Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

3 days ago I set out to run 6 miles, try out the new fuel belt. About mile 1.5, I tripped and fell.I skinned up my knee, my right knee. The right knee is black and blue. No pain. I walked the rest. I did 4 miles. I have stayed off of it since. Later today I will be out doing a short 2 miles and see how it feels. I have a long run tomorrow.

Work has been crazy. And I have been finalizing a project. More on that later.

Well Enjoy your family and close friends today. Be thankful for everything you are and everything you have. Look back on 2009 and admire the things you thought you could not do and you did. All the hard work you have put into this year and surround your self in your glory. Do not dwell on the pit falls, it cost you more in mental energy than it would if you just learn from it. Find out who you really are and blossom into a greater you.

Merry Christmas!


Amanda said...

I hope your run went well and the knee is holding up okay after the fall. I did that before my first 5K and it made for an interesting week leading up to the race.

I want you to succeed in this full marathon so please be careful and take care of that knee.

Merry Christmas - hope you and family had a wonderful day!

Richard said...

Merry Christmas, Rae!

Take care of that knee so you can be back at full speed soon.

Matt said...

Take care of yourself and speedy recovery!

Merry Christmas!

DebWDW said...

Don't fall down anymore! You are going to be fabulous in the full! I am so proud of you.

Chris said...

Love the shirt that our running team in High School used to wear..."Nothing behind you matters" ...True...True...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Rae! Sorry I'm late on this... Stayed off the computer for the whole day yesterday. :-)

MikeF. said...

Here's a late HO HO HO! I hope the knee healed up.