Thursday, March 25, 2010

This and That

I have my wet suit problem worked out. I can wear one like I have. Since I am not allergic to it. I have a week to go . I can not wait. Today I will be setting up my transition area and figure out how I am going to get out of the wetsuit, rise my feet put on my shoes, then my helmet, and put my gel bottles in my shirt pockets, grab my bike and get out of transition in under 2 minutes. I only get a total of 5 minutes for T1 and T2, in Ironman.
Speaking of Ironman, I got my official race instructions,and how to pull out of the race. I am not. I am supper excited. I just realized I missed my deadline on my room. So I have to get the quote ran again. Grrrr... It will be at one of the value resorts.

Work still has not approved my time off. I get a run around about it. There are plenty of people to work. It will be slower then too.

I got 2 new pairs of Newton's. I love them. so I will not wear one pair right out. 441 miles.

E has been getting back out the door with me on running. E had to get refitted to shoes and get them ordered. E is wanting to do the 5k and Wine and Dine with me now in October! He wants to train to run the 5k at his pace which is great!!!

Back to the health check up. I have seen my GYN. I like her alot. So I have to go back next week for a couple more test. Maybe then she can tell me if I had past my other check up too. Depending on the results she is thinking like my primary that I may have some sort of metabolism issues going on. Means more lab work. I do not like getting stuck. But I need to make me right. In all of this my bottom BP number is running high for me. I am normally 120/68, lately I have been 120/85. What?! Why?! Stress?? I am never that high. Work, I like what I do, home is more stressful than work. Teens. My fear right now is that both of the doctors are going to pull my running card. Specially now!! Holy Cats!!

All I can do is wait and see. That's stressful.


Richard said...

Good for you for practicing transition, most people rarely (if ever) do that. Like you, I am way behind in finding a room for my race.

MikeF. said...

And if the Doc's tell you no. You tell them that no is not an option!

Amanda said...

Glad the wetsuit problem is resolved. You'll be fine with a shorty. After all, you'll be moving and your core will still be warm so you'll do fine.

I am so glad that E is getting back out there with you and that he's going to do Wine & Dine. It's going to be strange doing the 5K and the Half Marathon on the same day, but I can't wait.

I hope you figure out what's going on with your health. If the Dr's say no running, you say thank you and I'll be finding a new doctor :)!