Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Me??

Today has been a little off. I am having a reaction to the meds. I had to stop taking them. I am itchy all over. Its a burning feeling too. I was going to go back to work tomorrow but I have decided not to.
The doctor gave me a different one to take, but I am a little leery to take it but I need it my head is getting stuff again. She said also if my eye swell up I need to go to the er. So far so good. But man the itching is driving me crazy!!

So I am not sure what I am going to do about the race Saturday. Maybe I will see if I can get it transfer to May 2. This is going to be a long night .

Have a good week! At least itch free. :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Feel Like I Am In a Fish Bowl

Here we are ending another month. Just seems like 2010 just got started.

This week has been awful for me. I have been sick since last Saturday. I went to the Doctor on Monday, missed work, he said I have pharyngitis. Not just the tonsils, this includes the back of the throat. OOOHHH great. What about doing the triathlon Saturday. He said judge it on how I feel. As of now I feel like crap. Stuffy, and watery eyes, I sound like well yucky, and I am coughing my brains out. At least my lungs do not sound junky. That's the only thing good. We will see how I feel by Thursday. I am suppose to go back to work then, but the doctor office wrote a note that covers the week. We will see.

All I have been doing is sleeping with the meds and all. So since I feel well enough to sit here long enough to do this while my eyes run the the hoover dam.

No results on the other testing from the other doctors yet. Still waiting. I had to reschedule today's visit,to next week. And I will be seeing a nutritionist next week as well. With all the different doctors visits,all of the scales say I weigh 200 lbs. Mine still holds true to 195. SO I guess I will make the adjustments and change all the numbers to 200 and start from there. I do not feel like I have gained 5 pounds. My clothes do not say it either. Oh well. They will go by their numbers. I even took my scale with me! So I have to tack on another 5 pounds.

Got to go lay down, my head is starting to hurt, this is how I know the meds. are wearing off. haha :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring IS Here

A week from today around this time I should be done with my first sprint triathlon. I woke up yesterday with a head cold. Great.:( Figures...

I got my sunglasses yesterday from my Rudy Project Sponsor. I like them a lot. As you can see in the picture they match the Team Voice running shirt quite well.

And my other pair match my tri top nicely.

I am impressed with the customer service of Rudy and the timely manner the order was delivered. My favorite part is that you can change the color of the lenses, the nose piece and the arms on the frames. I rate them with a grade A. I have used other name brand ones as well but I like these alot. I am working on getting the logo up on my side bar to link the web site. If you would like a pair let me know. ;)

I am trying to get myself together to get out the door, maybe even go swim a little bit too. Depends on how I feel.

The weather here is awesome. You can't help but want to be outside. The down side to this is that this means the summer is coming. Not looking forward to that. I am enjoying it right now.
Have a great weekend !

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This and That

I have my wet suit problem worked out. I can wear one like I have. Since I am not allergic to it. I have a week to go . I can not wait. Today I will be setting up my transition area and figure out how I am going to get out of the wetsuit, rise my feet put on my shoes, then my helmet, and put my gel bottles in my shirt pockets, grab my bike and get out of transition in under 2 minutes. I only get a total of 5 minutes for T1 and T2, in Ironman.
Speaking of Ironman, I got my official race instructions,and how to pull out of the race. I am not. I am supper excited. I just realized I missed my deadline on my room. So I have to get the quote ran again. Grrrr... It will be at one of the value resorts.

Work still has not approved my time off. I get a run around about it. There are plenty of people to work. It will be slower then too.

I got 2 new pairs of Newton's. I love them. so I will not wear one pair right out. 441 miles.

E has been getting back out the door with me on running. E had to get refitted to shoes and get them ordered. E is wanting to do the 5k and Wine and Dine with me now in October! He wants to train to run the 5k at his pace which is great!!!

Back to the health check up. I have seen my GYN. I like her alot. So I have to go back next week for a couple more test. Maybe then she can tell me if I had past my other check up too. Depending on the results she is thinking like my primary that I may have some sort of metabolism issues going on. Means more lab work. I do not like getting stuck. But I need to make me right. In all of this my bottom BP number is running high for me. I am normally 120/68, lately I have been 120/85. What?! Why?! Stress?? I am never that high. Work, I like what I do, home is more stressful than work. Teens. My fear right now is that both of the doctors are going to pull my running card. Specially now!! Holy Cats!!

All I can do is wait and see. That's stressful.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Wetsuit For Me!

Well I went shopping for a wetsuit today. I fit in one just fine, but after I took it off and wondered around the store some, I broke out and the itching began. Yep the rubber in the suit I can not do. My regular shorty, doesn't have that. I can get in and out of that without help. But it is a little big now. I called my local dive shop and told them my dilemma, they said they have a 1m suits that are more for surfing. I told them I have a shorty just to big now and it doesn't bother me. They put the smooth rubber on it to glide through the water better. So I do not know what to do. Should I get a new shorty, or suffer through with the one I have?? Suggestions please!

I ran 3.1 miles on the dreadmill. Why does it seem slower on that than outside?

I have some sunglasses coming from one of my sponsors. The cool part is that one pair, the frames are the same color as our Team Voice shirts. I have my tri top from another sponsor. It's neat. I will have to post a picture soon.

All I need to do now is get a second pair of runners, goggles x2, and tire and co2. I am not big on running without socks. We will see.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Sink Or Swim?

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. :)
Today I found out what my labs are looking like .Well they all are running low. One of the first questions she ask me was are you eating? I asked why? My numbers reflect as if I were not eating. I was very surprised. The next step is I have to go to my GYN. Well that doctor retired and I had to get a new one. So I will see that Doctor next Tuesday. In 3-4 weeks my doctor is getting the VO2 max. It measures your metabolism burn, and my other things. She is looking more towards I have may a metabolism problem.{thyroid good} Since I can not dump the weight. At least I know why I have been so sluggish and having such a hard time. Plus I have to make the apt with the Nutritionist.

Now the Egg Hunt Triathlon Sprint distance.

Here is the map of the course. I know this area well. It is only 4.25 miles from my home. :) I am going to go buy a wet suit for triathlons on Saturday. A full suit. My shortie doesn't fit anymore. And the water temp is going to be chilly. I am doing this race under the Athena group. Trail and error race this one is. I will either sink or swim. hahaha
The south east corner of the bike ride is on a really dangerous intersection. I am hoping they have at least one lane blocked for us. I should be able to do the bike part now under 30 minutes. Maybe even 25 min. This is flat. I train in this park alot. I know the run too. My goal is to keep it in 30 minute range.39 minutes count!! And the swim. I do not know how long that is going to take me. I am worried about getting out of the wet suit. They all zip up in the back!! I told E I was going to carry a pair of scissors in my transition bag to cut it off!! haha We have a quite a run from the water to transition. So I am hoping to have it unzipped and the upper half off by the time I get to my bike. I will be practicing. :)

Have a great weekend. I only get Saturday,then back to the grind on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking Back On This Day

Last year this time I just came back from doing the Princess half. I was freaking out cause I signed up for my first full marathon.

I am healthier now than I was 5 years ago. I have advanced in my job as far as I can go without heading back to school. Not sure if I want to do that.

I have helped my kids grow, even if they choose to the wrong things to do. I have made friends from all this Disney running, lasting friendships. I never thought would be possible.

I have learned alot about myself in the few years. Doing things I thought I couldn't do, well I was told I could NEVER do. Man did that spark light a flame. It turned into a raging fire and now I am going to be doing an Ironman. Who knew!! lol

Today starts a new year from me. The last year of this decade for me. I am going to make it the best one yet. End it all with the hope of going to Kona in 2011. So this will be the year to go down in my life history, and then next year to start a new one. Who knows what will be next year this time. Maybe I will be waiting nervously for the lottery to Kona to be announce in April 2011. Maybe in May I will in some weird way make it in roll down and go to Clearwater, Fl. Shoot just cross that finish line and hear Rae you are an Iron man!!!! I may fall down and start crying who knows, I will find out soon enough.

I look back and I see a boring dull person who wished they could do all those things. Fast forward, here I am doing all those things. Why?? Because I want to live life as if tomorrow isn't coming. And look back and smile and say yes that was me. Maybe one day, I will make to DL. I am working on that one hard, even if I have to go alone,but yet I won't be alone.
Who knows...

The story of life is the greatest thing! Can only live it one day at a time. Each day is a new chapter.
I won't know how things will go till it happens, and I can't wait for the story to unfold, and to be apart of it.

Happy Birthday to me!! I am going to make this a year to remember in my life history!

Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday Pictures

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Triathlon Season Starts Today

I have 2 weeks to the day for my first triathlon sprint. I am so freaking nervous. I still have nothing to wear. I do not know if I need a wet suit. I will find out today. Right after I put in a 6 miler in the sun.
I am looking for a bright yellow towel to lay out in front of my bike in transition, I need a larger bike pump, some CO2 to carry on me a spare tube, tire, gels,water bottle to rise feet,goggles that are tinted x 2 and a few other things. Holy Cats!! I can do the duathlons hands down, but the swim. I hate water. I have to remember that I am in control in the water that way I do not freak out and get pulled. Holy cats!!! And no matter how much I swim I can't seem to gain any speed. I am venting here. Holy cats. I mean HOLY CATS!! IT'S HERE!!! E will be twittering. It will be a dry run so he will be ready for Ironman. E keeps telling for the Ironman just swim, and if you make the cut off, woohooo and on to race part 2, and then if you make it through the bike woohoo. He is telling look at it as individual races not a over all whole. E also keeps telling be prepared to get kicked in the face, even pushed under water,but be in control so I do not freak out.
I have been using my breathing tool to get my lungs open and get in more air. I have been freaking out!!! I am excited, nervous ,scared,and happy. All the normal race pre jitters. I want to prepay for my races, but I am worried I will not like the triathlon then I am stuck doing them, if I prepay them. Once I get past the swim I am good. Oh yeah got to get the feet use to no socks.

Got to go.. Must put in a 6 miler today.Then a 30 mile bike, or at least spin some hills.
I just want to scream!!!! LMAO

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cleaning The Clutter

This is the office/hot wheels room before we painted it.

This is after we painted.

It's been awhile. Alot has been going on . We have put new paint on the walls,moved furniture, and we are decluttering the house.Getting ready for our new floor and kitchen. While doing all of this, work has not slown down, and Ironman is coming. I have been putting off booking my room. In three weeks is my first sprint triathlon. My bike store is having a huge sale tomorrow and I have to work. I was going to register for the triathlon series, but I have decided to wait and see how I do with the first one on April 3. I still do not have anything to swim in and training is hard to manage with everything going on.

This is the contrasting wall. Dark blue.

I have not received any of my results from my doctor. So next week I will be calling about that.
I still have not decided anything on the Goofy. But I am doing the Wine and Dine and the 5k. Other than the Ironman. We will not be doing anything Disney related then those times. So no pass holder again this year. That's fine cause I know Disney will be there.
I finally got my desk top back up and running.Picked up a new monitor. It is sweet. 22' Lg flat.It is awesome. I can't get to use it since I am having to work tomorrow. :(
Oh well.

Nothing new here, I didn't even think I had any thing to talk about.

Congrats to Mike F. and his wife for their new bundle of joy!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


After my last post, I swam 450 yds, walked a 2 miler, and then I got sick. Yep. Started with a sore throat, that faded a little then the running eyes and nose. Then today. I have been in the bathroom most of the damn day. The gurgling starts and next thing ya know running to bathroom. So I called out for tomorrow, I know they are going to be mad, but I just can't chance on making a mess. Plus we are busy.Really busy.

Well I like this body bug. It is a easy to use item. Now if I could remember how to share the graph I would post it.

My mileage for Feb. not so hot. Weight loss for Feb.-4 I lost 4 last week. Weird. I will take it!! NO news as of yet on my labs.

Still haven't booked a room.