Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Am I Turning Potato Again??

After a week of issues and no training at all I finally get to restart again.

I recorded the ironman they viewed on tv last week and it was inspiring as all get out. Now I kinda know what I need to do to prepare myself for this. The only positive side is it will be on common ground for me at Disney and I know most of those roads and I can maybe take a couple training trips up to ride the bike and run the run. I know I won't be able to swim in the lake. Since I am a slow runner I have figured out that I will have to make up my time in the biking. I am good at this. So I won't run out of time and get swept, I will have to get faster on the bike. Trying to work it out with work and everything so I can go maybe once a month for a week at a time to train with my trainer.

My son had a football accident. HE was playing with his friends and he was tackled really hard. Everyone else got up, but him. He tried and he couldn't so they called rescue and one of the other parents called me. HE was complaining od hip and thigh pain. SO off to the er. Well thank goodness no broken bones or fractures but a possilbe muscle tear. There was no orthropedic doctor office open yesterday. SO this morning we went and all it is a servere groin muscle strain. So the kid will have to have some physical therapy and no football for quite some time. {whew}

So E is leaving it up to me to deside on if I want to do the full marathon in Nov. or a half. He agrees I will be able to iron out what will work better for Jan. 2010. And I do have running induced asmtha. Doctor suggest otc clartin 30 minutes before training, running or any race, and if that does not help I will have to do some test and find what will work to control it.

Here is my training schedule.
week #1 speed
#1. 30 min. short sprints on tm. speed 7.5 after 5 sprints increase speed .2 until hard but do not stop, decrease only back to 7.5. ,30 sec on 30 sec. off.
Plus outside milage
45 min. extended sprints, 1 min. sprint 30 sec rest,speed 6.4 and slowly increase until hard but do not stop.
#4.Cardio resistance and a 10 mile bike ride under 1h, and 20 minutes
3 mile run
mile 1 @9.5 min. speed 6.5
mile 2@ 9.0 min. speed 7.0
mile 3@ 11 min. speed 5.5
#6.strength resistance
stagger calorie count 1800/1300 which I do ok at.

During these days I need to put in my milage. Get back out there. And I have to do it in the heat so I will not suffer so bad like the last duathlon. And I have to start swimming again. Before you know it Feb. 2010 will be here and I will make the transition from Duathlons to triathlons then.

SO the majority rule here will be a Stinky Smelly Soarin Meet after the Half and the full. SO that way everyone and meet up together. I know some of you have to leave on Sunday during the full. What about a Dole whip meet?? Ealy on Saturday?? I know of 5 of us doing the full. Me,E Kate, Brain and Mike R. Anyone else??

We are getting closer to the DL half. I can't wait to hear all about it.
I have a Team Voice Memeber of the month and we need a challenge, so if anyone can come up with one let me or Jeff know.

And it is pin trading tonight again and I can go again!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I am Going to Be Soarin....

OK well the last couple days I have been waiting for some of my e-mails to get answered about the races. I was asking about if the Miami man would qualify me for a full IronMan. And other things.

So here I go...
NO the Miami man is not a qualifying race. Great... Now what does this mean I have to travel out of the state to do one?? No. Really?? Where is the closest one and when?? It is in May 2010 and it is in Orlando. Oh REALLY?!? {grinning and getting excited} Where in Orlando?? Fort Wilderness at Disney. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! When Can I sign up? Registration and apps. are not open yet. I have to apply?? Yes. Oh Grea{rolling my eyes}, Have you been racing? Yes duathlons, and 2 half marathons, ok you should be good. SWEET!!!!

Ford Ironman 70.3
Transition Map This is to give you a idea where abouts of the race.

Tomorrow on NBC is the Championship Ford Ironman from Hawaii. This is my goal race. The race of my life time. I remember watching The Hoyt's in this one when I was a kid, and I got to meet them this year!!!

And My trainer said we will stay on this training course, and I can run more. But I still have to do my training as written. I want to just loose another 6 pounds then maintain my weight between 186-188, so I can stay in my weight division. OK we can do that. Can I come up and train with you?? Yes. Oh sweet!!!!

Now to do the Space coast full marathon. I was looking at the course on line. It looks kinda flat. In that part of FL. it is hard to say. Space coast course
Holy Cats!!! It would be my first 26.2 miler ever and then I could learn from this to make Disney alot more fun. {grinning} Then I would have 2 full marathons bagged.

Rae, Why do you want to do all these races?? Have you lost your mind??
Why?? Because I am tired of being the one on the sideline. I only have one life and I want to actually mark it off on my "To Do List" If I can wog and I can still keep pace I am going to race. I like it, I like the way I feel when I am done. And I do not want to hold myself back from living my life to the fullest. And then when I look back, I can feel accomplish, and look at all the great friends I have made. And lasting friendships.

If I can inspire someone to get up one day and say I am going to do it. That is priceless.

After September, we will be booking for Jan.2010. I plan on value resort that trip, and then we are planning to Fort Wilderness Resort for May. And it's Nov. for ADR's?? Crystal Palace again? They still doing breakfast with Donald in AK?? Garden Grill??

And when we cross that finish line in Jan., get photos and medals and stuff my goal is to walk over to Soarin and ride it like I did after the half. Smelly and stinky.If it takes me till the parks closes to walk over there I am doing it. After every race I have done at the World except TOT{that's a thorn in my side} we have rode Soarin,and the hydroponics. It's like a tradition we started and will keep doing. So if you want to do that after the Half too let me know. We can make it like a meet. The Smelly Stinky Soarin Meet. LMAO.

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

I will probably post this alot.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Sunday's Race

I am a bit behind here with my race report. Nursing a sore calf muscle.

Last Sunday was my 3rd Duathlon. I have to put in 3 more to get the USAT race award and bonus points.

This race was a last minute change, of site, since Key Biscayne was still is working on a smaller bridge that was part of the biking route. So they shorten up the mileage and they were able to keep from canceling the race with the help of the city Mayor. BUT they failed to tell anyone that the last 5k route was a trail run. And the one mile sprint for us duathloners was only a half mile,bike was 8.1 miles, and then the 5k. This is South Fl. 7a it is already what 85 and humid.

Up and out the door by 5:45a, got stuck in traffic, they took a 6 line highway and crammed everyone into one lane. Holy Cats!!! Here we sit and I need to get my bike in transition by 6:45a
We got off the highway at 6:45 and at the race site 2 minutes later, and I had to get my bike off the rack and ride it the rest of the way in because other people were holding up the road. I get to transition and the official said sorry transition is closed. I told him please it took me an hour to travel to get here, please... then he heard them annoounce the race was going to start late due to difficulties he let me rack my bike. HOLY CATS!!! I got lucky. They USAT official didn't have to do that. And since I am in a weight divison they are suppose to weigh us so we are not lying about our weight. Athena Divison is 185-199. Other wise it is the clydsedale 200+.

Then I noticed I dropped one of my riding gloves. E went back out to look for it. He found it. I am putting my knee straps on and getting myself ready. I have my fuel belt,2 gels and a mini bar.And my sustain energy. I didn't have time to warm up or anything. I didn't get to do any breathing exercises. {was that a mistake} We are getting ready to take off I took a quick sip of my drink and we were off. Were we were at they didn't gibe the race officials the key to the back gate so we had to cross the bike coming out of transition. and run up behind the transition area on the exit side for the swimmers. I was ran over by one of the other runners coming out of the water. He ran into my left side I stumbled and he knocked all the water out of the volunteers hands at the water stop. I have a small bruise on my shoulder. He was suppose to have been penalized for that. I ran to my bike I normally walk, grabbed my helmet snapped it and grab my bike ran out of T1, mounted and I was hauling you know what, we had to cross the Ricken Backer Causeway, I went to a easy spin gear and hammered my way up, My breathing is so far off and my lungs were on fire, so at the height od the climb up this bridge I felt like I was in slow motion, a rather pooh size fellow on a mountain bike went past me. I knew right then my breathing was gone. Finally made to to the top and then I put it up in high gear and I went flying down the bridge, I went blowing by the guy that past me and my speedometor said I was doing 32.1 mph on my bike!!! HOLY CATS!! ON A BIKE!!!!! Made the u turn and headed back one more time.

Then we rode out on to Virginia Key, nice quiet area and then all the sudden you have speed humps. Small ones, the the next few had a triangle top on them and I had to slow way down or blow a tire. I cruise at 15-16 mph. Coming back out of there and head back to transition. Wave at E, taking pictures. and enter to dis mount. Pasted my rack, turned around went back to it, racked the back, took off the helmet and gloves and I kinda ran out of T2. What are you kidding me!!! Wet sand and huge holes to run thriug, I walked, my breathing was off and lungs killing me. Then the path came up. oh great a trail, I wasn't prepared for this. I have my street runners on and I am going to slide all over the palce. That I did. So I walked. It's your avarrage trail. I was worried I was going to slip and fall, and falling I dod not want to do. My knees wouldn't make it. Got my breathing under control. Then I noticed I was so tense and excited I forgot to fuel up at T1 and T2. No wonder I wasn't feeling so good.I had the shakes and I looked like a drowned rat, I didn't even go in the water I was sweating so much. So I tried to down my bar. I got half of it. I did start to feel better. So I did some running intervals, my breathing would kick in and I was back to walking. So I saved it for the end.
I ran full speed for about a 1/4 mile and ran cross the finish line. I was shaking and I needed to sit down. I was over heated. I grabbed a water bottle put it on my neck found E and sat down. I drank the water bottle, then I drank my recoverite and then I went back filled my jug with Heed and drank it, and drank the heed in my areo jug on my bike. My left calf muscle is blown out too.
We hung around. I placed second again. The other girl in my Catagory was a minute and 30 seconds faster.

What did I learn, DO NOT to for get to fuel. And my breathing scred me. If I am going to do this Half ion in Nov here, I have to be able to run in this heat. the end run is a half marathon, and I would get swept if this would happen to me.
So I have till August first to figure out what I want to do. E think I should wait till next year to tackle the Half iron. And do one not here in the heat. He is right. ANd refocus on the full marathon distance. Get a couple of them under my belt. I think he is right again. Waiting to hear back form my trainer. I told her what happened and how I am siding with E on this one.

And my calf muscle is doing much better. I got some althetic tape like the stuff you saw on the olpmpians. It works great!!!

I weighed in last Saturday and no change still 193. I measure tonight. I know has changed. I had to tighten up my fuel belt. This week starts speed workout week. I am already a day behind, I am selling my tm I think that is where I hurt my calves. Last week I was doing a run on it since it was storming out and I made it to 10 minutes and Bam they started to hurt. SO I am going to head back into the gym.

So when I am not working I should be out at 7a putting in a 5k during that time of the day to get use to the heat. {rolling the eyes}

1/2 mile run 5:36
bike 8.1 miles 36:40
5k: 50 min. My longest ever 5k, that's so sad. :(
total time: 1:31:41

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice.!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have been Ironing....

Yes it has been awhile, Hi Mike!!{waving} This is going to be a little long. I am going to explain a little on the duathlon and the USAT that I have learned.

First I have my Half Ironman training workouts from my trainer, I think she is trying to make me pass out. Today stars day one of a week of Endurance training. Day one is one hour run and 30 minute bike ride. I have dump 2 pounds finally!!! YAY!!!

Now I have fell in love with the Duathlons. I like doing these. I have been dong the sprint distance. Which is 1 mile run,10 mile bike, and 2.5/3.1 mile run. If I do 6 races at this distance, I will get a end of the year USAT award and bonus points of 500. {yes there is a point system} Right now I am 2nd in category and 116 over all. I am not last!!!!

Now I have to do the Half Ironman 70.3 miles ,which is 1 mile sprint, 56 mile bike ride, and 13.1 mile run. Now After I do this I am now able to pay for my lottery, to see if I can get in to Ironman. So by next season I will be swimming in the races. Season starts in Feb. 2010. I am waiting on more information on if this years Miami Man can be used for next year. If so I am in, otherwise I will have to find one right after the Marathon weekend in Jan.2010. There is a point system like Nascar. The more races you do, faster you are more pionts you get and the higher rank you are overall at the end of season in Nov.

SO if I CAN do 70.3 miles, I should be able to do the Goofy right???{grinning} 90% full as of today, Full 75%. half 85% full. Without getting swept.

Race number 3 is this Sunday. Down in Miami,they had to move the course, and it is going to be shorter. 2/3 run, 8 mile bike and 5k. I have been training and I feel great I should do really well in this one.

Oh yeah, the Olympic distance is way shorter than ironman, I am going to do some of those too. ;0) Full Iron 2.4 swim, 116 bike ride ,26.2 mile run, Olympic is .93 swim, 24.8 mile bike and a 10k run.

Did you see they are offering 5k distances in the Disney races?? All the races. Cool!!!! SO that means new races to do and they are adding a triathlon series too!!! Maybe a Ironman?? Sweet!!!!

So this is what I have been doing,over in the right hand side is my twitter updates, and facebook updates. Keep an eye out on them. And maybe just maybe I will have some really cool news about Team Voice.

I can't wait to see this in 2010!!! I wonder what the theme is going to be.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What No Disney Till Jan. 2010??? UpDated!!!

Yep the tittle is right. The original plan was to go to Disney in October to rerun TOT 13k, but that has changed.

I have been watching and the Goofy is still open, and I have also noticed so is the full Here I sit on the fence again. To Goofy or Not to Goofy. I want to Goofy 39.3 miles . Then I will not been out there cheering everyone one on in the half. It's such a heavy and hard decision to make. Like Iron.
What would you do?? Man,this is a tuff one to make.

So for the last 2 weeks I have been sick. I was on meds. and everything. I did my second Duathlon sick. I thought during the biking park that I was going to loose it. I was was only off by 5 minutes. And I am now finally starting to feel better,a bit more solid.

SO staring on Monday I will be starting a new more intensive training program with my trainer. Endurance and Distance. What do you think sound like a good plan?? It's going to be Hard and but it will make me strong like Iron. No excuses. I can not miss a one workout. No excuses!!!

Have you figured it out yet???

It's killing me!!!!
Holy Cats!! I have been waiting to say something now for 2 weeks!!! I had to brain storm with my trainer before I made it official. I am going to do a 1/2 Iron Man Duathlon

It's November 8th. 4 months away. I have to maintain my times or I will get swept. Like Disney.
It is official. I will registered tomorrow for it.

Here is a picture of the Causeway that is in the next race. Yes this thing. Going to go ride it. And I will post the map of it later.

I have been slowly catching up on my podcast and I heard Jonathan read Maroo's E-mail. I was so touched. I can not wait to meet her!!! I will be bringing things to donate to her from The Team.

Team Voice Many Goals, One Voice!!!

OK here is the map of the Rickenbacker Causeway. Holy Cats it was tuff going up and I hit 29.9 mph coming down on a bike!!!!!! It was exhilarating,and scary. I plan on doing another early am on Saturday.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

R.I.P. Cast Member Austin....

This a horrible day in Walt Disney World.
Monorail accident.

The news feed

The Disney Blog

My heart goes out to Austin's family. I saw a picture of the young man he was one who drove the monorail and took us from Epcot one evening and he told us all about how to become a pilot.

I am happy that there was not a family riding with him, my heart goes out to his family.
The reality of it is that any of us could h have been in there with him we love riding up front. And we always left late to do that.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independace Day USA

Happy 4th Of July.

Today I started out with the Independence Day Duathlon. I finished in 1:35:41. I wasn't feeling well. I placed third in my division. There was another woman in my division. Big girl... and she was fast. She finished in 1:21. That's the time I have to beat in 2 weeks.

After the race we had a late birthday party for my now 15 year old. Been a good day.

I have this huge announcement I want to make BUT I am waiting to talk with my trainer first. She says I CAN do it. I think I CAN too. As soon as I get to talk to her then I will tell everyone.

I love my Team Voice Shirt... As you can see it is getting toooooo big to wear. So I am looking for a new shirt to wear in my races. When I find one I will Put the Team Voice logo on it.

And I sent out an Email for the July Team Voice member, but they haven't responded. What to do??? I will give them one more day And I am going to ask someone else. Sound fair???

OK so last year we ate at the Crystal Palace the night before the race. So where to next?? And yes we can have to Dole whip meet on Saturday. Remember I will be and so will a couple others doing the Full on Sunday. Thursday night a jelly rolls?? How about a run ?? I maybe able to keep up this time. ;) Any ride meets?? I will ride anything....

Where do you plan on staying??? Possible value again if not over to Caribbean?? How long do you plan on staying?? The Full Marathon is on E's birthday. ANd he will be a candle wearing Goof again. :)