Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jingle What?

What happened to Christmas?? Why I am asking this is because I have all the stuff down to decorate and no one seems to notice or care. Really. And never mind that we are having summer like weather still.

Well we finally got our e-mails to download our race wavier and bib numbers. I am going to be 16009 and E is going to be 16010. YAY!!! And I plan on standing in line again for the new set of medal trading pins.

Training here well I have been slacking. I haven't done a thing.

We booked AKL from 1/7-1/11. Got the room at a great rate. Finally.Plan on a park pass for the weekend. :)

So I plan on a long run on Sunday, I work Saturday. We are shooting for another 16-18 miles. They say it's going to be chilly. We will see.

And sad,sad news...
Roy Disney past away. :(

I thnik we need cow bell for Marathon weekend.:)


Richard said...

I second the vote for cowbelling at WDW.That race is coming up quicker than I can get ready for it!
(and I still you you some info you asked for on my 70.3 that I will try to put together this weekend)

DisHippy said...

Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas Rae! I haven't been around lately due to a hard drive crash, but I'm all fixed now a blogging again. But i hope that you have a great Christmas.

MikeF. said...

Yeah Rae!!!! I love love love the AKL!!!!

Amanda said...

Wow - AKL! Awesome - I really like this resort. Such a nice atmosphere, great restaurants and such nice cast members!

I know what you mean about the training. I've been somewhat okay about the training, but I have so not been watching what I'm eating. I know I'll pay for it, but I'll just have to deal.