Friday, January 15, 2010

I AM AN IRON.... I Mean MARATHONER!!!!! {Long again}

What a week this has been. Updated!!!

My calf muscles to the tops of my feet have been so sore. I haven't gotten a good nights sleep til last night. This morning, I am not limping, and I can stand on my tippy toes. Sweet, this means I will be headed back out the door soon!! I can not wait. Why can't you wait.? Because I have been so motivated by finishing this marathon, that I can do better learn from it and keep moving forward. They finally posted our pictures from the race, and most of E's photos you can see all the pain he is in. Me I was hamming it up for the cameras. E has 2 huge blisters on both feet. Both are on each pinky toe. He my loose his toe nail. I never saw any as large as this!! And he needs to have his feet evaluated for other issues.

If you were following us on twitter or facebook, somewhere around mile 3 E lost his phone. He went off course to visit a tree, and when he made it back on the pavement the fuel belt fell off and so did his phone. He was so distracted by this happening this is were we started to loose time. We looped back around the same area and he went out looking for it. I kept going. He didn't find it. So he texted the phone and left a message if found please call this number. He was so distracted.
Around mile 6 his phone was calling me, it was the person who found it. They were with a friend in the race, and would be done about 9:30a. E told the person we will be out there for quite some time. The man said if he does not catch up with us after the race, he will return it to him on Monday since he lives in S. Florida too. What a coincidence. So after this E wasn't so distracted and we made up almost all the time we lost by mile 10.
After the race E called his phone to get it back. The man had already traveled home to Hollywood ,Fl. And see him on Monday after we get in town.
Monday evening E's phone called me and the man said meet him at the Starbucks in Hollywood. So he went. E was gone 2 hours. Came home with his phone in hand and a huge smile on his face. E states, you know how this happen for a reason? I said yes. He goes on, I believe this was suppose to happen. The man's name was Dirk. And he was there with a friend of his running the marathon. He was running with his friend to give them support, a black bib runner. Meaning he can run the entire race, but he will not get time for the race. Dirk happen to stop at the same place as E did to visit a tree. Looked down and picked up a jacket to put on, and saw the phone. Dirk saw the number on the message and called and got us. Dirk said it's the right thing to do.
And dirk went on to tell E that if it wasn't so cold up there after the race he would have rode his bike all the way down here. I said, seriously? What is he a triathlete? E said as a matter of a fact yes he is and a coach for ironman, and he designs bikes. He has designed some of Lances early bikes. Holy Cats!!!
Now today I have a quote from him for Ironman training. I checked him out, he is for real. And since I can afford his price, and he is very local, I am thinking of taking him on as my coach to train for Ironman Florida, and he does a couple of clinics for Clearwater Ironman. I was thinking what better way to get ready for May, and know what to expect in October if I can get a slot for the World championship Clearwater 70.3.

E swears this was all suppose to happen. And things happen for a reason. I have been struggling getting into the local riding group, and running group. He is in all of them. The ones I have been trying to find, and connect with.

Then later I find out one of the couples we have became friends with, during last season, is an official for the USAT and he works Ironman FL. at Disney. He told me I need to start running out in our hottest part of the day and riding out there too. I asked why, He said with my times I will be running on the pavement when it hits 103 not counting the heat index. It gets that hot, and that's what it was last year. HOLY CATS!!! And for the swim I need to get a speed suit.

Ironman may be pulling out of Disney after this year. Why?? Because Disney is out to make a buck, just like Ironman, since they didn't have to pay all the fees in Miami like Disney, well Disney is out and Miami is in. And Miami is sold out, Disney is not.

As for me for future races, I will be doing the new season for triathlons here,not sure how many since they all are out of town. The main place they use for the races is under construction this year. Disney races, maybe Princess half, Not to sure if I can make it to Disneyland, I maybe able to if I go solo. Up in the air, And Wine and Dine, I plan on it {so does E} unless I get a slot to Clearwater,I will be in Clearwater doing that. And then If All goes well I am shooting for the Goofy 2011. {Money} The money spent on the Goofy is my Clearwater training camp money. So I will have to play it last minute.

Besides I have to get in a couple Half marathons by 2011 so I do not filed in the last corral in the last wave start!!!

And put me down running to Disneyland, My club 8 goals is to be 150 by April{43 to go}, and I am getting me a Body bug. Look at the link they have dropped the prices alot.

I have learned alot about myself the last 3 years. I have learned I can over come things I thought I could not. And I do not see the marathon as a set back but as a push forward to better next time. I plan on it. ;)

I updated About me.;)
Just back form a nice 2 mile walk. No pain, soreness,nothing!! I'mmmmm BBBAAAACCKKKKK!!!!! :)


Chris said...

I agree with E, but only because he has that cool lightsabre app! LOL No really, I think there is a ryhme and reason for things in the big blue world.... and I'm glad it's flowing nice and well in your direction as this is an outstanding contact to have!

Really hoping that you'll be Goofin' with us next year, but totally understand that it's down on the priority list of races. Maybe we can do a little sponsoring of you somehow! AATM fundraiser for Team Rae. :-)

Amanda said...

That's amazing - look at all the great information you got just by running a marathon. You are even further on your journey now and have some great new contacts to help you along the way.

It would be great if you could make Disneyland - you'd like the course and it's an anniversary medal and the coast to coast!

I hope I can make it to the Wine & Dine. It'll e fun to do a night race in WDW.

I'll have to check out the body bug - I've been intrigued by them for a long time, but the price was just too steep. Need to try some new stuff as I too want to take off the weight I've put back on - gonna need to for the Goofy!

I hope you do the Goofy - it would be great to have another Team Voice member doing the training and sharing the experience. I'm nervous as all get out for it, but determined that I can do it too!