Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!

3 days ago I set out to run 6 miles, try out the new fuel belt. About mile 1.5, I tripped and fell.I skinned up my knee, my right knee. The right knee is black and blue. No pain. I walked the rest. I did 4 miles. I have stayed off of it since. Later today I will be out doing a short 2 miles and see how it feels. I have a long run tomorrow.

Work has been crazy. And I have been finalizing a project. More on that later.

Well Enjoy your family and close friends today. Be thankful for everything you are and everything you have. Look back on 2009 and admire the things you thought you could not do and you did. All the hard work you have put into this year and surround your self in your glory. Do not dwell on the pit falls, it cost you more in mental energy than it would if you just learn from it. Find out who you really are and blossom into a greater you.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


That my friends is my time for a 14.2 mile run. I had to go out alone, E has been a little under the weather. I was canceled to work OT today so I changed and I did it. I was freezing by the time I was done. E said that my lips were purple when I made it in. I was cold and it nearly took me all day to warm up. It's cold today.
During my run,I worked on twittering. Not to bad. Then later my fuel belt had a blow out and I lost all the contents in my pack and I only noticed when my phone hit the side walk. And it is just fine.
The soreness didn't set in till later on in the day. I made the error of not icing the knees down before doing anything else. I paid for it too. So E suggested that I check a bag with my stuff for my knees so I can start recovery right after the race so I can walk. Really. I can have them pack my knees in ice and my icy hot and braces ready. I have to ride Soarin after the race. I couldn't find my gloves. My hands were cold not as bad as I thought.

That's me, around 8.5 miles and I was cold. I had on a skull cap too!! haha
Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jingle What?

What happened to Christmas?? Why I am asking this is because I have all the stuff down to decorate and no one seems to notice or care. Really. And never mind that we are having summer like weather still.

Well we finally got our e-mails to download our race wavier and bib numbers. I am going to be 16009 and E is going to be 16010. YAY!!! And I plan on standing in line again for the new set of medal trading pins.

Training here well I have been slacking. I haven't done a thing.

We booked AKL from 1/7-1/11. Got the room at a great rate. Finally.Plan on a park pass for the weekend. :)

So I plan on a long run on Sunday, I work Saturday. We are shooting for another 16-18 miles. They say it's going to be chilly. We will see.

And sad,sad news...
Roy Disney past away. :(

I thnik we need cow bell for Marathon weekend.:)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And We're Moving On!

We had a great weekend at the World and we didn't even go into the parks.

FJ asked when they are done using all this chocolate, do they get to eat it?? Did you really just ask that??

The best part of it all was meeting this little guy. Fj asked will he ever stop drooling? I asked, Did you??

And of course we were serenaded by big sis.
As you can see she drew a crowd.What a nice weekend with the family.

It fueled the fire. That I know the marathon weekend is coming. And as we drove down World Drive I was visualizing out there, wogging, like last Jan.09. and knowing almost all of us will all be in one place again. Doing what we all love doing.
Realizing I will, no we will be out there for nearly 6 1/2 hours!! Holy Cats!! I hope the parks are still open by the time we get done. As soon as we are done, we are going stinky and smelly right over to ride Soarin. I feel sorry for those who sit under us! haha We do this after ever race we finish at WDW.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Worried? Me?

5 weeks!!!

We have put miles in everyday this week except last night. Fell asleep. Tomorrow long run. Looking to add 2 more miles to the mix. That will be 18 miles. Holy Cats!!! Then I have 2 more really long runs before we bring it down a few.
So why taper?? I do not get it.{I do } I have worked way to hard to get here. Then after the full marathon will I loose the endurance recovering from the 26.2?? I have worked way way too hard for this. I got my fueling down to what works for me. I will be in the pool alot more after the race. And cross training. But I do not want to loose my long distance endurance. I have my recovery work out and what works for me. So a couple hours after the full marathon I have to go to my room and do my recovery plan. Then come back out to hang out in the parks. That way I can walk.
Then my next goal is to get my 5k and 10k runs faster. I have been researching the results of the people in my age group and their race results in the triathlons here. I will rock on the bike{if i get a new triathlon bike}, maybe a bit slow on the swim, but my age group runners are quick. I have to get faster to get on the podium. {i can't believe I just said that} I have to have good numbers. Why?? I will be entering in the 2010 lottery for Kona next October. That also means I have to get out there in the heat and run. Orlando In May is hot.

My daughter texts me and said I got a really big box in the mail yesterday. I send back from work, what does it say?? She replies not sure. So I call her on my lunch break and she opens it. It is my new transition bag I ordered from Ironman. SWEET!!!!! And the rest of my goodies from my sponsors came in to. I have goodies to share with everyone. Cow bell?? :)

This is the plan for our new shirts. I can order the color shirts we have maybe in a different material and E wants to do the screen on the logo. Cut out the middle man. It will be cost effective. Less out of pocket. Ideas??

Still working on our room for Jan.2010.

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Did What??

Sunday was my long run day. Wog actually. And we did it again. 16.1 miles in 4:15 and change. Ice packed knees and rest. Well today my knees and legs felt great.
So... Another 6.2 tonight. A little slow but we did it. 1:32:47 . I was surprised at how well I felt today. Light jog this evening, almost the enitre way, if it wasn't for the one light we caught.
I recieved my official e mail on my points award. It's this weekend, I can't wait. Just think, I thought to do these races for maintaince never dreamed I would like them like I do. I was surprised to see that only one lady was in my age group that made her points. So I am thinking maybe this is going to be fun. :) ohhhh I found my next bike!!!! It only weighs 6 pounds!!!! 20 speed!! Down side it cost more than my car, well close to it. :)

6 weeks!!! Holy cats!!