Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slug Bug

I have been having a rough time getting my legs moving. They feel so sluggish. And heavy when I get out the door.

I have had alot of drama here, and it has been keeping me from doing anything. Teens. I wish we could just by pass this part. :( Up late, to no sleep. Plus work calling me in everytime I turn around. I can't get Eric out the door. If I walk, he'll go, otherwise forget it. I hope this will pass.

Pinching heads!!

On the plus side, I will start working with Coach Dirk in 2 weeks. We are going to get a plan set, and then he is going to Europe in Feb. as well. I have tons of questions. I can't wait. I have been using my Lose it app for tracking my food intake and keeping me honest. And if anyone else is using it, we can connect through it and support each other.
And Mike ,Eric says Yes there's an app for that."

I have been looking at the road races and none of the local ones are appealing. SO I have decided to stick to my triathlons this season, till October for the Wine and Dine.

I have to get out the damn Door!! Maybe after the morning appt.

Oh yeah, How much you want to bet Coach is going to tell me to get clip pedals??? I had a hard enough time learning to use the ones I have now!! I will forget to unclip or take my foot out of the shoe and BAM!! I will be on the ground. Let me say I will be laughing my you know what off. :)


Albert said...


Thanks for all the comments and the follow. I'll keep in touch and hope to see you at Goofy 2011. Are you on Twitter?

Albert (albertruns)

Richard said...

I have been having those sluggish legs, too, and for the first time in a long time a lack of motivation. I think I have finally beaten back the motivation issue, and toda I did my second post-Goofy run, and the first one that felt good, still slower, but good.
I really need to get going as I have aboout 13 week's until my 70.3.

Chris said...

Fortunately for me, I've had a huge motivation boost this year post half. I want to run much more than I have time for.....which is good and bad as I get depressed when I just can't fit it in, or get out for as long as I'd like.

I've noticed with parenting that no matter what stage you're at, you want to be at the next one! LOL We've got the terrible 2's and terrible/horrific 5's... Of course, I think the real stressor is the other complexity life brings, work (as you mentioned), school (for some of us), keeping a house clean (I try to help when I can...), even cooking meals! Ugh, there's just not enough time... Whoa, going on a tangent here..sorry.

Anyhoo, keep your vision wide open, training in the long haul, but taking it day by day with no one day getting you down cause there is another right around the corner. As for clip pedals, I totally understand. I don't even have a bike yet and I'm already stressed about those! LOL

FYI - Lorraine is contemplating a tri or two this year, so you might start seeing her pop up with questions ;-) (she reads all the blogs but doesn't comment as of yet..hint hint to her...)

Rae! said...

That's great Richard. I know you are getting so close!!!

Chris, I am soooo glad you are just in go mode. And the first challenge of the year!!

Albert thanks, and All of Disney people need to stick together. :)

Amanda said...

You'll get going soon enough. Your ready mentally and your legs will catch on soon enough.

Can't wait to hear how your training with Coach Dirk goes. I bet you're going to love it!

Deep, calming breaths on the kid front. I know it seems impossible, but it will pass.

Give Eric a break. He'll get back out there with you. It's probably just the post marathon let down right now.