Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Am I Turning Potato Again??

After a week of issues and no training at all I finally get to restart again.

I recorded the ironman they viewed on tv last week and it was inspiring as all get out. Now I kinda know what I need to do to prepare myself for this. The only positive side is it will be on common ground for me at Disney and I know most of those roads and I can maybe take a couple training trips up to ride the bike and run the run. I know I won't be able to swim in the lake. Since I am a slow runner I have figured out that I will have to make up my time in the biking. I am good at this. So I won't run out of time and get swept, I will have to get faster on the bike. Trying to work it out with work and everything so I can go maybe once a month for a week at a time to train with my trainer.

My son had a football accident. HE was playing with his friends and he was tackled really hard. Everyone else got up, but him. He tried and he couldn't so they called rescue and one of the other parents called me. HE was complaining od hip and thigh pain. SO off to the er. Well thank goodness no broken bones or fractures but a possilbe muscle tear. There was no orthropedic doctor office open yesterday. SO this morning we went and all it is a servere groin muscle strain. So the kid will have to have some physical therapy and no football for quite some time. {whew}

So E is leaving it up to me to deside on if I want to do the full marathon in Nov. or a half. He agrees I will be able to iron out what will work better for Jan. 2010. And I do have running induced asmtha. Doctor suggest otc clartin 30 minutes before training, running or any race, and if that does not help I will have to do some test and find what will work to control it.

Here is my training schedule.
week #1 speed
#1. 30 min. short sprints on tm. speed 7.5 after 5 sprints increase speed .2 until hard but do not stop, decrease only back to 7.5. ,30 sec on 30 sec. off.
Plus outside milage
45 min. extended sprints, 1 min. sprint 30 sec rest,speed 6.4 and slowly increase until hard but do not stop.
#4.Cardio resistance and a 10 mile bike ride under 1h, and 20 minutes
3 mile run
mile 1 @9.5 min. speed 6.5
mile 2@ 9.0 min. speed 7.0
mile 3@ 11 min. speed 5.5
#6.strength resistance
stagger calorie count 1800/1300 which I do ok at.

During these days I need to put in my milage. Get back out there. And I have to do it in the heat so I will not suffer so bad like the last duathlon. And I have to start swimming again. Before you know it Feb. 2010 will be here and I will make the transition from Duathlons to triathlons then.

SO the majority rule here will be a Stinky Smelly Soarin Meet after the Half and the full. SO that way everyone and meet up together. I know some of you have to leave on Sunday during the full. What about a Dole whip meet?? Ealy on Saturday?? I know of 5 of us doing the full. Me,E Kate, Brain and Mike R. Anyone else??

We are getting closer to the DL half. I can't wait to hear all about it.
I have a Team Voice Memeber of the month and we need a challenge, so if anyone can come up with one let me or Jeff know.

And it is pin trading tonight again and I can go again!!!!


Justin said...

What, you forget that me and Krys are doing the full? No respect for the Goofys? Dude.

We haven't decided whether we are going into the parks on Marathon Weekend or not. Our annual passes expire a few weeks before the trip. If we do, it'll be MK on Sat and Epcot on Sun after the races.

Any thoughts on a Team Voice pre-race pasta dinner? Il Mulino at the Swan is great. We'll be hitting that on one of the days.

[rich] said...

Hope the FJ gets better asap :-D

Chris said...

Sorry to hear about your son, OUCH! Groin tear.....DOH!

We're one of those groups that has to leave Sunday morning :-( and not sure what the plan is yet for Saturday after the half, but I think it'll be Epcot heavy as I did this year. Drinkin' round the world was a blast after the race! :-)

I can't believe I missed taping the Ironman race on TV...I'll have to check out the network on-line to see if I can view it there. Was it NBC?

2011 will be a Goofy year for me I think, so I'll be sure not to miss the Sunday meets then!

Amanda said...

Did you make it to pin trading night?

Hope your son is starting to feel better.

There's still a part of me that wishes I would have signed up for the full instead of the half in Jan, but the half will still be fun :)!

Princess Fee said...

Hope your son gets better soon!!

Can't wait to hear all about 2010 Full once it happens...

I have exercise-induced asthma since I had pneumonia, and for me, if I take the inhaler before I start running/exercising, it usually helps me the entire time (unless it's very cold out).

DebWDW said...

I know you're bummed about not training for a week, but there are two good things about that: (1) Sometimes your body is a little stronger after a few days of rest. (2) I feel like I can't come close to your training regimen, so when you do have a bump in the road, it reminds me that it happens to everyone, even you!

Matt said...

Glad to see that everything is going well for you Rae. Sorry that I haven't been around.

In a few years (after I finish law school and such) I want to start training for an Ironman. You'll have to instruct me!

Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

As far as meets, I'm unsure about any of them as of now. With the WHOLE Famn Damily coming this trip, I just don't know how I'm going to swing anything! I've thought about not going all together!