Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have A Nice Weekend

This week I ran 24.98 miles. We were suppose to do 11 today. We didn't. We missed the morning window, and then it rain!! I am suppose to go on my first group bike ride tomorrow. I hope we can find it. And today was weigh in. I dropped 4 pounds!!! back to 194!! Wooohooo!!!
I did a cardio workout on fit tv I recorded. I am not a very coordinated person. haha

And I was watching Lou's live feed today on and off. And When I went on there was a buzz of rumor of expansion of Fantasy land. I found video. and here it is.

And the construction will not be done in time for the big 40!!

And here is another one.

And I am so excited that WDW Endurance Series is going to announce the new races for 2010. I am so excited!!!!!

Tomorrow is Brandon's Ironman. Good luck tomorrow and have a blast. Wanna know why?? You are going to be an Ironman!!!!! 140!!!!

I went to my local running shop and one of the new clerks commented on me buying a 70.3 sticker.{E is printing on it training for 2010} I told them Not yet, I am doing one in May, he said at Disney? I said yes. He did that one 3 years ago, and said by the time he made it to the run part of the race it was 90' !!!And he said it has some moderate hills. I am not afraid of hills, I can clear the Rickenbacker. He said then I will have no problem with theirs. The heat will be the problem. It drains me and drains me fast. :(

So what do you think of this??

Go check out Disney Daddy


Chris said...

Great mileage for the week, despite the rain out! Keep pluggin' along and it'll just keep getting easier. :-)

I'm winding down my mileage for this week in anticipation of the 20 at the end of the week..give my legs some time to heal. Just trying to keep up with you, is all!

Okay, what's the pic? Aeriel view of the park expantion? Can't wait to see what they do to Star Tours.

[rich] said...

Wow all round - Well done on the weight loss, how did the ride go?

Justin said...

I am beyond excited for the new Fantasyland expansion. I hope it is a hyper-detailed land that is ripe for exploration--and running through.

Great job on the mileage. You ran further than I did!

MikeF. said...

Awesome job on the mileage so far.

Kathy said...

Hi, Rae! I followed you from Maroo's blog. Like the two of you, I love everything to do with WDW. Keep up the good work with your training!

Amanda said...

Great job Rae! You're going to rock the WDW Tri!!!!

Can't wait for the Fantasyland expansion - so cool!