Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can I Rest a Moment??

It's been sometime since the last post. My demanding training schedule for Ironman, rules the roost here. I schedule my training around work and that makes me a very busy girl.

I am working out 3.5-4 hours a day,eating every 4 hours,give or take. I sleep alot more since I have no spare time. I am trying out a new fueling schedule, so far so good. I will know if it is going to work this Saturday another attempt to a long run. Over 11 miles. I need a good long run, to bring my hopes of finishing back to light. I am lighter right now than I was for the half this past Jan. I am looking to be lighter by the race.

The best news as of yet... E is back to work!!!!! YAY!!! Back to the same grind as before. This means we maybe able to get a 2 day hopper pass for the weekend!!!! Working on were we are staying,and I hope it is a cool as it was as this past Jan!!! Please..... And don't tell FJ he doesn't know it yet, but he is going to be running the race too. He has been running long distance now for months, and he is fast. I can't wait to see his time.

I am adding a couple new little badges to my Team Vocie shirt, Like Ironman training May 2010, and one for my dearest friend, who loves running and can not run. I will have you with me the entire race. Miss you guys tons!!!!! ;) I think you know who you are. I will be twitting during the race. I will post pictures and my location. I will even use the voice record. Any mileage past the MK is going to be very interesting. I plan on getting as close to the front as I can to give me a head start on the last wave starting and the last runner crossing the start line, to get in front of those swepper flags. I will stay to the right out of the others way.

I have bought new support stocking for my legs after the race, I do not know if I can walk afterwards, but I will try like you know what too. Then depending on the legs, I probably won't be back to full Ironman training till Feb. I will be swimming so much, I will just live in the pool.

I can not wait to go see the family, here in December!!!!! {meet the new addition}And I get to meet up with my BFF from high school.{18 + years since I have seen her.} And she is taking me on the ironman bike ride that weekend too. Thanks facebook!! And some of the other girls from school too. I am soooo excited.

Oh yeah getting a new do this weekend. A bit shorter than last time, easier to get in the swim cap. :) :)

So what Team Voice challenge are you going to do??


MikeF. said...

No rest runners. Keep moving forward Rae! You are doing great! Glad to hear Eric is back to work.

Amanda said...

I'm behind in reading blogs. It's been a bit busy around here.

I'm so glad to hear that E is back to work! Awesome.

Sounds like your training and eating are under control and you are doing great!