Friday, July 24, 2009

I am Going to Be Soarin....

OK well the last couple days I have been waiting for some of my e-mails to get answered about the races. I was asking about if the Miami man would qualify me for a full IronMan. And other things.

So here I go...
NO the Miami man is not a qualifying race. Great... Now what does this mean I have to travel out of the state to do one?? No. Really?? Where is the closest one and when?? It is in May 2010 and it is in Orlando. Oh REALLY?!? {grinning and getting excited} Where in Orlando?? Fort Wilderness at Disney. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! When Can I sign up? Registration and apps. are not open yet. I have to apply?? Yes. Oh Grea{rolling my eyes}, Have you been racing? Yes duathlons, and 2 half marathons, ok you should be good. SWEET!!!!

Ford Ironman 70.3
Transition Map This is to give you a idea where abouts of the race.

Tomorrow on NBC is the Championship Ford Ironman from Hawaii. This is my goal race. The race of my life time. I remember watching The Hoyt's in this one when I was a kid, and I got to meet them this year!!!

And My trainer said we will stay on this training course, and I can run more. But I still have to do my training as written. I want to just loose another 6 pounds then maintain my weight between 186-188, so I can stay in my weight division. OK we can do that. Can I come up and train with you?? Yes. Oh sweet!!!!

Now to do the Space coast full marathon. I was looking at the course on line. It looks kinda flat. In that part of FL. it is hard to say. Space coast course
Holy Cats!!! It would be my first 26.2 miler ever and then I could learn from this to make Disney alot more fun. {grinning} Then I would have 2 full marathons bagged.

Rae, Why do you want to do all these races?? Have you lost your mind??
Why?? Because I am tired of being the one on the sideline. I only have one life and I want to actually mark it off on my "To Do List" If I can wog and I can still keep pace I am going to race. I like it, I like the way I feel when I am done. And I do not want to hold myself back from living my life to the fullest. And then when I look back, I can feel accomplish, and look at all the great friends I have made. And lasting friendships.

If I can inspire someone to get up one day and say I am going to do it. That is priceless.

After September, we will be booking for Jan.2010. I plan on value resort that trip, and then we are planning to Fort Wilderness Resort for May. And it's Nov. for ADR's?? Crystal Palace again? They still doing breakfast with Donald in AK?? Garden Grill??

And when we cross that finish line in Jan., get photos and medals and stuff my goal is to walk over to Soarin and ride it like I did after the half. Smelly and stinky.If it takes me till the parks closes to walk over there I am doing it. After every race I have done at the World except TOT{that's a thorn in my side} we have rode Soarin,and the hydroponics. It's like a tradition we started and will keep doing. So if you want to do that after the Half too let me know. We can make it like a meet. The Smelly Stinky Soarin Meet. LMAO.

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

I will probably post this alot.


Feener said...

oh the hoyts...amazing

i just meet karen smyers at a danskin tri event.

what about julie moss and her finish to the tri !!!

Amanda said...

I love your plans I think you're going to do great.

I'll do Soarin' stinky :)! I would have gone with you after the Princess, but I lost you after you finished...

Chris said...

I am sooo down for the "Team Voice Stinky...smelly...Soarin'" meet!

I think it's awesome that you want to do the Ironman! It's my dream as cool would completing that sucker be.... For years I told myself what I couldn't do because of the asthma, but after the past year and a half of training I'm almost kicking myself for being so stupid...What can ya do, gotta move forward now and get 'er done! ;-)

Princess Fee said...

You are AWESOME Rae! I know I've said it before - and I'll say it again - you are so inspirational!!!!

And I would love to be there for the Stinky meet...I will be with you all - stinky too if I can! - in spirit :).