Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Sunday's Race

I am a bit behind here with my race report. Nursing a sore calf muscle.

Last Sunday was my 3rd Duathlon. I have to put in 3 more to get the USAT race award and bonus points.

This race was a last minute change, of site, since Key Biscayne was still is working on a smaller bridge that was part of the biking route. So they shorten up the mileage and they were able to keep from canceling the race with the help of the city Mayor. BUT they failed to tell anyone that the last 5k route was a trail run. And the one mile sprint for us duathloners was only a half mile,bike was 8.1 miles, and then the 5k. This is South Fl. 7a it is already what 85 and humid.

Up and out the door by 5:45a, got stuck in traffic, they took a 6 line highway and crammed everyone into one lane. Holy Cats!!! Here we sit and I need to get my bike in transition by 6:45a
We got off the highway at 6:45 and at the race site 2 minutes later, and I had to get my bike off the rack and ride it the rest of the way in because other people were holding up the road. I get to transition and the official said sorry transition is closed. I told him please it took me an hour to travel to get here, please... then he heard them annoounce the race was going to start late due to difficulties he let me rack my bike. HOLY CATS!!! I got lucky. They USAT official didn't have to do that. And since I am in a weight divison they are suppose to weigh us so we are not lying about our weight. Athena Divison is 185-199. Other wise it is the clydsedale 200+.

Then I noticed I dropped one of my riding gloves. E went back out to look for it. He found it. I am putting my knee straps on and getting myself ready. I have my fuel belt,2 gels and a mini bar.And my sustain energy. I didn't have time to warm up or anything. I didn't get to do any breathing exercises. {was that a mistake} We are getting ready to take off I took a quick sip of my drink and we were off. Were we were at they didn't gibe the race officials the key to the back gate so we had to cross the bike coming out of transition. and run up behind the transition area on the exit side for the swimmers. I was ran over by one of the other runners coming out of the water. He ran into my left side I stumbled and he knocked all the water out of the volunteers hands at the water stop. I have a small bruise on my shoulder. He was suppose to have been penalized for that. I ran to my bike I normally walk, grabbed my helmet snapped it and grab my bike ran out of T1, mounted and I was hauling you know what, we had to cross the Ricken Backer Causeway, I went to a easy spin gear and hammered my way up, My breathing is so far off and my lungs were on fire, so at the height od the climb up this bridge I felt like I was in slow motion, a rather pooh size fellow on a mountain bike went past me. I knew right then my breathing was gone. Finally made to to the top and then I put it up in high gear and I went flying down the bridge, I went blowing by the guy that past me and my speedometor said I was doing 32.1 mph on my bike!!! HOLY CATS!! ON A BIKE!!!!! Made the u turn and headed back one more time.

Then we rode out on to Virginia Key, nice quiet area and then all the sudden you have speed humps. Small ones, the the next few had a triangle top on them and I had to slow way down or blow a tire. I cruise at 15-16 mph. Coming back out of there and head back to transition. Wave at E, taking pictures. and enter to dis mount. Pasted my rack, turned around went back to it, racked the back, took off the helmet and gloves and I kinda ran out of T2. What are you kidding me!!! Wet sand and huge holes to run thriug, I walked, my breathing was off and lungs killing me. Then the path came up. oh great a trail, I wasn't prepared for this. I have my street runners on and I am going to slide all over the palce. That I did. So I walked. It's your avarrage trail. I was worried I was going to slip and fall, and falling I dod not want to do. My knees wouldn't make it. Got my breathing under control. Then I noticed I was so tense and excited I forgot to fuel up at T1 and T2. No wonder I wasn't feeling so good.I had the shakes and I looked like a drowned rat, I didn't even go in the water I was sweating so much. So I tried to down my bar. I got half of it. I did start to feel better. So I did some running intervals, my breathing would kick in and I was back to walking. So I saved it for the end.
I ran full speed for about a 1/4 mile and ran cross the finish line. I was shaking and I needed to sit down. I was over heated. I grabbed a water bottle put it on my neck found E and sat down. I drank the water bottle, then I drank my recoverite and then I went back filled my jug with Heed and drank it, and drank the heed in my areo jug on my bike. My left calf muscle is blown out too.
We hung around. I placed second again. The other girl in my Catagory was a minute and 30 seconds faster.

What did I learn, DO NOT to for get to fuel. And my breathing scred me. If I am going to do this Half ion in Nov here, I have to be able to run in this heat. the end run is a half marathon, and I would get swept if this would happen to me.
So I have till August first to figure out what I want to do. E think I should wait till next year to tackle the Half iron. And do one not here in the heat. He is right. ANd refocus on the full marathon distance. Get a couple of them under my belt. I think he is right again. Waiting to hear back form my trainer. I told her what happened and how I am siding with E on this one.

And my calf muscle is doing much better. I got some althetic tape like the stuff you saw on the olpmpians. It works great!!!

I weighed in last Saturday and no change still 193. I measure tonight. I know has changed. I had to tighten up my fuel belt. This week starts speed workout week. I am already a day behind, I am selling my tm I think that is where I hurt my calves. Last week I was doing a run on it since it was storming out and I made it to 10 minutes and Bam they started to hurt. SO I am going to head back into the gym.

So when I am not working I should be out at 7a putting in a 5k during that time of the day to get use to the heat. {rolling the eyes}

1/2 mile run 5:36
bike 8.1 miles 36:40
5k: 50 min. My longest ever 5k, that's so sad. :(
total time: 1:31:41

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice.!!!


Justin said...

Wow, sounds like a tough race. Great job pushing through to the end. Congrats on the 2nd place finish again.

So you're refocusing on the full marathon now instead of bi/triathlons? You still thinking about doing the Cape Canaveral Marathon?

Amanda said...

Wow-that does not sound like a fun race experience. I've definitely had some running races like that.

See, that's why I hate the treadmill. For me it just doesn't feel natural and I tend to hurt more when I run on it. It also makes it tough when you head outside and roads aren't nice and smooth and you don't something keeping your pace steady.

I hear you on the heat. We're in monsoon season too which means humidity and heat-not as bad as your humidity though :)

it might be a good idea to regroup and focus on running distance first. You can keep working on the biking and breathing and then you should be set for next year.

It sounds like your doing great with the measurements and the weight will follow.

Take care of your calf, don't make it worse. You are doing such a great job!