Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Been A While.. Little Long

Hey there!
Yes it has been a while since I have blogged. I have been well, busy with work, training, tons of teen drama.

We went away last weekend. I had to get away. Take a time out. SO we went to Daytona Beach for the weekend. We had so much fun. It was a no shoes weekend, and do not ask me to do a thing weekend. We had a suite on the beach.The view was the best. The service at the hotel was well awful. We get in late, things happened were we left late. We get there, and get in our room and we had no couch. What?!? Ok so back to the office. They wanted to give us 2 rooms to make up for the couch. I said no that will not work. I want my suite and a place to sit. {With Hotel hospitality under my belt I know the GM would not like that}Then it took till 1p the next day when we got one. Then we had to pay to park, and had to park out on the road.{are you kidding me} then we paid for a safe we did not use{ok now I am a unhappy person} And at check out we paid state tax twice!? WTF!?! The GM wasn't in and they would not compensate us at all. So I took pictures of the room. I have all my paper work and I am filing a complaint. And the mirowave in the room wasn't working and we tried to use it and it smelled like burning electrical wire. SO we had a second one in the room.

Besides all that, we had fun doing nothing. The kids thought they were going to be bored. They had a blast. We had a blast together.{weird} We all needed it. No Disney, no city, no work, nothing. And a No shoes rule. We all wore flip flops. Even when we went to dinner. We hung out with my cousin all day, and the little one. Why can't they kids stay little?? Then we got to hang out with E's cousin and family. They are so much fun. They said when we start heading back to the World let them know and they will come up and hang out. Cool.

On the way home Sunday we headed out to Lake Whales to see the Singing Bok Tower. And Spook Hill. Some of Fl. natural beauty and Hills and the weird unexplained Spook hill. I will post later about it. We had to drive by the World, and that was soooo hard....I miss the characters and the rides, and the smells and people watching...

Three days last week there was no training. To much stress from teen drama. It just takes away from your mentally and it makes me feel wore out. And I was stress eating. I weighed in this morning. I still haven't gained or lost any weight. Today is measurement day. And There is a race in 2 weeks and I feel unprepared for it, I am debating registering. I want to and I do not want too. {the heat here is nearly 100 by 9a}

I am seriously thinking about doing the full marathon in Nov.and the Kenndey Space Center.

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Amanda said...

Oh, a weekend to do nothing sounds sooooo good right now. I did manage to have a Saturday to do nothing but hang out with my family and I could use more of that right now.

Sorry to hear you're having so much teen drama...Kids, crazy right?

At least you are not gaining any weight. That means you're not making all bad decisions. Try to remember that working out will help you deal with all the stress...The only thing keeping me going right now.

I know what you mean about the heat. We're in the hundreds by 9am too...at least I don't have as much humidity as you do though...Listen to your body, it'll tell you what you should do about the race in 2 wks.

The marathon at Kennedy sounds awesome!