Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What No Disney Till Jan. 2010??? UpDated!!!

Yep the tittle is right. The original plan was to go to Disney in October to rerun TOT 13k, but that has changed.

I have been watching and the Goofy is still open, and I have also noticed so is the full Here I sit on the fence again. To Goofy or Not to Goofy. I want to Goofy 39.3 miles . Then I will not been out there cheering everyone one on in the half. It's such a heavy and hard decision to make. Like Iron.
What would you do?? Man,this is a tuff one to make.

So for the last 2 weeks I have been sick. I was on meds. and everything. I did my second Duathlon sick. I thought during the biking park that I was going to loose it. I was was only off by 5 minutes. And I am now finally starting to feel better,a bit more solid.

SO staring on Monday I will be starting a new more intensive training program with my trainer. Endurance and Distance. What do you think sound like a good plan?? It's going to be Hard and but it will make me strong like Iron. No excuses. I can not miss a one workout. No excuses!!!

Have you figured it out yet???

It's killing me!!!!
Holy Cats!! I have been waiting to say something now for 2 weeks!!! I had to brain storm with my trainer before I made it official. I am going to do a 1/2 Iron Man Duathlon

It's November 8th. 4 months away. I have to maintain my times or I will get swept. Like Disney.
It is official. I will registered tomorrow for it.

Here is a picture of the Causeway that is in the next race. Yes this thing. Going to go ride it. And I will post the map of it later.

I have been slowly catching up on my podcast and I heard Jonathan read Maroo's E-mail. I was so touched. I can not wait to meet her!!! I will be bringing things to donate to her from The Team.

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

OK here is the map of the Rickenbacker Causeway. Holy Cats it was tuff going up and I hit 29.9 mph coming down on a bike!!!!!! It was exhilarating,and scary. I plan on doing another early am on Saturday.


[rich] said...

WOW! Go Rae -looking forward to keeping up with your progress :-D

Amanda said...

Here I got all excited because I thought you were going to go for the full Iron Man...Geez, what a let down.

Okay, you know I'm totally kidding right? I am very proud of you. That is soooo cool.

See, I think I would like the Duathlon because you don't have to swim. I love to swim, but not as part of a competition.

No more slacking girl. You've got to stick to your plan whether you feel like it or not. You do not want to be swept and I know very well that you can totally do this.

Now, get out there and train!!!!!

Justin said...

When you decide to do something you really drop the hammer on it. A half iron man? That's not something even I would try for another year or so.

On the Mickey vs. Goofy debate for January? You haven't made a decision? I'll leave that one up to you. As a rule I don't push anyone into doing a full marathon, let alone a Goofy Challenge. Best of luck figuring that one out. Can't wait to hear your decision.

Princess Fee said...

Wow - way to go on that 1/2 Iron Man!!! WOW!!! Go Rae!!!!

DebWDW said...

NO WAY! You couldn't pay me to cross that causeway! Is there a separate, safe bike line on it? How was the wind?

Jeff W. said...

Rae you always seem to be able to rise to the challenges you set for yourself. Proud of you for sticking through the tough days and keeping your focus. If you have not already done so I suggest discussing Goofy with Kate since she did that last year. I was surprise that it is still open.

MikeF. said...

Long time no hear from. Hope all is well.