Friday, December 4, 2009

Worried? Me?

5 weeks!!!

We have put miles in everyday this week except last night. Fell asleep. Tomorrow long run. Looking to add 2 more miles to the mix. That will be 18 miles. Holy Cats!!! Then I have 2 more really long runs before we bring it down a few.
So why taper?? I do not get it.{I do } I have worked way to hard to get here. Then after the full marathon will I loose the endurance recovering from the 26.2?? I have worked way way too hard for this. I got my fueling down to what works for me. I will be in the pool alot more after the race. And cross training. But I do not want to loose my long distance endurance. I have my recovery work out and what works for me. So a couple hours after the full marathon I have to go to my room and do my recovery plan. Then come back out to hang out in the parks. That way I can walk.
Then my next goal is to get my 5k and 10k runs faster. I have been researching the results of the people in my age group and their race results in the triathlons here. I will rock on the bike{if i get a new triathlon bike}, maybe a bit slow on the swim, but my age group runners are quick. I have to get faster to get on the podium. {i can't believe I just said that} I have to have good numbers. Why?? I will be entering in the 2010 lottery for Kona next October. That also means I have to get out there in the heat and run. Orlando In May is hot.

My daughter texts me and said I got a really big box in the mail yesterday. I send back from work, what does it say?? She replies not sure. So I call her on my lunch break and she opens it. It is my new transition bag I ordered from Ironman. SWEET!!!!! And the rest of my goodies from my sponsors came in to. I have goodies to share with everyone. Cow bell?? :)

This is the plan for our new shirts. I can order the color shirts we have maybe in a different material and E wants to do the screen on the logo. Cut out the middle man. It will be cost effective. Less out of pocket. Ideas??

Still working on our room for Jan.2010.

Have a great weekend!!!


Richard said...

Somehow I'd lost rack of your blog over the last couple of months. Good job getting the training up. You are so going to love 70.3, I did my first right at 6 weeks ago (and blogged about it). I am also the slightest bit envious about the transition bag, I am soooo wanting one for Christmas (along with a tri wetsuit) otherwise I'll just have to buy it myself.

Amanda said...

Go kill that 18 miles...You rock!

I love that you're so focused right now and you need to stay that way.

I'm a bit jealous. I would like to hit the podium somewhere. Just have to find the right race I supposed :)!

Can't wait for January. I'll be cheering you on during the marathon!!

Chris said...

Hey, and I'm glad you're liking my coffee... ba-dum-pah :-)

What the heck is a recovery bag? It it like filled with beer (mmmmmmmm beeeeeeer)? That's my kind of recovery bag! I'm going to start asking more tri ?'s post January and I want to get in on the fun next year! Need to get a bike, doing some slow research...just need to save some money now.

You're going to be fine after the 26.2, trust me. :-) Kinda like you have studied for the test so much that you know you're going to get an A. At least we know you will.

Go RAE!!!!

Chris said...

I always do this....

on the shirt thing...I'm clueless so whatever you guys think is best, I'll take 2! Although I can say that I love the material of the 2009 shirt. It worked beautifully during my marathon run in October, but I'm open whatever you think is best.

Matt said...

That is all very awesome! At some point, I'm going to ask you about triathlon training. But that's a while away. I still want to get a Mickey and a Goofy and maybe even a Dopey under my belt first.

Keep it up girl!