Friday, September 25, 2009

Headed Back To Work ....

My head is slowly feeling better. I still can not put the phone to the left side. I am headed back to work in the am, fingers crossed I do just fine. {gulp}

Since I have been on my own without my trainer, I have decided to start back at the beginning. Week one. Calorie count says 1500 daily, and 2000 for on day a week.
Here is my workout:

10 min. light jog, incline 0
10 min. light jog incline 3, same speed
10 min. sprints, incline 0, 30 second on, 30 seconds off
10 min. light jog , incline 0

resistance x 3
15 push ups
30 fast squats
20 shoulder press
20 alternating lunges
30 bicycle crunches

Three days a week, plus my mileage.
And swim one hour x 2. Ride x 2.

As long as my jaw, head, TMJ stuff is going to stay at bay I will be training.

I got a e-mail from Ironman up dates. They are going to be taking lottery apps starting Oct.1 through Feb. 28 2010. And then all winning entries will be announced on Wednesday April 15th. 2010. So this means I will not be in the lottery for Kona 2010. I will have to wait till Oct. 2010 for 2011. Which is good. Gives me time to gain some speed, endurance and tone up.

Have a great weekend!! Waving

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bump In The Road..

Happy Autumn!!!

I have been absent for a while. I know I need to keep in check, but life keeps throwing me curves.

For the last three weeks I have been having alot of head pain on the left side of my head. And when it gets real bad it runs down into my neck, shoulders. Early Monday morning 3am, I was up with such a pain I thought my ears were going to pop out of my head. My ears have been so sensitive to sound and my eyes to light. I called off of work and went to the doctors. She said I have TMJ. Inflammation of the Jaw.Temporomandibular joint. And she said stress can cause it,or grinding of the teeth while sleeping,and our friend arthritis. {oh great} So I am on an noninflammatory, and a muscle relaxant. It has been bugging me on and off for three weeks, after the Duathlon on Sunday, it has just been a steady pain in my head. I have missed 2 days of work, and I am going back on the weekend. I worry about all the monitor noises with my ears being so super sensitive .All caused from the TMJ.

Sunday was my second to the last race of the season. At this race I was trying the Hammer Nutrition fueling method. I ate my breakfast 3 hours before the race. Forgot my fueling bottle, and I carried water and my flask of gel. One was raspberry and vanilla mix, with 2 teaspoons of chai seeds. My main source fueling bottle was going to be the sustained energy one hour bottle, flavored with a gel. It keeps your fueling intake about 200-250 calories and protein. My bottle on my bike was the heed which is the organic gator aide, I used 2 scoops instead of one. This is to help keep your electrolytes balanced so you do not have to take in salt tabs. I usually bottom out after the 10 miler on the bike. And instead of taking in large amounts of everything. I sipped on it. I started it just before the count down to start the first mile sprint.
My first mile was my best ever.11:50. I felt so good, my first Transition was just over 2 min. I fought with my biking gloves, and the transition area was huge. I scaled the Causeway both times, made it back and I was sipping on my fueling bottle the entire time. But I was getting in the way of the faster riders. I was listing to the left and not knowing it. I did noticed my balance was a a bit off too.My 10 miler was 39:16. T2 was almost 2 min. I headed out for my 5k run. My legs were stift this time instead of feeling like jelly. It took a mile before the legs limbered up. And then it started to rain. No more like pour. Then it let up a bit and sprinkled for the rest of the race. And the cool part was there was a huge rainbow hanging over the run. I didn't have my phone on me, I could get disqualified if they saw me handling it so I just don't carry it. And I did intervals, and did my 5k in 44:44!!!! I ran across the finish line!!! I felt great. So my total time was 1:39:24 UGH... I thought I finally made it out of the 90 minute window. I was the only one in my category again so I got first place.
They are doing the points awards on Saturday. I do not understand how when there is still one more race. It is listed on my series, and as a points race. When I run the last race, I will get my bonus points of 500, it will put me in first place in points in my category and I will get recognized for that. It will help for the lottery for next year. :) {Kona} I am awaiting an e mail about that. Then the next season starts in Feb.2010 and I will be doing the Olympic distance triathlons. There is only 4 in the series, the distance will be .90 mile swim, 18-20 mile bike, 10k run. But I will still do the sprint distance triathlons.

Things are still tight here. My next goal after the last Duathlon in October is the new Miami Halloween half. Here on out I will be concentrating on mileage and working on the arms for swimming.

I did the weekly challenge last night. I did 1080 in jumping jacks. I can not do jump rope. That was during the Biggest Looser. 2 hour show. Plus I did a arm workout. I used my 5 pounders and I did 4 set of 12 in butterflies and chest press,and this other thing on the balance ball. I did 100 crunches and 100 scissors.

If my head calms down I plan on going and doing some rowing, and stairs. And hopefully 6 miler today. I haven't put in any miles in 8 days. Well except for the race.

And no news on our plans for Jan .2010.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Have A Nice Weekend

This week I ran 24.98 miles. We were suppose to do 11 today. We didn't. We missed the morning window, and then it rain!! I am suppose to go on my first group bike ride tomorrow. I hope we can find it. And today was weigh in. I dropped 4 pounds!!! back to 194!! Wooohooo!!!
I did a cardio workout on fit tv I recorded. I am not a very coordinated person. haha

And I was watching Lou's live feed today on and off. And When I went on there was a buzz of rumor of expansion of Fantasy land. I found video. and here it is.

And the construction will not be done in time for the big 40!!

And here is another one.

And I am so excited that WDW Endurance Series is going to announce the new races for 2010. I am so excited!!!!!

Tomorrow is Brandon's Ironman. Good luck tomorrow and have a blast. Wanna know why?? You are going to be an Ironman!!!!! 140!!!!

I went to my local running shop and one of the new clerks commented on me buying a 70.3 sticker.{E is printing on it training for 2010} I told them Not yet, I am doing one in May, he said at Disney? I said yes. He did that one 3 years ago, and said by the time he made it to the run part of the race it was 90' !!!And he said it has some moderate hills. I am not afraid of hills, I can clear the Rickenbacker. He said then I will have no problem with theirs. The heat will be the problem. It drains me and drains me fast. :(

So what do you think of this??

Go check out Disney Daddy

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things Are Tight /Tough Here

It's been awhile since I have sat down and blog. And I am able to do it today. It has been upside down here.
At the moment all my Disney plans are all on hold. Including the half Marathon trip. YES this is not a typo. This have become very tight here. So all plans are on hold until further notice.

SO my last weigh in was 198. Yikes up 3 pounds!! Holy Cats!!! I can not go any higher. So I have become a bit strict on my eating, and snacking. The snacking is where I fall.
Running for this month
Last Tues: 2.0
Sat. 10.75
Mon. 4.0
Thurs: is going to be 4-6. We were headed out the door and found the refrigerator not working. Holy cats!!! E is good at what he does and fixed it!!!! We lost a gallon of milk and had to cook all the stuff in the freezer.

This is me climbing the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami in Aug. I am still waiting for my picture cd.

I will be trying a group bike ride this Sunday. I am worried I will not be able to keep up. I am hoping I can get long with everyone, and join the group. They have a swim schedule, and running schedule. Plus I am worried about my rear tire. It has been eating tubes. So I have been told to get some rim tape and tape the spots in the rim I think is causing the leaks. My rim isn't bent. SO again my biking has been on the low side.

I have alot of small things I have planed out for Team Voice. I am working on getting us goody bag for the runners, and some other neat stuff. SO your input for the meets and stuff will be greatly appreciated. We got a few. AND I have help to design the Team Voice web page.

I want to give a Huge shout out to Erin 337 for finishing her first Full Ironman!!! 140 miles. And then this weekend Iron Brandon . He will be doing his first Ironman Wisconsin .These are the only 2 I know.

Congratulations to all the Disneyland Half runners. And at the d23 meet, did you see they all got to meet Tim Burton??? Holy Cats!!!
Well gotta go, time to an hour of cardio and some core workout.
100+ this month miles!!! Can you do it?? I am going to try like you know too.

Miles of the month 18.98

Monday, September 7, 2009

Insipration Comes In All Forms

Double-arm amputee, triathlete Hector Picard 'makes best of it' -- South Florida

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I just had to share this. I didn't get to see Hector on his bike, but he ran by me on the run.