Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blustery Day,Well Evening..

What a nice day at work.
Then the home drama found me at work. {just can't escape it.} Oh well...
Everyone out doing their own thing, so I did my own thing. I ran. I ran sprints. I was concentrating on my stride and the land lift lever in my Newtons. Relearning how to run in them. I have 413.5 miles on them. There good for 1000 miles. So I ran. I ran as far as my lungs would let me. So I was almost getting a full block in at a time. And the last mile, I ran as hard as I could. And walked 2 houses, and that last mile was 8:15 minute. Sweet!!! No sluggish legs. Great!!! Now I can really push . I have to concentrate on my 5k and 10k distances. Faster. Run longer. And get my long distance in.

I have to get back in the pool. Swim I must. And remember to breathe every third stroke. I think I am going to go back to doing a spin class twice a week.

No more rest if I want to hear those great words, "Rachel You are an Ironman!!!" :)


Richard said...

Sounds like you are close to recovered and getting back to full training!! Good for you, I had a good run today, but my legs also let me know that I still need another week to really push things.

Chris said...

Rachel, you are an Ironman indeed! :-)

Got to say it...Dude..8:15 is a pretty darn fast mile for someone who said she couldn't run a year or two ago. ;-) You ROCK!

Amanda said...

Okay - now I'm jealous! 8:15 is awesome. You're going to kick everyone's butt. You go girl!!!!

Glad you're feeling back to normal running. I did 8 miles today - slow, but felt good so I think I'm back too :)!

Matt said...

I am insanely jealous!!! I want to be an ironman! I have to wait a while before that happens though! Good luck

joggerblogger said...

Wow - well done on the 8:15 - I just tried and could only do it in 8:28 on the treadmill - go go gadget legs :-D