Thursday, January 28, 2010


Wow, what a last couple of days. First I got a lecture at work for not working on Monday. It was a scheduled day off, and I was in Court all day!!!!! What the fruit!!! Then I find out yesterday that we have my floor absorbed some of the staff from the other unit we took over, and the other UCT.{Unit cleck Tech} will not work Mondays?? What the fruit!!! My triathlon season starts really soon, are they going to tell me that I can not have those weekends off?? I haven't had the time to talk to my Unit manager, but I am worried. The races start when we slow down, and the marathon weekend is when we start to get busy, now I am stressing. Specially with Ironman. I have to figure out what days I want off, where to stay and apply for it. I am finding out I need to be up there at least a week early to use use the the weather, specially for the running part in the afternoon.

I think I am going to plan a trip up and ride the course with my friends. I haven't heard from Coach yet.

I got my cycling jersey from one of my sponsors. I love it!! I really like the material it is made out of. I can't upload pictures today for some stupid reason, otherwise I would post one. I checked out the company that made them and they can make all kind of custom sports clothing. Even shorts. V-Gear. Check them out.
I have not made it out the door the last couple days. Work is just really busy. Why does it seem like when the snowbirds come down here they are all in the hospital?? We don't have the ice and snow to fall and slip on?? Shaking my head.

My last weigh in for this month is Saturday. I know I have dump more weight and inches, it has been noticed at work. I can feel it in my clothes. I have been honest and tracking my food intake, I have been very disciplined. Just need to get my rear up and out the door more. I will update later my training for the day.


Amanda said...

I hope things straighten out at work for you. I always worry about my job saying I can't go on vacation - especially after I've already registered.

Snowbirds - let me tell you, we have the same thing here in AZ. They crowd all the restaurants, cause traffic jams and take up the hospitals. Everyone around here is glad come April when they start headig out to escape our heat.

Can't wait to see your cycling shirt - sounds great!

Good job with the eating. I've recorded everything too - of course it hasn't stopped me from eating too much :)! That's awesome that you're feeling the weight come off - I hope to get to that point soon.

You'll get the exercise going soon. You know you have to - there's no choice, you're doing 70.3 very soon and you are going to be ready! That being said - two days this week have been nothing for me...I understand!

Matt said...

Damn work... it seems like they do something to mess with you everytime you have something like this come up. Hopefully it will all work out.

Congrats on the weight/inch loss!

Chris said...

it's all good, Rae, just take a deep breath and remember that you're an IRONMAN! IRONWOMAN! IRONPERSON! :-)

Chris said...

Oh, and stop cursing out fruit!!!! It's bad ju-ju!!! ;-)