Sunday, August 30, 2009

What A Way To End The Month

I finished my 4th duathlon. And if anything could go wrong it did. My alarm went off at 4a. I hit the snooze button and Said I will get up at the next buzz. Well the next buzz never went off. My tv is set to come on at 5a. I jumped up when I realized what time it was. E filled my tires with air, and racked my bike while I fixed breakfast. I always have oatmeal banana, coffee and peanut butter before a race. I ate it on the way. By the time we arrive there I have about 5 rack my bike. So I was going to ride it in and get the muscles moving. I get on and I have a flat.A FLAT!!! I was so mad. Finished walking it in and I wasted both of my co2 on it and I was so mad I was in tears. E found out that there was a tire tent and they put in a new tube and checked my rim and gave me a green light. I ws able to rack my bike with one minute to spare. I grabed my chips, got marked and headed out to the start line for the Duathlon. I hear them counting down while I am heading over there. WTH!!! I threw my arms up in the air, and an official came over told me wait till everyone passed me and go.

I love my shoes. No leg pain foot, or knee. I ran my one mile sprint in 12:01 MY fastest mile yet.
ANd I rode the ten miles in 36 minutes. At dismount I nearly fell off my bike, and my legs were so jelly feeling and I had a hard time catching mybreathe. No burning, I think I was pushing myself. The last 2.5 mile run.I did small intervals. I was feeling like crap. I hada sour stomach and the peanut butter was sitting hard in my stomach. I forgot again to do a gel at both transitions. So I did my last run in 39.5 minutes. This was my persoanl best yet. All I kept telling myself was I have to beat my last time. I did. Almost by 2 minutes. I made first place in my catagory. No one else ran in it. And the other women that normally does ran in it did the age group and placed 4th!!! Sweet.

E saw one of his friends there and we sat with him for a bit and waited for the awards. I went back to get my bike from transition and found that someone had tampered with my bike. Yep. I had another rear flat. The stem was pulled out and released. And one of the gears were bent. I sent the sponcors a e-mail to let them know someone is tampering with bikes. I have an idea who it was since they were taking up enough rack for 4 bikes. I moved the bike over and racked my bike.

So now I have to get some more co2 cans. I have a spare tube and I can change it, and I need to get new rear tire rubber. So I can have a spare.

And I had to put some of my Team Voice business on hold, Now we are striving to surive the job thing. Until futher noctice all my WDW plans are on hold. Got to get through this month.

So this was a great way to end this month. And get ready for the next. Miami has picked up some new races for this fall like The Halloween Half, with a costume contest, and some other races. Can't wait.


Craig Wheeler said...

Great job with the race, Rae! I hope you guys can get all your work issues situated. Don't forget that hard exercise can be a great stress relief. Use it to your advantage...don't let it get you down.

[rich] said...

Hope your work works out for you - it's a nightmare at the moment over here as well.

That bike ride time is awesome - I need to get my wheels on ;-)

What kind of bike do you ride?

Glad you managed to get a PB.

The SP says hi and her arms are OK, she is wanting to start training weights now (I blame watching the biggest loser) as she loves Jillian Michaels.

[rich] said...

PS - how's the Chia seeds?

Chris said...

Congrats Rae! Super fast run too! Sometimes it's mornings like that which get us fired up enough to compete beyond our limits though. You must have had the adrenaline flowing pretty smoothly all day!

Best of luck on the job front as well. We're going to be going through it pretty soon...big merger/integration coming up...

DebWDW said...

Great job Rae! What a tough experience, but like the Iron Woman I know you are, you persevered! Think of how easy the next race will be compared to this one!!

Matt said...

You are awesome Rae! CONGRATS!!!

Amanda said...

All of that and you still rocked this race! You are such a strong woman - so inspirational!