Friday, February 5, 2010

What A Week...Updated

This week has been as crazy one. Work has been Pants!! {as JB would say} I have been sick from all the stress from work and the teen drama going on here. FJ went missing for a little over 24+ hours. It drove everyone crazy. And he came home like it was nothing. Needless to say, he will be paying for this.
I have been physically sick. Sour stomach and everything!!! Today is better. I want to go run and swim today,but I have to sit here and wait for other things to follow before I can go. :(

It is looking more and more likely Goofy 2011 maybe Dopey. :) I can not wait!!! And I am looking forward to the Wine and Dine half, and now the 5k with the NSSHP ticket!!!! Wooohooo! I may be able to get my younger one to do the 5k for that.

Ironman... Sigh.... I am freaking out.

I need to swim.And it looks like I need to swim everyday nearly. I am looking at going up in March to ride and run. No swimming in Bay Lake. SO I will have to try to get out there at the beach a swim to the buoy and back. I have not found what I am going to wear. i don't want to wear a one piece in case I have to use the potty,And I don't want a top and bottoms where my middle is showing. I found a company they will make a custom tri suit. I am going to find out what it will cost to get in in all black and then the yellow and Team Voice on the front with my other sponsors on it. I think i would look funny out there in all yellow with black lines. :* And you can watch it on the internet. Universal Sports. Maybe you can see me somewhere!!! I know for sure crossing the finish line!!!!

Tomorrow I weigh in. I am not expecting anything since I haven't done much with all this drama. We will see.

I couldn't sleep tonight so I put the bike on the trainer and did a easy spin of 10 miles in 27:36, then I jumped off and jumped right on the treadmill,aka Dreadmill and started running. I ran the first half mile and the lung burn kick in. So I did forget to take the Claratin.I walked and ran intervals. E fell asleep on the couch and I got stuck watching TMZ.Holy Cats how lame. Mile and ahalf I started to get the cold sweats and shakes. I thought about stopping. But I didn't. I kept going. I started to get the sour stomach too. Man that last half mile seem really long. Then out of the blue I hear in the back of my head, Keep going you can do this. I agreed. I made my 2 miles in 33 minutes. Great. I guess that's not to bad after being ill this week. And being able to actually eat normal today.
I plan on the pool tomorrow morning then come home and rest. Then go ride my bike at the park and come home and rest. Then get my 6 miler in.


Chris said...

I've got to go back and read your previous posts as I think I missed something (Lorraine was just filling me in prior to heading to work). Anyhoo, I so can't wait for the teen drama. ;-) I remember it myself and as the years went on I began my apology tour with my parents...still do it to this day! So fret not, this too shall pass (as I was always told by a great mentor).

We NEED you there for 2011 Goofy, so I'm psyched to hear that you're closer to it.

What, a totally yellow Team Voice suit isn't en vogue? lol

No swimming in Bay Lake...I've heard that somewhere before...hmmm...

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....

mgreene said...

Are you sure you rode 10 miles in 27:36? That's faster than most elite bikers can do in races around here...

mgreene said...

That's 2:45 per mile for 10 straight miles!

Richard said...

Goofy was a peice of cake compared to the 70.3 I did last fall. Keep your eyes on that IM 70.3 target and you will stay on track for Goofy also.

Great work puching through for that brick workout when you were not at your best.

Justin said...

Cool! The Ironman 70.3 Florida is going to be broadcast on the internet? I guess I know what I'll be doing that day.

Hope you feel better.

I'm on pins and needles regarding your decision on Goofy 2011.

Rae! said...

Yes Mgreene I was spinning my bike at 24-25 mph. This is were I have to make up any time I loose in the swim. I am a really good cyclist. :)

Justin yes it will be on, since it is a Clearwater Fl. qualifier. And it has 75 slots. The early coverage isn't as good as it is when it comes to the finish line part.

Richard you 70.3 is also a qualifier for Clearwater. Go to the roll down after the race. You will be surprised who all gets slots. ;)

Amanda said...

Hope your feeling better. Good job getting the spin in and pushing through the treadmill.

I can't wait for Wine & Dine either - it's going to be a fun one I think.

I sure hope you'll be there for the Dopey. It would be great having you doing it with us :)!

Keep your goals in mind and you'll reach them!