Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh Fairy Godmother??

I am stressing today.

If you want some more info on the Newton shoes,check out Gearjunkie.
Then check out Brandon. He has alot of great info on running and all kinds of running relate issues and of course the Newtons. And the running front. All kinds of info. on the awesome shoes.

I can not locate my fairy godmother. I need her to help send me to DL. I want to go hang out with everyone. When I find her I am going to break her wand. :(

I am having a bad day. My key are missing. I can not find them anywhere. I have turned this house upside down. All I wanted to do was go run at 6am. Yes I am still looking for my keys.

I thought we made it through the part of the year where we do not have to stress over jobs. Well we were wrong. E is having to go on nights to work or look for a new job. We can't afford him to do either. There will be no one home home for 3-4 hours after kids get home from school. No one to fix dinner, and fj can't go to his youth program after school. Which has helped alot. No one to bring him home. SO here comes another mental block I have to over come. This will play in my head and I will mentally be unable to get past it and my training suffers. Just like it has this entire month. I have to drop my trainer again. I am not ready to but I have no choice. :( How do you guys work through this mental block?

All I want to do is become more steady with my pace that I can run now, and swim, and get my mileage in on the bike. And drop another 10-20 pounds. Holy Cats!!! Mentally I suck. I have got where I do not need my ipod. Maybe I should carry it, I do not know. I know the Ironman is all about me. Can I do this?? I know I can do the full, not to worried, worried about next Sundays race. I have not done crap this month. :( I am still holding steady at 195. WTH!!!

I really do not have anywhere to ride my bike either. The traffic here is nasty and the idot drivers drive 24/7 here. I think I should have waited on entering the ironman.

I am stressing and I need a break.

Oh yeah and the band director sprung a football game on us for THIS THURSDAY!!! Are you kidding me!!!! I have to work. I don't get off till 7:30p

I will update if I find my keys. And they are probably right in front of me.


Chris said...

OY! I'm not sure what to tell you on the jobs thing except to keep your head up, keep working hard and things will happen. Of course it may not be 100% ideal, but you'll make it work I'm fairly certain. :-)

Take a deep breath on the Ironman thing as well. Remember that you've built the foundation, framed the house, put in windows, and now just need to do some of the finishing touches. You know you can do it, just need to dig deep and pull it out of the chaos!

Keys are ellusive little buggers...just know they'll turn up soon and you'll probably laugh about where they were. Maybe a little prayer as well (on all the stuff!)

I'm wishing I was going to DL as well! Honestly, is it too much to ask for an endless supply of time and money? Yeesh!

[rich] said...

Hope it all works out - working sucks :-/

Did you find the keys?

Princess Fee said...

Stupid Keys :(.

And if I find your Fairy Godmother, I will send her your way!

MikeF. said...

After you said you bought those Newtons that is the review I read. I am sold by his review, but the deal will be sealed by your comments in about a month or two about how they held up.

Amanda said...

Sorry things are not going well. I wish I could tell you how to get past it, but I'm stuck in much the same situation.