Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I will be at work. I am Thankful I can work.
So today I am cooking and getting it all done. All E has to do is smoke the turkey tomorrow. :)
We are having Thanksgiving Pot Pie, fruit and toasted almond stuffing,heritage lane cranberry sauce, and pumpkin cheesecake with candied cranberry. All dairy free and vegan. Well except for the smoked turkey. New twist on things I can eat.

Real quick my calves are still sore from Saturday, and running has came to a halt, I can walk, but not run. It has been a challenge the last 2 days to get anything in.

And the face of my blog is going to change a little. As you can see I have a new badge up in my stuff to the right of the screen. I have been getting invites to enroll early to triathlons are the state and our country. I am flattered. I am finding out it is due to my USAT points rank. Even invite to a entry level pro race in Miami. Holy Cats!!! I am flattered. I also want to introduce everyone to a couple of my sponsors. What?! Yes I have sponsors. I am just beside myself. I am on the network Loop'd. A community for athletes.
My first one is Fluid,I am waiting on my Kit to get here. They are a recovery drink. All natural.
Next is Christopher Bean Coffee, I just love their coffee and tea. I can find it here in the grocery stores. It is all natural and organic coffee. I have three more sitting on the table, and One is a bike manufacture. So I will be putting up links to their sites and I will have promo stickers on my gear, and running gear too. My Team Voice shirt is not changing, I am just adding them to it. So Now I can not stop training or slow down I have to keep moving forward.
So after this full marathon, I may cut back to the triathlons and duathlons, I am looking into more of signing up for the Ironman Miami 70.3 for Nov. 2010. The inaugural one. So as I sign up with the sponsors I will be adding them to the blog. I knew I was good at this. But I didn't I was that good. Who knew! And they all can be reading this now!. Hi all!!!!

I am forever grateful and Thankful for my healthy body, and my healthy family. I am thankful for my everyday that I can wake up and close my eyes. I am thankful for all my wonderful Disney friends, and the lasting friendships that have came out of Team Voice. I am thankful for being able to swim, bike and ride and run. I am Thnakful, and looking forward to the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, just be thankful for all you have. :)


Chris said...

Well said, Rae. :-) I'm also thankful for all that has come from this community.

Congratulations on the sponsorships, you'll do them proud I'm sure!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris said...

One other quick thing. Do you have a large Team voice shirt left over from last year? If so, I'd like to send you the money for it, just let me know how much with all the shipping and whatnot. :-)

Rae! said...

Yes I do Chris, I had put your name on it last month. I dug out my book of who ordered what size and I knew what size you got before. :) I have it here. No worries.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Amanda said...

Do we all get to say we knew you when? :)

I am so proud of you. You've taken this and just gone full speed ahead. Very inspirational!

Keep moving forward!