Friday, May 22, 2009


What a off day. I mean I woke up not feeling well. I didn't sleep well and I was just off. I was feeling rough like I had one pint to many. I wasn't hungry. Nothing. I met E for lunch today and I felt better when I wasn't home. When I cam back all the symptoms came back. E came home from work and said someone plugged in a plug in, and it was the one I was allegoric too. Holy Cats!!! I started feeling better 30 minutes later. It was a rubber base oil!!! Who knew!!

SO today I did resistance set C
10 plank rows
10 burpies
50 fast squats
15 deep squats
15 stability ball rows
20 side lunges
10 1 legged squat reachws with dumbells
20 stability ball wall squats
x 3
and some of set A I don't know how to do all of them.

The USAT. They are the who set the rules to all triathlons, duathlons, and the Olympic events. And when you do any type of a triathlon or duathlon you have to buy a event pass for the day or buy a year membership. It's ten dollars per event and the membership is only $39 for the year.
SO anytime you do a sanctioned event you time counts in the real athlete world. After your third event you time will be listed in the magazines and where ever they list them. .

I am wearing for tri shorts are isumi. I love them. I got them at my local bike shop. I can swim in them. I haven't found a shirt I like, so I wear my Team Voice shirt. What works for me for hydration is the sustained energy and a water, one gel Roctane, and a mini cliff bar. My real lightweight sunglasses, and a hat. Lots of sun tan lotion.

I did my measurements and All are down a quarter of an inch!!! Sweet!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Matt said...

Sounds neat! I will probably join if or when I do a triathalon.

Congrats on the -1/4 inch! You're doing great!!!

PS, That's weird about the plug in. I would have never even thought about that.

Rae! said...

actually my numbers are higher than 1/4 inch. E pointed that out after I blogged.

Maroo said...

Woo Hoo on the weight loss!!!! :)

I will make a point NOT to do more than 2 Tris this year...I would have for my recent times to be listed!!

I did find out that I did better than I thought on my May 16th Tri! The official results were posted and the time I was given was the total time for the whole thing...not my portion (why would they give me was a staggered start!)...

anyway! Good luck on your tri! Sounds like it is going very well!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you're doing great. I need some of your motivation :)!

Keep up the great work!