Thursday, January 28, 2010


Wow, what a last couple of days. First I got a lecture at work for not working on Monday. It was a scheduled day off, and I was in Court all day!!!!! What the fruit!!! Then I find out yesterday that we have my floor absorbed some of the staff from the other unit we took over, and the other UCT.{Unit cleck Tech} will not work Mondays?? What the fruit!!! My triathlon season starts really soon, are they going to tell me that I can not have those weekends off?? I haven't had the time to talk to my Unit manager, but I am worried. The races start when we slow down, and the marathon weekend is when we start to get busy, now I am stressing. Specially with Ironman. I have to figure out what days I want off, where to stay and apply for it. I am finding out I need to be up there at least a week early to use use the the weather, specially for the running part in the afternoon.

I think I am going to plan a trip up and ride the course with my friends. I haven't heard from Coach yet.

I got my cycling jersey from one of my sponsors. I love it!! I really like the material it is made out of. I can't upload pictures today for some stupid reason, otherwise I would post one. I checked out the company that made them and they can make all kind of custom sports clothing. Even shorts. V-Gear. Check them out.
I have not made it out the door the last couple days. Work is just really busy. Why does it seem like when the snowbirds come down here they are all in the hospital?? We don't have the ice and snow to fall and slip on?? Shaking my head.

My last weigh in for this month is Saturday. I know I have dump more weight and inches, it has been noticed at work. I can feel it in my clothes. I have been honest and tracking my food intake, I have been very disciplined. Just need to get my rear up and out the door more. I will update later my training for the day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Got To Do What??

Well the drama should be at a low till just before spring break. And maybe that will be the end of all the drama.

I got my new USAT magazine and I found out what the qualifying time is for the Half Ironman. For my age group it is 5:45. This is not a typo. 5 hours and 45 minutes. I used an app the USAT recommended for figuring out my time and splits.
It says that my finishing time will be around 6:13.

That's using all my now times. The swim distance in meters is 1931 M. I have to get my swim time to 45 minutes which will make my pace at 2:19/100M. Now for biking 56 miles, I need to get faster. I have to get my speed up to 22.39 mph,which I can maintain 21 mph now,I have to work on my run. I need to get faster. I have to concentrate on distance and speed. I have to get my run to a 11:12 minute mile to come close to my goal time. I would have to get my half marathon time down to 2:26. Holy Cats!!! I do not see that happening. I have to drop the weight. Lighter equals faster on everything. I will have to shave 32 minutes off of my half marathon time.

Do I want to try to make it to Clearwater, FL. ?? Yes I do. My legs are ready. I have to be ready. So I have to get back out there and do my daily 6 milers. No walking aloud. Got to get in the pool.

E will have to ride his bike so I can run, he can set the pace on the bike and I can work on keeping up.

Tonight I did an easy spin on the trainer, watching wrestling. 30 minutes 10.5. I was doing 12 miles in 30 minutes. Got to get back up there. The ING marathon weekend is coming up. I can't wait going to go watch and ring my cowbell. We have a Team Voicer going to be out there. Mike R.

Have a great week. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blustery Day,Well Evening..

What a nice day at work.
Then the home drama found me at work. {just can't escape it.} Oh well...
Everyone out doing their own thing, so I did my own thing. I ran. I ran sprints. I was concentrating on my stride and the land lift lever in my Newtons. Relearning how to run in them. I have 413.5 miles on them. There good for 1000 miles. So I ran. I ran as far as my lungs would let me. So I was almost getting a full block in at a time. And the last mile, I ran as hard as I could. And walked 2 houses, and that last mile was 8:15 minute. Sweet!!! No sluggish legs. Great!!! Now I can really push . I have to concentrate on my 5k and 10k distances. Faster. Run longer. And get my long distance in.

I have to get back in the pool. Swim I must. And remember to breathe every third stroke. I think I am going to go back to doing a spin class twice a week.

No more rest if I want to hear those great words, "Rachel You are an Ironman!!!" :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

You Picked!!!!

When I need a good laugh I watch this. And things should be better. I get a break and get to go to work. {Who ever thought I would say that}. Going to try to get out the door in the morning, and get my head back in the game.

I have maintain my intake. :) And We will see what is the results of nothing half of the week!!!
Oh well. Keep moving forward.

Oh yes Twitter world I am RunnerRae. I have my 26.2 mile photo up. If you have a recipe you want to share e mail me and I will post it on the Team Voice Event Page . It will be the recipe of the week.There is one up now.

Have a great weekend!!! Weigh in this am and it's a -1!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slug Bug

I have been having a rough time getting my legs moving. They feel so sluggish. And heavy when I get out the door.

I have had alot of drama here, and it has been keeping me from doing anything. Teens. I wish we could just by pass this part. :( Up late, to no sleep. Plus work calling me in everytime I turn around. I can't get Eric out the door. If I walk, he'll go, otherwise forget it. I hope this will pass.

Pinching heads!!

On the plus side, I will start working with Coach Dirk in 2 weeks. We are going to get a plan set, and then he is going to Europe in Feb. as well. I have tons of questions. I can't wait. I have been using my Lose it app for tracking my food intake and keeping me honest. And if anyone else is using it, we can connect through it and support each other.
And Mike ,Eric says Yes there's an app for that."

I have been looking at the road races and none of the local ones are appealing. SO I have decided to stick to my triathlons this season, till October for the Wine and Dine.

I have to get out the damn Door!! Maybe after the morning appt.

Oh yeah, How much you want to bet Coach is going to tell me to get clip pedals??? I had a hard enough time learning to use the ones I have now!! I will forget to unclip or take my foot out of the shoe and BAM!! I will be on the ground. Let me say I will be laughing my you know what off. :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Know What It Feels Like

Here is what it looks like when you are just seconds form being swept. And it felt like forever. I was so worried in this picture. See the official with the orange flag?? That is the dreaded orange flag you here about. And the one next to E is an Medic, asking him if he is ok. And the lady in front of us, that is the one who collapsed.Very scary.

I now know what is like to make you time you say your going to do and do it. I know what it feels like that I am running in fear. Everytime I saw them, all the hard work and hours we put in to doing that race would come rushing to me. At the same time I knew if I just stopped and said I am done E would have been off the hook,he was in so much pain. But the little voice in the back of my head kept telling me, you can do this. I plan on doing the marathon in 2011. It will be just me. I will not have to worry about E. I will just have to worry about staying ahead of that guy right there with that orange flag.{E just wanted to rip it into shreds!!}

Here I am telling Amanda, Jeff, His Mom, Trace and Lisa I think we are going to get swept. Jeff just kept yelling,"Just keep going you can make it" The fear of not finishing was right there in my face. E was feeling guilty cause he was holding me back. I told him,I would not have wanted this race to play out any different than it did. It was one adventure I will never forget, and never get tired of telling.

Today I started training again. I qwent to the gym and did this:
bike hill intervals
30 minutes
started level 12, first 15 minutes, level 7 for the last 15 minutes. I have to work back up to my normal. I guess that long road race took a toll.
10,48 miles,211 calories burned.
elliptical 30 minutes
cross training program 1
2.0 miles, 246 calories burned
stairs: 15 minutes, all the knees will let me do.
level 3, .53 mile
87 calories burned. I can't do alot of stairs. Knees hate it. But I do them. and level 3 is as fast as I can go without pain.
Here shortly I will go run 4 miles. It id just beautiful outside today.
Calories today 1600. { I am always hungry}

My Running to Disney update puts me out in the middle of the everglades,28.2 miles. I will update my map later. I have not weighed myself this week. This was my off week. I was off from everything. I ate what I wanted when I wanted. I did nothing. That was the hardest thing to do. Was to do nothing. So I will weigh in this coming Saturday.

Amanda thanks for the Pictures they sure say alot. See my count down clock!!! Holy Cats!!! It's counting down fast as you know what.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I AM AN IRON.... I Mean MARATHONER!!!!! {Long again}

What a week this has been. Updated!!!

My calf muscles to the tops of my feet have been so sore. I haven't gotten a good nights sleep til last night. This morning, I am not limping, and I can stand on my tippy toes. Sweet, this means I will be headed back out the door soon!! I can not wait. Why can't you wait.? Because I have been so motivated by finishing this marathon, that I can do better learn from it and keep moving forward. They finally posted our pictures from the race, and most of E's photos you can see all the pain he is in. Me I was hamming it up for the cameras. E has 2 huge blisters on both feet. Both are on each pinky toe. He my loose his toe nail. I never saw any as large as this!! And he needs to have his feet evaluated for other issues.

If you were following us on twitter or facebook, somewhere around mile 3 E lost his phone. He went off course to visit a tree, and when he made it back on the pavement the fuel belt fell off and so did his phone. He was so distracted by this happening this is were we started to loose time. We looped back around the same area and he went out looking for it. I kept going. He didn't find it. So he texted the phone and left a message if found please call this number. He was so distracted.
Around mile 6 his phone was calling me, it was the person who found it. They were with a friend in the race, and would be done about 9:30a. E told the person we will be out there for quite some time. The man said if he does not catch up with us after the race, he will return it to him on Monday since he lives in S. Florida too. What a coincidence. So after this E wasn't so distracted and we made up almost all the time we lost by mile 10.
After the race E called his phone to get it back. The man had already traveled home to Hollywood ,Fl. And see him on Monday after we get in town.
Monday evening E's phone called me and the man said meet him at the Starbucks in Hollywood. So he went. E was gone 2 hours. Came home with his phone in hand and a huge smile on his face. E states, you know how this happen for a reason? I said yes. He goes on, I believe this was suppose to happen. The man's name was Dirk. And he was there with a friend of his running the marathon. He was running with his friend to give them support, a black bib runner. Meaning he can run the entire race, but he will not get time for the race. Dirk happen to stop at the same place as E did to visit a tree. Looked down and picked up a jacket to put on, and saw the phone. Dirk saw the number on the message and called and got us. Dirk said it's the right thing to do.
And dirk went on to tell E that if it wasn't so cold up there after the race he would have rode his bike all the way down here. I said, seriously? What is he a triathlete? E said as a matter of a fact yes he is and a coach for ironman, and he designs bikes. He has designed some of Lances early bikes. Holy Cats!!!
Now today I have a quote from him for Ironman training. I checked him out, he is for real. And since I can afford his price, and he is very local, I am thinking of taking him on as my coach to train for Ironman Florida, and he does a couple of clinics for Clearwater Ironman. I was thinking what better way to get ready for May, and know what to expect in October if I can get a slot for the World championship Clearwater 70.3.

E swears this was all suppose to happen. And things happen for a reason. I have been struggling getting into the local riding group, and running group. He is in all of them. The ones I have been trying to find, and connect with.

Then later I find out one of the couples we have became friends with, during last season, is an official for the USAT and he works Ironman FL. at Disney. He told me I need to start running out in our hottest part of the day and riding out there too. I asked why, He said with my times I will be running on the pavement when it hits 103 not counting the heat index. It gets that hot, and that's what it was last year. HOLY CATS!!! And for the swim I need to get a speed suit.

Ironman may be pulling out of Disney after this year. Why?? Because Disney is out to make a buck, just like Ironman, since they didn't have to pay all the fees in Miami like Disney, well Disney is out and Miami is in. And Miami is sold out, Disney is not.

As for me for future races, I will be doing the new season for triathlons here,not sure how many since they all are out of town. The main place they use for the races is under construction this year. Disney races, maybe Princess half, Not to sure if I can make it to Disneyland, I maybe able to if I go solo. Up in the air, And Wine and Dine, I plan on it {so does E} unless I get a slot to Clearwater,I will be in Clearwater doing that. And then If All goes well I am shooting for the Goofy 2011. {Money} The money spent on the Goofy is my Clearwater training camp money. So I will have to play it last minute.

Besides I have to get in a couple Half marathons by 2011 so I do not filed in the last corral in the last wave start!!!

And put me down running to Disneyland, My club 8 goals is to be 150 by April{43 to go}, and I am getting me a Body bug. Look at the link they have dropped the prices alot.

I have learned alot about myself the last 3 years. I have learned I can over come things I thought I could not. And I do not see the marathon as a set back but as a push forward to better next time. I plan on it. ;)

I updated About me.;)
Just back form a nice 2 mile walk. No pain, soreness,nothing!! I'mmmmm BBBAAAACCKKKKK!!!!! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Marathon Weekend 2010 {long one}

What a weekend. It came and gone way to fast. We got up there late Thursday, and Friday packet pick up. Then FJ got to visit with his Father for the first time in ten years. Then we were late to Pre half marathon dinner. I had so much fun!! And it was so great to see everyone there,and meet new faces. Hi Richard and Mary!!

We were up for the half marathon to get Fj there to run. He got to run after all.{ Long story there}. While waiting around, we were in a snow flurry. Team Voice was at tent sm-z waiting for everyone to meet up. Minus one who had to deal with a cat fight{another long story}haha E and I went on out to the start line. We got to see the race to start. It is different to be on the spectator side of the fence. The only thing I didn't like was that the news trucks were blocking our view. I got to see Fj cross the start line, and then we headed out to MK to see him come up Main Street and come through the castle. We barley beat him there. He is quick. 8-9 minute miles.
We saw him from the monorail, we also saw Mike, and Chris from up there. We headed back to Epcot to see him come in. The monorail broke down and we had to go over to the second track. We went over to the bus side to watch everyone come in. We saw Chris come in and got a high 5 from him. That was cool. And then we waited and here comes FJ, by this time the weather was getting worse. Sleet, and rain and the temperature dropped. We took off to see fj cross the finish line. That's were we saw Justin come in. Fj was so excited and had this huge smile on his face. When he saw us he was yelling did you see me finish!!! He made it to us and he was getting cold. E took him to the car and told me if I saw Chris or Mike, anyone at that point to head over to the car to get warm.
So I headed back out to the area where the runners come into Epcot. I saw everyone but Deb, and Byron. They got by me. I was freaking out, because I stayed out there to them come in and I waited till the last runner came in and I started to freak out. Seconds later I got the alerts they finished. The weather was nasty and I think that they all did great in it.
We later went to the Jungle cruise meet. That was fun. Then from there we hung out with Justin and his wife and Amanda. They went on to ride Space mountain and the three of us went to eat. Then we met up with Matt. He had to leave Sunday for School on Monday. After that we had to go get ready for the full marathon.

I actually slept well,and I was up nearly every hour, till the alarm went off. We got dressed fixed the fuel bottles.The news said it was 30,with a freeze warning, and wind chill warning as well, which made it 20. I had on my running shorts,Under Armour, Team Voice shirt, the the pull over, and pants, 2 pairs of socks, my knee braces,a hat, and gloves. It was heavy. Man it was cold out. We had ice on the car. We drove over to the race. Sat in the car till we had to go. Wondered around trying to find where we had to go. Found out we had to push through bag check to toward line up.

It was nearly a 20 minute walk. Found where we had to be and just waited. They did opening ceremony and The first wave was off. 10 Minutes later we went. 13 minutes till we crossed the start line. It was crowded. We got in to our pace and headed out. Mile 2 or 3 Eric dropped the fuel belt fooling with his pants. It also knocked his phone off hid side. He didn't notice that till mile 4. When we looped back around he went looking for it. We lost some time here. So the person who found it called my phone. So now he knew it was safe and able to focus. We made up some time and made our 10 miler in 2:31 back on target but still off. E got really quiet in the Mk. We saw Amanda in Mk. Still really quiet. I asked E if he was ok. He answered ok. We are headed out of MK and I can hear his breathing change, I asked again are you ok, My foot is starting to hurt. So I was trying to take his mind off of it, by singing to what my ipod was playing, and reading the goofy signs.As we made the turn towards AK he was in tears from pain, I asked him what was wrong and he told me, We slowed down. he stretched. And we kept going. Our pace is now off and we were and hour slow at this point, just before the gate going into AK. The tears came back, E would not stop or let a medic look at him. We are now headed out of AK , and there is Amanda, Jeff, and Jeff's Mom. That was great!! It gave E a boost he really needed. And headed back out E is pointing and he is pointing at the McDonald's over near the Value resorts. I said yes the Not so scary McDonald's any more. I was noticing all the other people were passing us. And it just seemed we were not gaining any ground. We are now coming up on the part were you got out and make the u turn to come back to head to HS.

E cried he didn't want to make the u turn walk. I had to use the potty at this point, and there was just one. It wasn't being used till I got to it. I waited. 5 minutes passed. 8 minutes later she came out. E put some bio freeze on his left calf. We made the u turn and now we are just walking, E really didn't have it in him to go any faster. So all the sudden people started running, and pushing through us, I asked what was going on and the next thing I knew their was an official yelling 48,47, 46... I said Holy Cats E we have to run to the 21 mile maker so we do not get swept. E just took off running, I had to slow him down. Then we made it over the first over pass, headed to the second over pass and the officials said we had to speed up to stay in the race. I just grabbed E and started pulling him. He was in such pain, and he was so cold,I tried to get him to stop, he wouldn't. He needed to, I was so worried I was going to be picking him up off the ground.
We entered HS, the official tied a balloon to a lady and came back to us and said we had to stay in front of the balloon,and the next point after that was 23.5 so we would not get swept,and we had time we could make up the 2 minutes. E looked at the lady behind us and he said to her, oh your it. We were headed into the backstage tour and the lady with the balloon took off running. Crap, We will never catch her.{ I was in panic mode} E teared up and said go, He will find a medic, he had to yell at me to get me to go. I did. I went I took off after that balloon. I caught up with her. I stayed up with her. Then all the sudden there is an orange flag in a running group ahead of me. The official came back to the group of us and said you have to stay with the orange flag. I could not catch her. I was no way fast enough. This was in the section where the Osbourne Lights are. I tried like hell. The crowd started to get large and loud here, and I passed American Idol, and started to turn right head out there is Amanda, Jeff and his Mom and Trace and Lisa. I yelled I think we are going to get swept, And E is back behind me. Jeff yells back keep going you can make this. I took off again. I looked up and noticed the orange flag was gone, but no one was removed from the course. I kept going. Now I am past the front of HS and I turned the second to last corner and we had a runner down, medic were already on her. I kept going just before the last left turn to head over to the Boardwalk, their is a group of officials and vans, but they were not stopping the last few runners. Then I heard behind me GO E YOU CAN DO THIS!! And at the same time I heard that, the official pointed and said you are the last official runner. I realized she wasn't pointing at me there was someone behind me. It was E!!!! HOLY CATS!!! OMG!! You made it, I thought you were stopping. E said he wasn't doing another marathon again. We pasted that last check point and made it with 24 seconds to spare. The official came up to us and said you are safe as long as you do not stop. E was in tears and the medics were hanging around.I told him we made it this far suck it up and let's finish this !!! All the sudden E just took off. We were passing people left and right. Deb was waiting to see us by and she jumped up and offered all kinds of things, E took some skittles from her. He needed to see another firendly face. And he picked up pace again. We were passing people left and right. Another wave of tears came and the medics came back and ask if things were ok I said yes.

Now we are entering Epcot. E just kept moving forward. HE said after he saw me take off and all and how he always tells me to never give up, he took his own advice and caught up.{plus no medics were around when he was asking for one} The closer we got to Spaceship earth, more tears fell. E was so overwhelmed with everything going on he started to hyperventilate. So I had to calm down too. I was super excited cause we really did this. Last mile and we made it. We rounded that last turn and there it was 26 mile marker.

I asked E if he wanted his picture with it he said yes. So we did that real quick. And headed back out and there is Amanda, Jeff, and his Mother. I was yelling and screaming and E was loosing his breathe again. I said look there it is. The finish line.... WE MADE IT.. WE DID IT.. E grabbed my hand and arms in the air and we crossed!!! 7:22 we had only 7 minutes left. HOLY CATS!! We got our medals, and pictures, met up with our wonderful friends. E was so happy to see them. He really needed the extra support. Jeff started the car for us so the heat would be on, E was so cold. He could hardly move. After our friends left we sat in the car trying to figure out how in the hell are we going to get to our room? We started laughing about it. I drove us back. We valet parked, and they got me a wheel chair so I could get E to the room. Hot shower, and a 3 hour nap he was better. I never took a nap. I just kept going.

And it was his birthday.

Today I am really sore. But I don't care it's temporary and I am a Marathoner.

It's About Time

Hey I can blog, Finally!!! After we get settled in from our marathon weekend,and I downlload pictures I will write all about it.