Friday, August 7, 2009

Rambling Right Along...

Well between work and band camp I am one tired peep. My daughter's band director is cool, and they are organized. Compare to the last three years. She is on her high school years. And she is excited scared, happy, sad, the entire emotional roller coaster. These kids want it. And they have been working hard as we do to get the miles in. The cool part is the director is open to going and doing music days at Disney. I have already asked. I am going to do all the leg work to get the paper work and all the contacts together. Then I was asked to be a board member on the band parent booster club. I do not know if I can commit to that as well as work, and all the games and training for the races.

I was only able to get one day of training in this week. The rest of the time I fell asleep or I rolled over and hit the snooze button. And I kick myself for it. Work has been stressful. They are going to close my floor for 6 weeks.They want to put in hurricane windows. And they will be closing us when our season kicks back in. I will float all over the place or get canceled.That means they will be after me for over time. I am over whelmed with all of this.

And the boy well he is doing fine.3 more years of high school for him. A little behind but he is still in school. He choose not to do PT. And just got up and walked out the door to go to a friends. And he has been stressing us out by staying late. How late?? Midnightish... :(
I do not know how to get it across to him I am not going to tolerate it. So if he does it again, I am going to but a blanket and pillow on the front patio and he can try sleeping out there. Curfew be in. Or get locked out. Right?? {deep breath}

I have not been making my calories. I have been under. I am just not hungry. When I am I eat like I am starving. But I haven't been making my calorie count. And I am back to 195!!

I have a race in 2 weeks and I do not feel ready. :( And I never made it to my Newton shoe fitting the other night. So maybe I will go to the running shop today and get fitted. I noticed them watching the triathlons and watching the elite runners, and it is what they are wearing. and I asked on twitter and tons of people who are runners and triathlete will swear by them. I have to wear motion control trainers. So we will see. And this next race is the same one as the last one and I know what to expect. I think I do.

Have any of you been over to say hello to Gordon?? Run to Disney. HE is a Disney nut like us and he is also a Disney runner like us. He has a podcast that he has been doing and it is good. I like how he addresses how he feels and gets while training and I can relate to him. I think we all do at times. You can go over check him out and let him know I sent you.

Well that's all for now, I hope.


MikeF. said...

I am fearing the day when my daughter is that age. Now young lady hitting the snooze button?!?! What is this non-sense! You get your butt out of bed and get some miles in. Do not make me come down there! HAHAHA!

Chris said...

Yeah, we don't want to have to make a trip down there to paradise and make you get out the door for training!!! :-) Not to mention, Mike-speed will make you run at his pace...

I'm with Mike, I'm pretty fearful of the day when my kids get to that age....Any advice about heading it off early would be greatly appreciated! I'm thinking year round sports organizations so they don't have any energy to hang out....I had waaaaaaay too much time to just hang out with my friends and don't think it was particularly healthy (although, i think I turned out okay..who knows what the formula is...)

Keep your head up and keep moving forward!

DebWDW said...

Keep hanging in there, as you always do! I'm amazed at your schedule. But going with the band to Disney would be really cool!

Princess Fee said...

You are superwoman, Rae!! Am so impressed and inspired by all you do! And yeah, going to Disney with the band would be awesome! :)

Amanda said...

Crazy times huh? I know what you mean about work and stress and the snooze button. Some days it's just overwhelming.

You're going to get through it all though. Just keep your head up and move forward.

I've listened to Gordon since the beginning - he does a great job and I can relate to his ups and downs.