Sunday, August 30, 2009

What A Way To End The Month

I finished my 4th duathlon. And if anything could go wrong it did. My alarm went off at 4a. I hit the snooze button and Said I will get up at the next buzz. Well the next buzz never went off. My tv is set to come on at 5a. I jumped up when I realized what time it was. E filled my tires with air, and racked my bike while I fixed breakfast. I always have oatmeal banana, coffee and peanut butter before a race. I ate it on the way. By the time we arrive there I have about 5 rack my bike. So I was going to ride it in and get the muscles moving. I get on and I have a flat.A FLAT!!! I was so mad. Finished walking it in and I wasted both of my co2 on it and I was so mad I was in tears. E found out that there was a tire tent and they put in a new tube and checked my rim and gave me a green light. I ws able to rack my bike with one minute to spare. I grabed my chips, got marked and headed out to the start line for the Duathlon. I hear them counting down while I am heading over there. WTH!!! I threw my arms up in the air, and an official came over told me wait till everyone passed me and go.

I love my shoes. No leg pain foot, or knee. I ran my one mile sprint in 12:01 MY fastest mile yet.
ANd I rode the ten miles in 36 minutes. At dismount I nearly fell off my bike, and my legs were so jelly feeling and I had a hard time catching mybreathe. No burning, I think I was pushing myself. The last 2.5 mile run.I did small intervals. I was feeling like crap. I hada sour stomach and the peanut butter was sitting hard in my stomach. I forgot again to do a gel at both transitions. So I did my last run in 39.5 minutes. This was my persoanl best yet. All I kept telling myself was I have to beat my last time. I did. Almost by 2 minutes. I made first place in my catagory. No one else ran in it. And the other women that normally does ran in it did the age group and placed 4th!!! Sweet.

E saw one of his friends there and we sat with him for a bit and waited for the awards. I went back to get my bike from transition and found that someone had tampered with my bike. Yep. I had another rear flat. The stem was pulled out and released. And one of the gears were bent. I sent the sponcors a e-mail to let them know someone is tampering with bikes. I have an idea who it was since they were taking up enough rack for 4 bikes. I moved the bike over and racked my bike.

So now I have to get some more co2 cans. I have a spare tube and I can change it, and I need to get new rear tire rubber. So I can have a spare.

And I had to put some of my Team Voice business on hold, Now we are striving to surive the job thing. Until futher noctice all my WDW plans are on hold. Got to get through this month.

So this was a great way to end this month. And get ready for the next. Miami has picked up some new races for this fall like The Halloween Half, with a costume contest, and some other races. Can't wait.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Found Keys, Missing Fairy Godmother...

Runner's World Kick IN the Butt:
" I often loose motivation,but it's something I accept as normal."
Billy Rodgers Olympic Marathoner

This statement rings true here for the entire month of August for me. How about you??

The darn keys were really hiding in a spot I did not think to look and E found them.
Still no Fairy godmother....

SO with that I have to get my head back in the game. I am going to post a challenge for everyone over on the Event page and I am going to amp it up a bit. I still have my trainer. And I am so greatful for her. :) Hi Isabeau!!! {waving}

I have a duathlon this Sunday. I am registered and Going to packet pick up. I have only 2 races left in the race season. Looking at doing the Half Marathon here in Nov. Just another race to get under the belt. And maybe some of the 10k, and 13k's.

A few of us are coming up with a list of places for ADR's for Jan. Then when it is posted we will need input so we can get them planned and in place. E again gets to do a race on his birthday, the Full marathon. He said this will be the only 26.2 he will ever do. And wait till you guys see what he is going to be wearing this time. Oh yes the Candles will be back and... just wait and see... hahaha last year he wore the candles in Monsters Inc and was picked to be that guy.SO that is his plan this coming year too!!! hahaha

I can not beleive we are going into Sept. already. I can not beleive I am going to wog 26.2 miles!!! I never ever thought I would be able to do that!!! I mean.... Holy Cats!!!!!

Everyone needs to head over and say hi to Erin. She is going to be doing her first Ironman this weekend in Canada.

When does everyone plan on getting to the World in Jan?? And plan to depart?? I am working on when to arrive and depart. I will probably arrive before E will. Value resort for this trip. Maybe I will find my Fairy Godmother then too. ;0)

I can not put anything in stone till we make it through Sept. Why?? Job security. :)

I have to go see someone this evening about some Team Voice business. And I will post about it later!!.

Have a Magical Day!!! And happy Friday!!! {waving}

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh Fairy Godmother??

I am stressing today.

If you want some more info on the Newton shoes,check out Gearjunkie.
Then check out Brandon. He has alot of great info on running and all kinds of running relate issues and of course the Newtons. And the running front. All kinds of info. on the awesome shoes.

I can not locate my fairy godmother. I need her to help send me to DL. I want to go hang out with everyone. When I find her I am going to break her wand. :(

I am having a bad day. My key are missing. I can not find them anywhere. I have turned this house upside down. All I wanted to do was go run at 6am. Yes I am still looking for my keys.

I thought we made it through the part of the year where we do not have to stress over jobs. Well we were wrong. E is having to go on nights to work or look for a new job. We can't afford him to do either. There will be no one home home for 3-4 hours after kids get home from school. No one to fix dinner, and fj can't go to his youth program after school. Which has helped alot. No one to bring him home. SO here comes another mental block I have to over come. This will play in my head and I will mentally be unable to get past it and my training suffers. Just like it has this entire month. I have to drop my trainer again. I am not ready to but I have no choice. :( How do you guys work through this mental block?

All I want to do is become more steady with my pace that I can run now, and swim, and get my mileage in on the bike. And drop another 10-20 pounds. Holy Cats!!! Mentally I suck. I have got where I do not need my ipod. Maybe I should carry it, I do not know. I know the Ironman is all about me. Can I do this?? I know I can do the full, not to worried, worried about next Sundays race. I have not done crap this month. :( I am still holding steady at 195. WTH!!!

I really do not have anywhere to ride my bike either. The traffic here is nasty and the idot drivers drive 24/7 here. I think I should have waited on entering the ironman.

I am stressing and I need a break.

Oh yeah and the band director sprung a football game on us for THIS THURSDAY!!! Are you kidding me!!!! I have to work. I don't get off till 7:30p

I will update if I find my keys. And they are probably right in front of me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A bit long Winded

It's been a while. Alot going on here.

Found these at Target.

Getting ready for school, and WORK. I have been working like a mad man. That's ok I can use the extra money, I want to go to NNSHP. And MVMCP. So I use that for motivation for plugging forward. So that means I am slacking on the training front. And I owe some shirts to people too. I will get those out today and 2-3 day mail them.

My trainers. The Newtons are awesome. I will recomend them to anyone. I can almost run a full 6 miles without a walking break, my legs do not hurt. I am on my forefoot. I got my breathing under control too. I know they cost a bit more than my other ones, but well worth it. I tried my old trainers after a week of my Newtons and I can sure tell the difference. They are lighter. I love them.

I am trying to work out a plan to manage my time better than what I have been doing. It's hard.The goal is to go back to running in the early am hours and then after work do the second part of my work out. So today is get my running around done and then cook for the next couple days so that way it will be ready just need to warm up. We did that last week and it worked out pretty well. And getting to bed no later than 10:30p means I do not go on the internet,no blogging. My blogger for the phone wasn't working.

I am also working on a 4 day training trip to Isabeau. Then in October training trip to Orlando to ride and run the course. Busy. And I got an e-mail for the Disney Endurance series and it said that the TOT anf Race for The Taste will not be back in 2010. They have a new races for next year. I am glad I got them. They also said they medals will be in the vault. That means collector value will go up on the ones now!!! Sweet!!

I missed my last race. I read the e-mail wrong and I got my times mixed up. So Now I have the finish the race season out doing the duathlons, so I will get my points. :( So Feb.2010 I will have to do my first Triathlon. :( Oh well that much longer to practice swimming. :) My next one is the 30th. and it is over in the park that is flat!!! Wooohoooo!!!

I feel like I am a NoN Disney person and that is not a happy thing. I just cant get it all in. My radio in my car isn't working. It just stopped. So I am looking around for a new one. No podcast on the way to work. :( So I am behind. Way.....

I haven't been on twitter or Fb in a while. So busy so little time.
Until next time!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It Is Officially Official

And I am going through a mess of emotions right now.

I did it. I hit the send button this morning. Now I am in shock. I really did hit the button.

I am registered for the Ironman 70.3 here in Florida at Disney. May 16, 2010. I still have the Disney Marathon 26.2 in Jan. I can not wait for. But I did it.

I have a duathlon this Sunday. It's in Miami and I know what to expect. Then I have to do 2 more Duathlons, to get my bonus points and the series award. Then in October the last race of the season will be my first triathlon. Then season will not be back till Feb.2010.
I have made a decision on my next long distance race. I am going to stay close to home and do the half here in Nov. I want the WDW full marathon to be my first marathon of many after to come.

Now this Ironman is a Qualifier for the Clearwater ,FL.Full Ironman, and once I complete the 70.3 at Disney without getting swept, I can get a lottery number and try for Kona.

I got me a new pair of running shoes. Yep. I got a pair of Newtons. They cost a bit more than my other ones but Man oh Man they are awesome. Light weight shoe and I did not pound the you know what out of my feet. And I shaved off 3 minutes on my last 4 miler. E was so excited I was able to go father ,longer and a bit faster. I was too. I don't heel strike, I am on my ball of my foot.

SO as the months melt away to the marathon weekend, I will post alot more on the race and the track and the times and all that fun stuff.

Value resort reservations will be set in Late Sept. for Marathon weekend,AND we plan on staying at Fort Wilderness for the Ironman. Holy Cats!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rambling Right Along...

Well between work and band camp I am one tired peep. My daughter's band director is cool, and they are organized. Compare to the last three years. She is on her high school years. And she is excited scared, happy, sad, the entire emotional roller coaster. These kids want it. And they have been working hard as we do to get the miles in. The cool part is the director is open to going and doing music days at Disney. I have already asked. I am going to do all the leg work to get the paper work and all the contacts together. Then I was asked to be a board member on the band parent booster club. I do not know if I can commit to that as well as work, and all the games and training for the races.

I was only able to get one day of training in this week. The rest of the time I fell asleep or I rolled over and hit the snooze button. And I kick myself for it. Work has been stressful. They are going to close my floor for 6 weeks.They want to put in hurricane windows. And they will be closing us when our season kicks back in. I will float all over the place or get canceled.That means they will be after me for over time. I am over whelmed with all of this.

And the boy well he is doing fine.3 more years of high school for him. A little behind but he is still in school. He choose not to do PT. And just got up and walked out the door to go to a friends. And he has been stressing us out by staying late. How late?? Midnightish... :(
I do not know how to get it across to him I am not going to tolerate it. So if he does it again, I am going to but a blanket and pillow on the front patio and he can try sleeping out there. Curfew be in. Or get locked out. Right?? {deep breath}

I have not been making my calories. I have been under. I am just not hungry. When I am I eat like I am starving. But I haven't been making my calorie count. And I am back to 195!!

I have a race in 2 weeks and I do not feel ready. :( And I never made it to my Newton shoe fitting the other night. So maybe I will go to the running shop today and get fitted. I noticed them watching the triathlons and watching the elite runners, and it is what they are wearing. and I asked on twitter and tons of people who are runners and triathlete will swear by them. I have to wear motion control trainers. So we will see. And this next race is the same one as the last one and I know what to expect. I think I do.

Have any of you been over to say hello to Gordon?? Run to Disney. HE is a Disney nut like us and he is also a Disney runner like us. He has a podcast that he has been doing and it is good. I like how he addresses how he feels and gets while training and I can relate to him. I think we all do at times. You can go over check him out and let him know I sent you.

Well that's all for now, I hope.