Friday, March 12, 2010

Cleaning The Clutter

This is the office/hot wheels room before we painted it.

This is after we painted.

It's been awhile. Alot has been going on . We have put new paint on the walls,moved furniture, and we are decluttering the house.Getting ready for our new floor and kitchen. While doing all of this, work has not slown down, and Ironman is coming. I have been putting off booking my room. In three weeks is my first sprint triathlon. My bike store is having a huge sale tomorrow and I have to work. I was going to register for the triathlon series, but I have decided to wait and see how I do with the first one on April 3. I still do not have anything to swim in and training is hard to manage with everything going on.

This is the contrasting wall. Dark blue.

I have not received any of my results from my doctor. So next week I will be calling about that.
I still have not decided anything on the Goofy. But I am doing the Wine and Dine and the 5k. Other than the Ironman. We will not be doing anything Disney related then those times. So no pass holder again this year. That's fine cause I know Disney will be there.
I finally got my desk top back up and running.Picked up a new monitor. It is sweet. 22' Lg flat.It is awesome. I can't get to use it since I am having to work tomorrow. :(
Oh well.

Nothing new here, I didn't even think I had any thing to talk about.

Congrats to Mike F. and his wife for their new bundle of joy!!!! :)


Amanda said...

Painting. That's what I've been doing this week (in between being sick). Looks nice. New floor and kitchen - fun. I still need flooring.

I'm glad to hear you're doing Wine & Dine & 5K. I can't wait it should be fun.

Your sprint tri is coming up fast. I know you'll do great. Then it's Ironman time - yeah!

I have a 22" LCD monitor too - I love it.

Richard said...

No painting here, although we did a serious job on cleaning out a spare bedroom that had become a haven for all the extra crap that was lying around. Now, it really is a guest room!