Friday, August 28, 2009

Found Keys, Missing Fairy Godmother...

Runner's World Kick IN the Butt:
" I often loose motivation,but it's something I accept as normal."
Billy Rodgers Olympic Marathoner

This statement rings true here for the entire month of August for me. How about you??

The darn keys were really hiding in a spot I did not think to look and E found them.
Still no Fairy godmother....

SO with that I have to get my head back in the game. I am going to post a challenge for everyone over on the Event page and I am going to amp it up a bit. I still have my trainer. And I am so greatful for her. :) Hi Isabeau!!! {waving}

I have a duathlon this Sunday. I am registered and Going to packet pick up. I have only 2 races left in the race season. Looking at doing the Half Marathon here in Nov. Just another race to get under the belt. And maybe some of the 10k, and 13k's.

A few of us are coming up with a list of places for ADR's for Jan. Then when it is posted we will need input so we can get them planned and in place. E again gets to do a race on his birthday, the Full marathon. He said this will be the only 26.2 he will ever do. And wait till you guys see what he is going to be wearing this time. Oh yes the Candles will be back and... just wait and see... hahaha last year he wore the candles in Monsters Inc and was picked to be that guy.SO that is his plan this coming year too!!! hahaha

I can not beleive we are going into Sept. already. I can not beleive I am going to wog 26.2 miles!!! I never ever thought I would be able to do that!!! I mean.... Holy Cats!!!!!

Everyone needs to head over and say hi to Erin. She is going to be doing her first Ironman this weekend in Canada.

When does everyone plan on getting to the World in Jan?? And plan to depart?? I am working on when to arrive and depart. I will probably arrive before E will. Value resort for this trip. Maybe I will find my Fairy Godmother then too. ;0)

I can not put anything in stone till we make it through Sept. Why?? Job security. :)

I have to go see someone this evening about some Team Voice business. And I will post about it later!!.

Have a Magical Day!!! And happy Friday!!! {waving}


DebWDW said...

Enjoy the race this weekend! I'm going to attempt 9 miles, so I'll think about you for inspiration -- again! I'll be at WDW from Wed to Wed, and am interested in some meets and meals with everyone!

Chris said...

Oh you asked for it...


Okay, so it's not exaclty High School Musical, but it popped into my head. :-)

So, my off month was June and half of July post sugery. August has been my saving grace though. I feel good about it cause it was frickin' hot! and I still got it done. :-) You'll get right back in the game next month I'm sure. I'm wondering if it's almost a GOOD thing to plan a down month here and there...kinda motivates you by default.

We're (wife and I) heading in for a short trip in Jan. Flying in Thursday morning and heading out early Sunday. First time away from the little ones, so we think that's a good first shot at it. I'm planning to be there longer for 2011 as I won't have MBA class on Mondays anymore (yeah!).

Glad you found your keys! Good luck with the race this weekend! Go Wildcat!!!

MikeF. said...

I should be driving in to Orlando sometime Wed. night or very early Thursday morning. Good luck at the duathon.

[rich] said...

Have a great Duathlon :-) and great work you and E doing a full M - hats off to you both.

Amanda said...

Can't wait to see you both in Jan. You're both going to do great. Hang in there you'll make it!

Finally figured out Jan - I'll be there the 6-13th. Love buy 4 get 3!!!