Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independace Day USA

Happy 4th Of July.

Today I started out with the Independence Day Duathlon. I finished in 1:35:41. I wasn't feeling well. I placed third in my division. There was another woman in my division. Big girl... and she was fast. She finished in 1:21. That's the time I have to beat in 2 weeks.

After the race we had a late birthday party for my now 15 year old. Been a good day.

I have this huge announcement I want to make BUT I am waiting to talk with my trainer first. She says I CAN do it. I think I CAN too. As soon as I get to talk to her then I will tell everyone.

I love my Team Voice Shirt... As you can see it is getting toooooo big to wear. So I am looking for a new shirt to wear in my races. When I find one I will Put the Team Voice logo on it.

And I sent out an Email for the July Team Voice member, but they haven't responded. What to do??? I will give them one more day And I am going to ask someone else. Sound fair???

OK so last year we ate at the Crystal Palace the night before the race. So where to next?? And yes we can have to Dole whip meet on Saturday. Remember I will be and so will a couple others doing the Full on Sunday. Thursday night a jelly rolls?? How about a run ?? I maybe able to keep up this time. ;) Any ride meets?? I will ride anything....

Where do you plan on staying??? Possible value again if not over to Caribbean?? How long do you plan on staying?? The Full Marathon is on E's birthday. ANd he will be a candle wearing Goof again. :)

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Amanda said...

So proud of you for finishing the race and with such a great time too!

Right now I'm planning on Port Orleans French Quarter, but that may change. I was planning on staying the week after the race, but I may be shortening the trip...due to money and my niece is due right around that time.