Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good Bye November 2009

Things are moving along here. getting my new schedule up and ready for use tomorrow. It's for my training. I have got a handle on my fueling, I have to get a different fuel belt, that way I can carry all my fuel on me and get my water at the water stations.

It took me nearly 5 days to recover from 14 miles, yikes! Sunday is my long run. I didn't get up in time this morning to get out there. I didn't sleep well. I am finding not sleeping well to be a trend here. :( Not to sure why.

I hope everyone had a great turkey day.

I am waiting for my quotes to come back so I know where we will be staying in Jan. 2010. 6 weeks Team Voice!!! 6 weeks!! I am soooooooooo excited!!! Then behind that the triathlon series here starts and then My big A race Ironman.

2 weeks and we will be meeting the newest member of the family. :) And I get to be as close as I can to MK before the marathon. We will be resort hoping, looking at them all in their holiday glory.

So to end the month of November for me My weight goal I missed by 3 pounds. Made it to my goal for long miles, and I have sponsors. Who knew!!!! :)

Anyone want a cow bell??

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I will be at work. I am Thankful I can work.
So today I am cooking and getting it all done. All E has to do is smoke the turkey tomorrow. :)
We are having Thanksgiving Pot Pie, fruit and toasted almond stuffing,heritage lane cranberry sauce, and pumpkin cheesecake with candied cranberry. All dairy free and vegan. Well except for the smoked turkey. New twist on things I can eat.

Real quick my calves are still sore from Saturday, and running has came to a halt, I can walk, but not run. It has been a challenge the last 2 days to get anything in.

And the face of my blog is going to change a little. As you can see I have a new badge up in my stuff to the right of the screen. I have been getting invites to enroll early to triathlons are the state and our country. I am flattered. I am finding out it is due to my USAT points rank. Even invite to a entry level pro race in Miami. Holy Cats!!! I am flattered. I also want to introduce everyone to a couple of my sponsors. What?! Yes I have sponsors. I am just beside myself. I am on the network Loop'd. A community for athletes.
My first one is Fluid,I am waiting on my Kit to get here. They are a recovery drink. All natural.
Next is Christopher Bean Coffee, I just love their coffee and tea. I can find it here in the grocery stores. It is all natural and organic coffee. I have three more sitting on the table, and One is a bike manufacture. So I will be putting up links to their sites and I will have promo stickers on my gear, and running gear too. My Team Voice shirt is not changing, I am just adding them to it. So Now I can not stop training or slow down I have to keep moving forward.
So after this full marathon, I may cut back to the triathlons and duathlons, I am looking into more of signing up for the Ironman Miami 70.3 for Nov. 2010. The inaugural one. So as I sign up with the sponsors I will be adding them to the blog. I knew I was good at this. But I didn't I was that good. Who knew! And they all can be reading this now!. Hi all!!!!

I am forever grateful and Thankful for my healthy body, and my healthy family. I am thankful for my everyday that I can wake up and close my eyes. I am thankful for all my wonderful Disney friends, and the lasting friendships that have came out of Team Voice. I am thankful for being able to swim, bike and ride and run. I am Thnakful, and looking forward to the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, just be thankful for all you have. :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Did It!!!

Did my long run on Saturday. I made sure I had my fuel made up the night before and everything laid out.

I didn't have to use my fuel til about mile 5. And used it all up by mile 8. So we made a pit stop and made new fuel bottles and hit up the potty. Headed back out. That took about 10 minutes.
I was starving the rest of the time. But I felt good.
Mile 11, my calves started burning, and the last 2 miles I just had to walk. My right knee on the outside was having pain. This is new. The braces are suppose to help keep that from happening.
So I FINALLY did 14.0 miles. My legs were spent. When you look at the full marathon map we were headed into Animal Kingdom. 3:45:13. I stretched, and stretched. Then I got off my feet for a while, and put on the support socks and they started to feel better. Well I guess I will be in a wheel chair the of our time at Disney in Jan. ;) haha.

I do not know what the line across the map is but it got it right. haha

Today my calves are sore. So running today. Back at it tomorrow.
Watching Ironman. On universal sports .Same place you can watch for me in May. :)

So how are you doing?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can I Rest a Moment??

It's been sometime since the last post. My demanding training schedule for Ironman, rules the roost here. I schedule my training around work and that makes me a very busy girl.

I am working out 3.5-4 hours a day,eating every 4 hours,give or take. I sleep alot more since I have no spare time. I am trying out a new fueling schedule, so far so good. I will know if it is going to work this Saturday another attempt to a long run. Over 11 miles. I need a good long run, to bring my hopes of finishing back to light. I am lighter right now than I was for the half this past Jan. I am looking to be lighter by the race.

The best news as of yet... E is back to work!!!!! YAY!!! Back to the same grind as before. This means we maybe able to get a 2 day hopper pass for the weekend!!!! Working on were we are staying,and I hope it is a cool as it was as this past Jan!!! Please..... And don't tell FJ he doesn't know it yet, but he is going to be running the race too. He has been running long distance now for months, and he is fast. I can't wait to see his time.

I am adding a couple new little badges to my Team Vocie shirt, Like Ironman training May 2010, and one for my dearest friend, who loves running and can not run. I will have you with me the entire race. Miss you guys tons!!!!! ;) I think you know who you are. I will be twitting during the race. I will post pictures and my location. I will even use the voice record. Any mileage past the MK is going to be very interesting. I plan on getting as close to the front as I can to give me a head start on the last wave starting and the last runner crossing the start line, to get in front of those swepper flags. I will stay to the right out of the others way.

I have bought new support stocking for my legs after the race, I do not know if I can walk afterwards, but I will try like you know what too. Then depending on the legs, I probably won't be back to full Ironman training till Feb. I will be swimming so much, I will just live in the pool.

I can not wait to go see the family, here in December!!!!! {meet the new addition}And I get to meet up with my BFF from high school.{18 + years since I have seen her.} And she is taking me on the ironman bike ride that weekend too. Thanks facebook!! And some of the other girls from school too. I am soooo excited.

Oh yeah getting a new do this weekend. A bit shorter than last time, easier to get in the swim cap. :) :)

So what Team Voice challenge are you going to do??

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's November Already?

Here we are in November.
Can you believe it? I sure can not. I am starting to get nervous about the 26.2 miles that is set out in front of me. I have not been able to get over the 15 mile mark for a long run. Last week my long was cut short do to the fact I hit the wall. I stopped sweating, and I started feeling ill. The week before I made it to 11.5 miles. My mileage is up to 20.2 for this week and the weather here out side right now is well nasty. So no mileage tonight. Saturday is my next long one and my next weigh in. I lost a total of 5 pounds for the month of October. I am hoping to get a few pounds lower. I am at the weight I was for last Jan. I am looking to be lighter. I am getting faster, running longer, father.

I am totally freak out. I am sooooooooo worried I am not going to make it past the MK. Mile 5 is just the outside of Epcot, mile 10 is just before you go in to the MK. I am good to that point after that well, I don't know. I am trying to figure out how to fuel for this. I am not having any luck during training. I may have FJ go to certain points and pass me and E new drink bottles and fuel. Oh yeah FJ can run 8 miles in 49:50 He has been running alot lately, I may have to put him in a race.

See this picture, this is part of the reason why I MUST cross the finish line in Jan.2010.

I missed my long bike this week and my swim today. Taking care of the kids and school. So I am going to be very happy with a one pound loss this week.

Here is my training schedule.
Friday: 1500
lift: shoulders, abs, arms
Bike : 45 minutes sprints
stretch 15 minutes.
And 6 mile run
Saturday: 1800-2000
long run{if I am not at work}{end week}
lift: Back,abs, Legs
Bike 25 minute easy spin
stretch, no run
Lift: abs, legs,back
swim drills week 2
stretch,6 mile run
Lift: abs, arms Chest
bike 60 minutes
6 mile run
long ride,
6 mile run
Thursday: rest day

It changes every week and it get more intense. I may have to up my calorie intake to 1800. I am always looking for something 3.5- 4 hours on the nose. This is what is recommended. and the intensity is to build endurance. I found my lactate acid threshold which is mile 5-5.5 running at 5.5-6.0 yes I am getting faster.Biking is at about 25 miles in 68-70 minutes. So when you find your threshold slow down a bit and and keep going. For the speed walking for pace I hit my threshold at 11-11.5 miles.
Swimming I haven't found it yet. Still working on drills. I can almost get a full 25 yards in before I have to stop and catch my breath. I am learning I am not blowing all the air out of my lungs before trying to breathe with every 3rd stroke. Just practice is all I can do. I have my tools for swimming. I can't afford a swim coach. And E let's me know if I start to loose my form. Man my arms are going to be strong. :) I am sore after every workout and the next day is just as sore and then I stretch out and run and it helps, and other days I feel like a large heavy piece of medal.

How was your Halloween?? I had a blast. We had alot of kids. And I was dressed like a scientist. We are already planning the theme for next year. I can't wait!!!! We have 359 days to go. We have started collecting the material we need. We were the talk this year, wait till next year!!!! MMMUUUAAAHHHAAAAA.......

I gotta go , got to finish my lift part of today. Happy training.