Sunday, July 5, 2009

R.I.P. Cast Member Austin....

This a horrible day in Walt Disney World.
Monorail accident.

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My heart goes out to Austin's family. I saw a picture of the young man he was one who drove the monorail and took us from Epcot one evening and he told us all about how to become a pilot.

I am happy that there was not a family riding with him, my heart goes out to his family.
The reality of it is that any of us could h have been in there with him we love riding up front. And we always left late to do that.


Amanda said...

It's certainly a sad day...and you're right any four people could have been up there with him. I hope the other cast members and guests on board are handling this physically and emotionally.

Chris said...

Almost couldn't believe it when my wife relayed the news. Very sad indeed, and yes, I'm glad there wasn't a family in there as well. Tragic enough as it is.... :-(

You had asked what my plans are for 2010 trip. Honestly, not sure yet...I started to draft a plan, but got sidetracked by work and such. The other thing being that we can't set ADR's till 60 days out now, right? Kinda kills the early pre-trip spirit... I think we'll all have to jump back on the forums to see what everyone's trip looks like as there might be two different "groups" with the half and full crowd (or even the Goofy folks..). It's a short trip for the wife and I (Thurs - Sun morn) but would love to have dinner with you guys again! Let's try to get the chat going on the forum and go from there. :-)

DebWDW said...

Seeing the picture of the two monorails crunched together is so shocking, and it is a miracle no one else was up front with him. And it's so disappointing that it only took 24 hours to put more sensors in -- why couldn't someone have thought about it before? So sad.
For the race this year, I think it's just me and my friend Rob heading down, so I should be able to eat with all of you, if you plan something. And Chris, I think ADRs are 90 days out, not 60.

MikeF. said...

Speechless when I saw it on the news. Just speechless.