Friday, September 25, 2009

Headed Back To Work ....

My head is slowly feeling better. I still can not put the phone to the left side. I am headed back to work in the am, fingers crossed I do just fine. {gulp}

Since I have been on my own without my trainer, I have decided to start back at the beginning. Week one. Calorie count says 1500 daily, and 2000 for on day a week.
Here is my workout:

10 min. light jog, incline 0
10 min. light jog incline 3, same speed
10 min. sprints, incline 0, 30 second on, 30 seconds off
10 min. light jog , incline 0

resistance x 3
15 push ups
30 fast squats
20 shoulder press
20 alternating lunges
30 bicycle crunches

Three days a week, plus my mileage.
And swim one hour x 2. Ride x 2.

As long as my jaw, head, TMJ stuff is going to stay at bay I will be training.

I got a e-mail from Ironman up dates. They are going to be taking lottery apps starting Oct.1 through Feb. 28 2010. And then all winning entries will be announced on Wednesday April 15th. 2010. So this means I will not be in the lottery for Kona 2010. I will have to wait till Oct. 2010 for 2011. Which is good. Gives me time to gain some speed, endurance and tone up.

Have a great weekend!! Waving


MikeF. said...

Waving right back at ya! Hope work goes well. Keeping my fingers crossed here also.

Chris said...

2011..nothing wrong with that. We'll be rooting for ya all the way through.

Amanda said...

You'll have lots of training time this way. You're going to do just great and you'll be so ready for Kona!!!