Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Feel Like I Am In a Fish Bowl

Here we are ending another month. Just seems like 2010 just got started.

This week has been awful for me. I have been sick since last Saturday. I went to the Doctor on Monday, missed work, he said I have pharyngitis. Not just the tonsils, this includes the back of the throat. OOOHHH great. What about doing the triathlon Saturday. He said judge it on how I feel. As of now I feel like crap. Stuffy, and watery eyes, I sound like well yucky, and I am coughing my brains out. At least my lungs do not sound junky. That's the only thing good. We will see how I feel by Thursday. I am suppose to go back to work then, but the doctor office wrote a note that covers the week. We will see.

All I have been doing is sleeping with the meds and all. So since I feel well enough to sit here long enough to do this while my eyes run the the hoover dam.

No results on the other testing from the other doctors yet. Still waiting. I had to reschedule today's visit,to next week. And I will be seeing a nutritionist next week as well. With all the different doctors visits,all of the scales say I weigh 200 lbs. Mine still holds true to 195. SO I guess I will make the adjustments and change all the numbers to 200 and start from there. I do not feel like I have gained 5 pounds. My clothes do not say it either. Oh well. They will go by their numbers. I even took my scale with me! So I have to tack on another 5 pounds.

Got to go lay down, my head is starting to hurt, this is how I know the meds. are wearing off. haha :)


MikeF. said...

Get better Rae!

Richard said...

I can sympathize with feeling like you're living in a fishbowl.

Good luck getting better!

I'd say if you think you're up to it then go ahead with the tri, but maybe don't go 100% since you'll still be recovering.

DebWDW said...

Keep sleeping and letting those white blood cells do their job! And regarding the scale, it's all relative. Stick with your 195 number, and down the road, a few pounds one way or the other won't matter. Feel better!!

Amanda said...

Ah...So sorry you're weren't feeling well... I hope you're feeling better and don't worry about those 5 pounds. You'll be fine on the weight.