Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's November Already?

Here we are in November.
Can you believe it? I sure can not. I am starting to get nervous about the 26.2 miles that is set out in front of me. I have not been able to get over the 15 mile mark for a long run. Last week my long was cut short do to the fact I hit the wall. I stopped sweating, and I started feeling ill. The week before I made it to 11.5 miles. My mileage is up to 20.2 for this week and the weather here out side right now is well nasty. So no mileage tonight. Saturday is my next long one and my next weigh in. I lost a total of 5 pounds for the month of October. I am hoping to get a few pounds lower. I am at the weight I was for last Jan. I am looking to be lighter. I am getting faster, running longer, father.

I am totally freak out. I am sooooooooo worried I am not going to make it past the MK. Mile 5 is just the outside of Epcot, mile 10 is just before you go in to the MK. I am good to that point after that well, I don't know. I am trying to figure out how to fuel for this. I am not having any luck during training. I may have FJ go to certain points and pass me and E new drink bottles and fuel. Oh yeah FJ can run 8 miles in 49:50 He has been running alot lately, I may have to put him in a race.

See this picture, this is part of the reason why I MUST cross the finish line in Jan.2010.

I missed my long bike this week and my swim today. Taking care of the kids and school. So I am going to be very happy with a one pound loss this week.

Here is my training schedule.
Friday: 1500
lift: shoulders, abs, arms
Bike : 45 minutes sprints
stretch 15 minutes.
And 6 mile run
Saturday: 1800-2000
long run{if I am not at work}{end week}
lift: Back,abs, Legs
Bike 25 minute easy spin
stretch, no run
Lift: abs, legs,back
swim drills week 2
stretch,6 mile run
Lift: abs, arms Chest
bike 60 minutes
6 mile run
long ride,
6 mile run
Thursday: rest day

It changes every week and it get more intense. I may have to up my calorie intake to 1800. I am always looking for something 3.5- 4 hours on the nose. This is what is recommended. and the intensity is to build endurance. I found my lactate acid threshold which is mile 5-5.5 running at 5.5-6.0 yes I am getting faster.Biking is at about 25 miles in 68-70 minutes. So when you find your threshold slow down a bit and and keep going. For the speed walking for pace I hit my threshold at 11-11.5 miles.
Swimming I haven't found it yet. Still working on drills. I can almost get a full 25 yards in before I have to stop and catch my breath. I am learning I am not blowing all the air out of my lungs before trying to breathe with every 3rd stroke. Just practice is all I can do. I have my tools for swimming. I can't afford a swim coach. And E let's me know if I start to loose my form. Man my arms are going to be strong. :) I am sore after every workout and the next day is just as sore and then I stretch out and run and it helps, and other days I feel like a large heavy piece of medal.

How was your Halloween?? I had a blast. We had alot of kids. And I was dressed like a scientist. We are already planning the theme for next year. I can't wait!!!! We have 359 days to go. We have started collecting the material we need. We were the talk this year, wait till next year!!!! MMMUUUAAAHHHAAAAA.......

I gotta go , got to finish my lift part of today. Happy training.


Matt said...

You're going to be fine, Rae! As I recall, you felt the same way about this time last year and look how far you've come since. Just keep the faith!

BTW, I look like a Hobo in that picture... I'm jus sayin'

Amanda said...

You're doing great Rae! You're at 15 miles - there's nothing wrong with that at all...You've got time left to train and you're just going to get stronger and stronger during that time.

I know you can do this! There's nothing that can stop you if you want it - so want it and keep going after it!!

I was a Mummy for Halloween - check my blog for pictures. It was a lot of fun. Took my 1yr old great niece out trick or treating - she was a giraffe - very cute!

I am very excited to see you and E again. It's been too long...

Chris said...

You'll be fine, Rae, keep up the great training. The longest I ran prior to the full marathon in hartford was a 20 miler three weeks prior to the race. Plan to get that one looong one in and the rest is gravy.

DebWDW said...

I KNOW you will finish. Remember how the race was easier than the training runs were?! Adrenalin and the actual course will carry you along. If you need more people to have stationed at certain miles, I'll be happy to help out. I was planning to try and watch for you to run by on Sunday anyway. Let me know.