Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday's Field Trip

Today was a beautiful day. A awesome day for a triathlon. We went down to Miami and watch the triathlon/Duathlon.

I was not impressed. I was actually disappointed.

The area was amazing but it was lacking the need for volunteers. We made it in before they all started. They were also doing Olympic and sprint distances. What few volunteers they had didn't know what was going on or where some of the running path was.

And then as the athletes were coming out of the water to transition to bike, was ok in the beginning part of the race until the spectators started to get in the way of the athletes. Standing in front of then in the path, and there was no volunteers there at first to keep them all separate. Then the man that was out front of everyone came back in form bikng they sent him the wrong way to start the run. I tried to tell the volunteer that, but she didn't want to here it. So she went to get someone who did and told her the same thing. Now this runner has no idea he is going the wrong way. And he was trying to place in the Olympic tri. HE did his run and he was suppose to go around again 6.2 miles, but instead the pulled him from the race. WHAT!!!! I was not a happy camper.

I am now wondering if this is what is going to happen next month for me. It is the same group running it just no Olympic distance. I was freaking out. I also learned that in the duathlon after you run 1 mile, ride 10, then you have to run another 2.5 miles. Ok I can do this. But is it going to be as unorganized, or am I holding a higher standard for the races, since I am Disney Spoiled?? E wasn't to happy either.And they lied about everyone getting a medal. They only gave one to the Olympic runners. I learned alot today. And I saw a guy riding a bike like mine. ANd the crazy part.... NO ONE WAS WEARING YELLOW!!!!! Holy CATS!!!!! That has to change. There will be 5 out there next month.

Training front I have not done a thing. I know it, I am admitting it, and I have to change that. Bring on the beatings please. :)
I have lost another 1.5 pounds. Sweet!!!!
So with all I have to do, E wants me to start sprinting the 1 mile. Yep, HE said he will train with me but he isn't going to do these.

It is on TOT 13k. I am coming back, I am going to break the wall, and not run in to it.

And now that they added the tri in Sept. I am torn, DL, or the Tri?? If I go to DL this year E won't be coming with me.If I wait till next year we can swing it. Almost everyone is going this year. But I want to do the tri. And E can be there for that one. What to do????


MikeF. said...

On the race part do what ever your heart tells you to do. And no training. Do you want to finish these races or fall short in pain like the TOT 13K. It's your choice. And in your own words I am rolling my eyes. ;) How's that.

Rae! said...

I am just worried when I go to do the duathlon is it going to be as unorganized? And I have no plans on hitting anymore walls. Conquering the TOT 13k is the plan. Hince the picture I posted of the wall getting beat up.

ariane said...

If you go to DL next year, we can go too!! hint, hint...

Justin said...

It sounds like the duathlon/triathlon was a complete cluster f@#&!

If you're doing this course--with these same idiots running the thing--be sure to study the course via Google Earth before you go. Don't hesitate to correct the dim wit helpers if they point you in the wrong direction. Also, I think that studying the course is great mental prep beforehand.

I'm glad you're doing the TOT 13K. You'll be fine. You got through a 21K in January. Just be careful what you eat in the few days prior to the race. To me it sounds like food poisoning messed up the TOT 13K last time.

Rae! said...

The unfortunate event is they are they only ones here who run the tri's and the duathlons. Otherwise I would have to wait for Danskin.And if I were doing the Olympic distance and that happened to me I would have been beyond angry. At least the next event is in a park I know quite well. I made a copy of the map and I am going to go check it out tomorrow.And every chance I get. I plan on carrying the map with me.

Yeah we thought I may have had some bad food that evening, But the funny thing was we all ate the samething,I was the only one who got sick.{tot13k}

Amanda said...

Okay, no training? What is up with that? You know way better than that...Don't waste the hard work you've been putting in by slacking now.

The Duathlon - I'd be hesitant to do that as my first if that's the way they are run...If you held out for the Danskin - at least you'd have a positive first experience. I've done a couple of runs that were run like that and I did not enjoy them as much as the organized ones. Just my two cents.

Oh, and if you wait and DL next year, I'll be there :)! I know, I'm not everybody, but you wouldn't be alone!

Princess Fee said...

That sounds so badly organised - there was an event here in Glasgow last year, just a 5k, and it was so poorly organised that a group (about 200 of us) walked about 2k to get to the start after several misdirections, and I ran the whole race needing the toilet as the portaloos were placed SO far away from the start! Made me get a good time because I ran needing the toilet...

And it's totally up to you about the DL - I would love to see you at it, but if not, hopefully I would see you at the ToT 13k!

And yeah, get out there and train! I want to see you do a mile sprint ;)