Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Did It!!!

Did my long run on Saturday. I made sure I had my fuel made up the night before and everything laid out.

I didn't have to use my fuel til about mile 5. And used it all up by mile 8. So we made a pit stop and made new fuel bottles and hit up the potty. Headed back out. That took about 10 minutes.
I was starving the rest of the time. But I felt good.
Mile 11, my calves started burning, and the last 2 miles I just had to walk. My right knee on the outside was having pain. This is new. The braces are suppose to help keep that from happening.
So I FINALLY did 14.0 miles. My legs were spent. When you look at the full marathon map we were headed into Animal Kingdom. 3:45:13. I stretched, and stretched. Then I got off my feet for a while, and put on the support socks and they started to feel better. Well I guess I will be in a wheel chair the of our time at Disney in Jan. ;) haha.

I do not know what the line across the map is but it got it right. haha

Today my calves are sore. So running today. Back at it tomorrow.
Watching Ironman. On universal sports .Same place you can watch for me in May. :)

So how are you doing?


Chris said...

Great job on the training! I'm feeling very similar today after putting in a 13.1 yesterday. Think I've got knee issues as well, could be'll have to wait till after Jan though as I don't want to hear that I need to rest till after Disney. :-)

Keep putting in those miles and you'll be just fine for January, just like studying for a test...

MikeF. said...

Great job on finishing! Hope the knee feels better.

Amanda said...

You're amazing. You are going to kick the marathon right where it hurts! Keep going - it's getting close now.