Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After my last post, I swam 450 yds, walked a 2 miler, and then I got sick. Yep. Started with a sore throat, that faded a little then the running eyes and nose. Then today. I have been in the bathroom most of the damn day. The gurgling starts and next thing ya know running to bathroom. So I called out for tomorrow, I know they are going to be mad, but I just can't chance on making a mess. Plus we are busy.Really busy.

Well I like this body bug. It is a easy to use item. Now if I could remember how to share the graph I would post it.

My mileage for Feb. not so hot. Weight loss for Feb.-4 I lost 4 last week. Weird. I will take it!! NO news as of yet on my labs.

Still haven't booked a room.


Amanda said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon so you can keep training.

I might have to look at the Body Bug. I am just not doing well on the diet front and maybe that would help me.

Great job on the four pound loss - that's awesome!

Hope you hear back on your labs soon.

Richard said...

Being sick is NO fun, I hope you got over it pretty soon. Be careful to hydrate enough for your training as you come off your illness.

That is some good news on the weight loss, keep up the good work there.