Friday, March 19, 2010

Sink Or Swim?

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. :)
Today I found out what my labs are looking like .Well they all are running low. One of the first questions she ask me was are you eating? I asked why? My numbers reflect as if I were not eating. I was very surprised. The next step is I have to go to my GYN. Well that doctor retired and I had to get a new one. So I will see that Doctor next Tuesday. In 3-4 weeks my doctor is getting the VO2 max. It measures your metabolism burn, and my other things. She is looking more towards I have may a metabolism problem.{thyroid good} Since I can not dump the weight. At least I know why I have been so sluggish and having such a hard time. Plus I have to make the apt with the Nutritionist.

Now the Egg Hunt Triathlon Sprint distance.

Here is the map of the course. I know this area well. It is only 4.25 miles from my home. :) I am going to go buy a wet suit for triathlons on Saturday. A full suit. My shortie doesn't fit anymore. And the water temp is going to be chilly. I am doing this race under the Athena group. Trail and error race this one is. I will either sink or swim. hahaha
The south east corner of the bike ride is on a really dangerous intersection. I am hoping they have at least one lane blocked for us. I should be able to do the bike part now under 30 minutes. Maybe even 25 min. This is flat. I train in this park alot. I know the run too. My goal is to keep it in 30 minute range.39 minutes count!! And the swim. I do not know how long that is going to take me. I am worried about getting out of the wet suit. They all zip up in the back!! I told E I was going to carry a pair of scissors in my transition bag to cut it off!! haha We have a quite a run from the water to transition. So I am hoping to have it unzipped and the upper half off by the time I get to my bike. I will be practicing. :)

Have a great weekend. I only get Saturday,then back to the grind on Sunday.


Richard said...

Good luck with the doctors and with the Egg Hunt Tri. I'll look forward to reading a race report on this one--and try not to cut off your wetsuit....

Amanda said...

Wow, those labs sound really strange...Did the Dr suggest any specific foods you should try in order to help your labs or are you going to wait for the nutritionist for that?

Silly, that's why wetsuits have zipper pulls - so you can get them off easily :).

Sounds like this will be a good race.