Monday, January 18, 2010

I Know What It Feels Like

Here is what it looks like when you are just seconds form being swept. And it felt like forever. I was so worried in this picture. See the official with the orange flag?? That is the dreaded orange flag you here about. And the one next to E is an Medic, asking him if he is ok. And the lady in front of us, that is the one who collapsed.Very scary.

I now know what is like to make you time you say your going to do and do it. I know what it feels like that I am running in fear. Everytime I saw them, all the hard work and hours we put in to doing that race would come rushing to me. At the same time I knew if I just stopped and said I am done E would have been off the hook,he was in so much pain. But the little voice in the back of my head kept telling me, you can do this. I plan on doing the marathon in 2011. It will be just me. I will not have to worry about E. I will just have to worry about staying ahead of that guy right there with that orange flag.{E just wanted to rip it into shreds!!}

Here I am telling Amanda, Jeff, His Mom, Trace and Lisa I think we are going to get swept. Jeff just kept yelling,"Just keep going you can make it" The fear of not finishing was right there in my face. E was feeling guilty cause he was holding me back. I told him,I would not have wanted this race to play out any different than it did. It was one adventure I will never forget, and never get tired of telling.

Today I started training again. I qwent to the gym and did this:
bike hill intervals
30 minutes
started level 12, first 15 minutes, level 7 for the last 15 minutes. I have to work back up to my normal. I guess that long road race took a toll.
10,48 miles,211 calories burned.
elliptical 30 minutes
cross training program 1
2.0 miles, 246 calories burned
stairs: 15 minutes, all the knees will let me do.
level 3, .53 mile
87 calories burned. I can't do alot of stairs. Knees hate it. But I do them. and level 3 is as fast as I can go without pain.
Here shortly I will go run 4 miles. It id just beautiful outside today.
Calories today 1600. { I am always hungry}

My Running to Disney update puts me out in the middle of the everglades,28.2 miles. I will update my map later. I have not weighed myself this week. This was my off week. I was off from everything. I ate what I wanted when I wanted. I did nothing. That was the hardest thing to do. Was to do nothing. So I will weigh in this coming Saturday.

Amanda thanks for the Pictures they sure say alot. See my count down clock!!! Holy Cats!!! It's counting down fast as you know what.


[rich] said...

Great work for getting back to the gym :-D There's no way I could do 26 miles.

Richard said...

Today was my first run since Goofy, so I know how it feels to shake off that rust, too. Just be careful not to push it too quick. Recover fully before ramping up IM70.3 hard work.
I'm at like 90 something days until I do the Lone Star 70.3, so we'll be really close on timing.

Congrats again on completing the marathon. Our medals are the same as the guys who did it in 3:30!!!

Amanda said...

Yes, the pictures did tell a story for sure...I am glad I was able to get some for you.

Great job on the workout today. I just did a 4 mile run and thought I was going to die - felt worse than after the half.

You're right that countdown clock is moving fast - wow, that's not that far away. You're going to rock that 70.3 though!!!