Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Training 101 UPdated

Think I am going to need that energy bar!!
4.1 miles in 1:01:40
4 minutes slower than the last time I did a run. Lungs were not happy but I worked through it.
Monday work, came home exhausted
Bike drills
30 minute easy spin 82-92 rpm and be able to talk. 11.33 miles at 22mph
40 minutes on dreadmill 3.97 miles and no breaks
resistance circuit done
Wednesday work
early am 2.0 miles


15’ warm up. Then 4x4’ at 55-65 RPMS. Recovery is 3’ easy spinning between sets. Easy 5' cool down.

Thursday{gonna try to work}
dreadmill incline sprints
30’ easy spin, keep the effort conversational and the cadence between 85-92 RPM.
resistance workout

This Sunday is my last Duathlon. My last race of the season. I will get my bonus points, still in second place for points{ and this race will put me in first I think}, and I am going to make it under 1:30!!!! I have too.
Because I have to start next season in my age group, part of requirements for Kona and I have to be in the top 5. In every race. I am not sure where I need to place in the half iron in May.I know the women in my age group are getting the race done in 1:10-1:15. I have alot of work ahead of me. And I am working on my long distance pace,I want to be under 6 hours. I am planning on wearing a Hammer Nutrition shirt during next season. Why?? Well if I can place in my age group and I have on a shirt of theirs, send them the results, with picture in there shirt I can earn credit for their products that I use. That would help me out alot. Or they send you a check.

And Chris www.unvirsalsports.com is where I watched the Kona, and they air all the ironmans there and marathons like this past Chicago. I was at work. Uncut live races. Maybe they will have a section to watch some of it.

I want to apologize for not getting any shirts made for Jan. 2010, they will come later in 2010.And I want to apologize for not getting the Team Voice member of the month up, they did not get back to me.

I got to come up with a training name for Ironman 2010..ideas??

Disney trip news fingers crossed!!! This week is dragging..

I am going to have E twitter for me this Sunday during the race. And post pictures. I am just not able to do that. So if you don't Twitter try it. It's not as bad as you think, and I am Runnerrae on there. I won a sun hat last weekend, while twittering and watching the race.

This weekend here is a busy one.
Saturday is K mart Cars Collector Day, the Steeda stampede, and the train is here!!!!! I have to go see it!! That over rides going to Steeda. Packet pick up and then heading out to see the train.
What train are you talking about Rae?The Disney Christmas Train.

Update after I am done!! Waving....


Chris said...

1) Do you need any help with the shirts and such? Let us know the logistics so we can get you the money prior to ordering so it doesn't fall on you! :-) Love my 09 shirt, wore it for the marathon and it was great.

2) Is this a personal training name for 2010? Something like Miami2Kona Rae or the like? Trifecta Rae..

3) I'll check out the universal website tonight! A good friend of mine had a brother in-law that competed in that race. He said he placed 2nd in his division or something? like 9hrs and change...I think...

4) Looking forward to good Disney news...

5) I'm a technology guy who doesn't like technology...no facebook or twitter...go figure..

Amanda said...

Love Twitter - it's actually a lifesaver at work sometimes when I just need a little break from reality.

Can't wait to hear how the race this weekend goes.

KonaTRaelothlonBound - okay, give me a break it's 5:30am :)!