Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Keep On Swimming....????

First off A great big ole congratulations to Jonathan for finishing his second Half Marathon.
You crosses that finish line,you pushed through and you finished.

Now I want to introduce Team Voice to my trainer. This is Isabeau. Here is her link to her new blog. Please go say hi ti her. She knows how to say things just the right way. And check out her web page. She has updated it. Rock Hard Body and Soul. You can see her before and after photos. I am waiting to here from her on an interesting question I have asked her I and I will let you all in on it when I get an answer.

My weigh in this week was well down!!!! -2!! 193. Yay!!!!! And I am under the weather again and I have a race this Saturday. I am worried I will be hitting the wall . I will see how I feel later in the week. My bike has a flat and I have to find the leak. So far no luck. Grrr....

Do you all remember this??

This grand veiw the goal Team Voice has set out to see, to run through, to be apart of. Remeber how scared and intemadaited we all were at the 13.1 miles?? How the beep am I going to get here?? Do you remember all the training and hard work you and I have had to put in to get here?? SO.... do not forget it. TO do it again we all have to work hard and figured out how the beep to get in the miles. Ya know we all should be doing long runs of at least 10 miles by now?? Specially those of us who are doing the the full 26.2 miles?? Holy Cats I can't believe I am going to do it.
So that means doing local races that do not have the Disney magic and finding out what works and does not work so you can enjoy the Disney race right??? In 2010 I will not be in the half, but I will be out there cheering everyone on... I will be somewhere out there on the course following up on those who I can keep up with. We have only 6 months to go time, and that means alot of work.
Anyone thought about a Team Voice Meet??2010 How about the dole whip meet?? Just because our fearless leader will not be there in the physical form doesn't mean we can have fun. What about dinner before the race?? Where is everyone and there spirit???

Or did everyone stop swimming??

Friday, June 26, 2009

Team Voice Time To Shine......

I am feeling so much better today. I have ebnn down with a cold? Any way I will be hitting the dreadmill here shortly to see what I have lost from being inactive for a week. I did my measurements earlier this week and they are all down including the core!!! But the weight is hanging out still at 195. Grr..

Now on to bussiness .....

Do we all know what tomorrow is???? Anyone?? Anyone?? Yes,Jonathan is wogging the RNR half marathon!!!! He will need all the support he can get from all of us And Team Voice. SO PLease in someway tomorrow support him and show it. If you have your Team Voice shirt wear it !!! Wear your AATM buttons send me a photo and I will post it on the Team Voice Event page. I will be at work so I will be wearing a DIsney uniform and I will have my AATM buttons and I will have my Team Vocie shirt with me on the back of my chair and Pal Mickey will be sitting on the desk. I wll take pics to post. Oh yes I will have a picture of him crossing the finish line from Disney to so my support like I was there.

SO Jonathan it is your turn ....

I have not been a Disney person lately. I haven't been on the boards I haven't listen to the podcast I have been so nonDisney. I am so sorry. I can't record to support Team Voice like before my pc is not working and Vista doesn't like my head phones. :(

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Been A While.. Little Long

Hey there!
Yes it has been a while since I have blogged. I have been well, busy with work, training, tons of teen drama.

We went away last weekend. I had to get away. Take a time out. SO we went to Daytona Beach for the weekend. We had so much fun. It was a no shoes weekend, and do not ask me to do a thing weekend. We had a suite on the beach.The view was the best. The service at the hotel was well awful. We get in late, things happened were we left late. We get there, and get in our room and we had no couch. What?!? Ok so back to the office. They wanted to give us 2 rooms to make up for the couch. I said no that will not work. I want my suite and a place to sit. {With Hotel hospitality under my belt I know the GM would not like that}Then it took till 1p the next day when we got one. Then we had to pay to park, and had to park out on the road.{are you kidding me} then we paid for a safe we did not use{ok now I am a unhappy person} And at check out we paid state tax twice!? WTF!?! The GM wasn't in and they would not compensate us at all. So I took pictures of the room. I have all my paper work and I am filing a complaint. And the mirowave in the room wasn't working and we tried to use it and it smelled like burning electrical wire. SO we had a second one in the room.

Besides all that, we had fun doing nothing. The kids thought they were going to be bored. They had a blast. We had a blast together.{weird} We all needed it. No Disney, no city, no work, nothing. And a No shoes rule. We all wore flip flops. Even when we went to dinner. We hung out with my cousin all day, and the little one. Why can't they kids stay little?? Then we got to hang out with E's cousin and family. They are so much fun. They said when we start heading back to the World let them know and they will come up and hang out. Cool.

On the way home Sunday we headed out to Lake Whales to see the Singing Bok Tower. And Spook Hill. Some of Fl. natural beauty and Hills and the weird unexplained Spook hill. I will post later about it. We had to drive by the World, and that was soooo hard....I miss the characters and the rides, and the smells and people watching...

Three days last week there was no training. To much stress from teen drama. It just takes away from your mentally and it makes me feel wore out. And I was stress eating. I weighed in this morning. I still haven't gained or lost any weight. Today is measurement day. And There is a race in 2 weeks and I feel unprepared for it, I am debating registering. I want to and I do not want too. {the heat here is nearly 100 by 9a}

I am seriously thinking about doing the full marathon in Nov.and the Kenndey Space Center.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Slow and Steady

"It's sublime thing to suffer and be stronger."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The statement above is so true. I am a little sore today. Started my new new training plan. I have been getting up nearly every morning to run 2-2.5 miles. I am so proud of myself. :)
Today I did the #3 workout since I have to work this weekend and it was a bit of a challenge for me, and I have to say I am going to be sore in the morning.

I am going to register for the next Duathlon on July 4th. I can't wait.

Good luck to Matt tomorrow on the Half Marathon I will be waiting to hear how you do. :)
I am so behind on the blogs and podcast, and everything Disney. I have been training.

I got a new coffee machine. I got the Kureig. {Sp} I love it. I can make coffee, hot cocoa, tea hot water. It is the best. And it is fast too.

I found a full marathon in November near the Kennedy Space center. It is the closest full until Jan. I have been thinking about committing to it and WDW would be so much sweeter after I did one and see what I can improve on so I can have fun in Jan.2010. We will see.

The weather here is so hot, and humid. I can't stand it. I do not know how people get out there and run in it. It takes alot of of me just to do a half mile.

Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Day After....

Here we all are. And no one else had on this color.

Runner's World Quote Of The Day
"It is important to keep the marathon in perspective. Running does not have to be the controlling element in your life, but if you become a marathon runner it probably will be, for a while."

I am getting my award.

Marc Bloom, The Runner's Bible

What I learned from the Duathlon.

1. I need to run outside way more.
2.I need to do more sprints.
3. I need to do more bike drills.
4. need to work more on the core.
The top over all was a man who did the triathlon in 45 minutes. No lie. So I need to do some more work, no excuses.

This morning I woke up in the early am hours with a throbbing pain on the right side of my head. I have a molar that is not happy, and my face was swollen, and my ear was hurting. I went out for a walk, and tried a warm shower, nothing helped. And ya wanna know what is not nice, I can't get in the dentist till August!!!!!! SO I called out of work today for the first time in 7 months. I think. As much pain I was in I still did 1.87 miles before I just couldn't do anymore.
My ear still hurts and the swelling went down, but man....

The next race is July 4th,same place, but the one in August is back in Miami. {glup} And it is back on the Causeway bridge. SO I guess When I feel a little bit better, I need to go and start riding on that darn thing.

Oh and my daughter wants to do the fat tire Duathlon in July too. Is that cool or what?? :)

I put up the new Team Voice Member Of the Month.

I want to go to Disney!!!! :(

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Finished...

I did it!!! I finished the duathlon. I had fun. I was so excited and nervous.

They started right on time. It was well organized this race. It was so humid today. I was the last runner, in the one mile sprint. I could not get my breathing together. The humidity was so thick. My mile sprint was 12:32 minute mile. My fast mile ever!!! I do not know how but it was!!!

Then I made it into transition. T1 was 1:37. then I did my fastest bike ride yet.

Man those guys were blowing buy me. I was going at it about 15-16 mph. The wins was lightly blowing the other way,thank goodness. My time for that was 38:53, my legs were so like jelly.

SO T2 was 1:23. Then I walked out to do the 2.5 miles. My breathing was terrible, but better. I walked in the beginning. People were running by me saying great job, keep going, you can do it. What? Wow... total strangers....I got a second wind. I started wogging. Then a the far end of the trail I had to slow down to take a gel in. My tummy was getting upset.

And then another group of people come running by and they all did the samething , I started to wog again and I did through the rest of the race. It was my best 2.5 miles. 36:6. As I came up on the finish line, A guy yelled at a runner, and said see the neon people thats the finish line. That was all the Team Voice shirts. :)

So we hung around I wanted to see my time. We waited. I registered under the Atheana group. That is the divison that goes by weight. Looking all over for my name, then my daughter goes look mom your are in second place in the Atheana. E took a picture of it. Holy Cats that is sooo cool. I haven't placed in anything since high school. I started to get real emotional. So we hung around to watch the awards be past out, and we thought they were going to do over all age groups, they did and they did by divison. I was called up to get an award. Holy Cats!!!! I was in 2nd place. That was so unexpected. They took our pictures and all.

And when I can get the camera to up load I have some other pics too. What a really nice morning.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Ok here I am the evening before the race. I am soooooooo excited I am not going to get alot of sleep.

The prerace meet was like a beginner meeting. I mean so new they were telling you what to eat not to eat, what to do in the morning before the race. They want us to ride our bikes in the morning. No way, I am going to do what works for me, not what works for them. I know to eat and not to eat.
Then they tell you to pass on a bike which was good because I would not have known that. No drafting while riding, it is a penalty. And what will get you disqualified is that in transition while getting ready to ride your bike, you must put your helmet on first and snap the straps. If you do not, your done. I am not going to carrying Mickey with me in this race, because I have to find out if I can. I do not think I can. But My daughter is going to carry him for me.

The weather has been good in the morning then about noon the skies open up and just pour. WE plan on cooking out after the race. {weather pending} I will not be carrying my phone on me. E will have it, And as soon as I am done and get my times I will let everyone know!!!!

I love the aerobars, you can get down low and I can mantain a 3 minute mile.
I have all my gear ready, bib on my Team Voice shirt, and I have my feather in hand, got my gu, got an engery bar, water and my garmin. And bug spray. Holy Cats the bugs could carry you off there was so many.
So this is it. This race will tell me if I will be doing anymore of this after today. And the wind was blowing from west to east. Ok {waving} See ya after the race!!!

{the number is my bib number} PS I will post the next Team Voice Member of the Month tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hump Day Slide

Real quick I am very tired today. I have been working really hard on changing my running habits. And so far so good.
Monday: 4a 2.0 miles{ yes it says 4am}
Tuesday: 15.62 miles on the bike{my bum is sore}
Wednesday: 4a 2.0 miles
I do not know where I have mustard up the motivation to get up in the mornings that early specially before work. Since I have been doing I have been running with it.{bad pun I know} I have one more day this week then I am off til next week!!!
I am so excited !! I go over my bike and Friday I will practice changing my tube and tires. I need to go to the bike shop and have my areobars put on. It is suppose to rain!!!! Holy Cats!!!! That's not nice but we will see what they do. And Please pray for the wind to blow from west to east. I had a hard time riding on the back straight way near the dump. It took my breath away

Waiting on my trainer to work her magic. She had me do a little home work and going to redo the training and workouts. And Happy Birthday!!!!!! :)

SO how is your Juneathon going??