Sunday, December 20, 2009


That my friends is my time for a 14.2 mile run. I had to go out alone, E has been a little under the weather. I was canceled to work OT today so I changed and I did it. I was freezing by the time I was done. E said that my lips were purple when I made it in. I was cold and it nearly took me all day to warm up. It's cold today.
During my run,I worked on twittering. Not to bad. Then later my fuel belt had a blow out and I lost all the contents in my pack and I only noticed when my phone hit the side walk. And it is just fine.
The soreness didn't set in till later on in the day. I made the error of not icing the knees down before doing anything else. I paid for it too. So E suggested that I check a bag with my stuff for my knees so I can start recovery right after the race so I can walk. Really. I can have them pack my knees in ice and my icy hot and braces ready. I have to ride Soarin after the race. I couldn't find my gloves. My hands were cold not as bad as I thought.

That's me, around 8.5 miles and I was cold. I had on a skull cap too!! haha
Have a great week!!!


Richard said...

Not a bad run, I was at just about the same time at the 14.2 mile mark of my run this weekend.

Try not to overdo it between now and Disney.

MikeF. said...

Cold? Cold? Are you kidding me. You wouldn't last 2 mins. in my hood! HAHAHAHAHA! Great job on the miles Rae! Can't wait to see you guys in January.

Chris said...

Ahhh, now we're talking some mileage! Great work!!!

I agree with Mike and we're only 11 degree's below freezing in "my hood". Mike-Freeze is like -20 up there in "lower Canada" (if you listen to him close enough he does say "eh" an aweful lot...just say'n) :-)

Justin said...

Floridian's perception of "cold" is yet another reason I need to move to the swamps of Florida. It's gotta be better than the snowy tundra.

Great job on the long run.

Amanda said...

I can feel for your cold as it's right about where my cold is :)!

Great job on the run. You're going to do great. I think havig your recovery gear available in a checked bag is a great idea. I've been thinking about doing a change of clothes, biofreeze, etc...for after the half. Might just make you enjoy your ride on Soarin' that much more :)!

Can't wait to see you and E - it's been too long!

Matt said...

Awesome job Rae! Can't wait to see you!

Jeff W. said...

Cold? I am willing to say that Justin and I will be in shorts. I have not try it yet but out on the course they will provide a product called "Biofreeze." Last year I noticed many people applying it to their knees behind Frontierland.

Great job on pushing yourself out the door!

[rich] said...

Happy Christmas guys :-D