Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ironing Things Out

Work is pants!! As my good friend JB would say. But I made it, yesterday was crazy!
I woke up and guess what, my knee and the muscles round it were just fine. Weird.

Yesterday I tested out my body bugg. I got it Tuesday evening set it up answered all the questions. Answered them truefully. My daily calorie burn goal is 2950. I am suppose to take 10000 steps a day. I wore it to work. I actually wore it from 5:30a till 10p at night. I didn't workout yesterday, it was pouring down rain. So my total burn yesterday was 2718, and I took 5704 steps, one hour and seven minutes of moderate activity. That was my work day burn. So I am very interested in seeing what my burn is with exercise. I can't put it in water. It can handle sweating, but no shower. and no sleeping in it. I can't tell I have it on. Everyone at work noticed it. I told them that my doctor is wanting to see my numbers and this is the best way to provide them. The nutritionist will want to see it too. I can print it all out and I can post here and I can put it on Twitter and FB.

I will upload it to night for the last 2 days and I will post it tomorrow. I was lazy to day and laid round till 11:30a. Now I am ready to go swim. It is a chilly 58 here. I know to the rest of you that's not cold but for me it is. Then tomorrow will be 38. Cold run tomorrow for me.

I am in limbo, of not doing the Ironman. I have not had enough training. And I now it's paid for but I am worried I will be setting myself up to be swept. I am worried about the swim. I bet I will be in the last wave, and I will only have 1:20 to swim a mile. I do not know what to wear. I know how to set up transition, and the rest. That would not look good for lottery this year. Then I could just pound the hell out of myself and just do it. I feel lost. {my feelings, not beating self up}

And I have my triathlon season breathing down my neck.Most of this is out of town and I do not know if I can do them like last year. Now do I want to add the Goofy to this?? Yes... No... Yes...idk... oh the dilemma.

I decided to stay with my bike, and hope for the best.I may change out the handle bars to a full triathlon set up and it will lighten up my bike. And I am looking for a race rear tire. I want a solid tire. Lighter and no maintenance. I will be getting my triathlon race top from That Butt Stuff. It depends on how it feels, and if it bright enough. The cycle shirt is a tad heavy and gray and black. Otherwise I will be spending Saturday down south trying on stuff to wear. I will also be getting my Rudy sunglasses soon. {my other sponsor}


Richard said...

You are running into the hardest part of Ironman training--the mental part. Don't let yourself get down over it. I think your IM is worth trying even if you are sure you will be swept, just treat it as a glorified training run and the experience will serve you well in the future...and you might even surprise yourself!

It sounds like that Body Bugg may just give you some important information to help out your program. I can't wait to see what happens when you take it on a long workout day.

trifitmom said...

what is a body bugg ?? and how do you get one ?

MikeF. said...

Rae the one thing we all battle with is the mental part. I find it easy to tell the voices in my head that there is free ice cream in the other room and when they leave I am good to go. :)

Amanda said...

Glad the knee is feeling better. I have times like that with my right shin - I think the stress fracture is back and then all of a sudden it feels fine again. It's a strange feeling.

The Body Bugg does sound pretty awesome. Let's see - my daily burn at work 10 calories...Seriously, I sit at a desk all day and I hate it! I can't wait to see what it says after you do some running and biking in it. I bet you're way over your calorie burn. This does sound like a helpful tool to figure out what is happening.

You've paid for the IronMan - do it! Like Richard said, you can use it as a glorified training session. Besides, you do this to yourself where you get unsure of your abilities. Remember the full marathon - you did awesome and you'll do awesome on the IronMan too!

I bet you'll be fine with your bike after you get it all set up. The gear is harder, but I know that you'll find the right gear and everything will work out perfectly. You know what you want, it's just finding it!

Okay - once more - you can do this!!!