amanda said...

Don't focus on speed in the water. Focus on finished the distance, getting your breathing down and staying in control. You'll be faster on race day with the adreneline kicking in. You can control your swim and you'll do great.

You're going to be fine with the bike - you rock the bike! No worries there at all.

You're also going to rock the run - you can totally do the run too.

Visualize yourself finishing, visualize your transitions and visualize your victory. The more you see your success in your mind the more likely it will come true!