Monday, August 24, 2009

A bit long Winded

It's been a while. Alot going on here.

Found these at Target.

Getting ready for school, and WORK. I have been working like a mad man. That's ok I can use the extra money, I want to go to NNSHP. And MVMCP. So I use that for motivation for plugging forward. So that means I am slacking on the training front. And I owe some shirts to people too. I will get those out today and 2-3 day mail them.

My trainers. The Newtons are awesome. I will recomend them to anyone. I can almost run a full 6 miles without a walking break, my legs do not hurt. I am on my forefoot. I got my breathing under control too. I know they cost a bit more than my other ones, but well worth it. I tried my old trainers after a week of my Newtons and I can sure tell the difference. They are lighter. I love them.

I am trying to work out a plan to manage my time better than what I have been doing. It's hard.The goal is to go back to running in the early am hours and then after work do the second part of my work out. So today is get my running around done and then cook for the next couple days so that way it will be ready just need to warm up. We did that last week and it worked out pretty well. And getting to bed no later than 10:30p means I do not go on the internet,no blogging. My blogger for the phone wasn't working.

I am also working on a 4 day training trip to Isabeau. Then in October training trip to Orlando to ride and run the course. Busy. And I got an e-mail for the Disney Endurance series and it said that the TOT anf Race for The Taste will not be back in 2010. They have a new races for next year. I am glad I got them. They also said they medals will be in the vault. That means collector value will go up on the ones now!!! Sweet!!

I missed my last race. I read the e-mail wrong and I got my times mixed up. So Now I have the finish the race season out doing the duathlons, so I will get my points. :( So Feb.2010 I will have to do my first Triathlon. :( Oh well that much longer to practice swimming. :) My next one is the 30th. and it is over in the park that is flat!!! Wooohoooo!!!

I feel like I am a NoN Disney person and that is not a happy thing. I just cant get it all in. My radio in my car isn't working. It just stopped. So I am looking around for a new one. No podcast on the way to work. :( So I am behind. Way.....

I haven't been on twitter or Fb in a while. So busy so little time.
Until next time!!!


Amanda said...

It's all a balancing act and can be so difficult. You have to remember to make time for you, especially with the goals you have set for yourself.

I do the early morning run and evening workouts. It can be. Tiring, but I have trouble getting it all in otherwise.

Glad you like the new shoes. I know that shoes make a huge difference for me.

Keep up the great work, it'll all pay off in the end!

Chris said...

Do what you can and the rest will sort itself out. :-) Keep moving forward, you're doing great!

Princess Fee said...

That is great about the shoes! I've never heard of Newton's but I'll keep an eyeout for them here. And it is a juggling act trying to balance work with life and all that... we are all thinking of you and definitely keep moving forward!

DebWDW said...

Hang in there! You've been amazing in the last year that I've known you, and I know you will manage all the important stuff. But every now and then take a nap!!