Monday, January 25, 2010

I Got To Do What??

Well the drama should be at a low till just before spring break. And maybe that will be the end of all the drama.

I got my new USAT magazine and I found out what the qualifying time is for the Half Ironman. For my age group it is 5:45. This is not a typo. 5 hours and 45 minutes. I used an app the USAT recommended for figuring out my time and splits.
It says that my finishing time will be around 6:13.

That's using all my now times. The swim distance in meters is 1931 M. I have to get my swim time to 45 minutes which will make my pace at 2:19/100M. Now for biking 56 miles, I need to get faster. I have to get my speed up to 22.39 mph,which I can maintain 21 mph now,I have to work on my run. I need to get faster. I have to concentrate on distance and speed. I have to get my run to a 11:12 minute mile to come close to my goal time. I would have to get my half marathon time down to 2:26. Holy Cats!!! I do not see that happening. I have to drop the weight. Lighter equals faster on everything. I will have to shave 32 minutes off of my half marathon time.

Do I want to try to make it to Clearwater, FL. ?? Yes I do. My legs are ready. I have to be ready. So I have to get back out there and do my daily 6 milers. No walking aloud. Got to get in the pool.

E will have to ride his bike so I can run, he can set the pace on the bike and I can work on keeping up.

Tonight I did an easy spin on the trainer, watching wrestling. 30 minutes 10.5. I was doing 12 miles in 30 minutes. Got to get back up there. The ING marathon weekend is coming up. I can't wait going to go watch and ring my cowbell. We have a Team Voicer going to be out there. Mike R.

Have a great week. :)


Matt said...

You can and will do this! Just have faith in yourself and your abilities. Hell, you've made a gigantic step just attempting this thing and I will be proud of you, regardless of what happens... but I know you'll do it!

You're awesome!

Richard said...

I'm working to get my time under 7 hours for the 70.3 and can't even think about qualifying until I have lost more weight and improve my training a bunch, I am still slow in all areas, but am getting better all the time. Although for now, I will settle for enjoying the experience until I am ready for more.
Don't lose sight of one important detail, you are a winner just by showing up and trying.

MikeF. said...

I know you can do this Rae!!!! I have the faith in you and I know you have the faith in yourself to do this!

Amanda said...

Well, you've got your work cut out for you, but you can totally do this. No more negative self talk, no slacking & no excuses. You know you can do this - you finished a marathon from crying out loud!

It won't seem so daunting once you have coach Dirk helping you. I'm sure he's going to have lots of great workouts and tips and tricks for you.

Remember I'm hear to cheer you on, kick you in the rear or whatever else you need from me!

Chris said...

Now, I know you're writing this up like "holy cats", but underneath your smiling about the challenge it presents knowing you can kick this things butt! :-) I know that you know you can, and I know that you know that I know you can!

Now get out there and "Nike" ...Just Do It!